How Long Do Roses Last In A Vase?

How Long Do Roses Last In A Vase

Roses symbolize love when you first sight it; it also symbolizes romance, but its meaning goes beyond them. Roses come in different colors, but the red option symbolizes love across many cultures of the world. The purpose may also depend on color, variety, or numbers.  Spiritually, roses symbolize God’s love at work, and different rose colors symbolize different spiritual meanings. While rose, for instance, symbolizes purity and holiness, red roses symbolize love, passion, and sacrifice, while pink roses symbolize gratitude and peace.

How Long Will Your Roses Last In A Vase?

Roses will last in a vase for days or more than a week, depending on several factors. Roses should last for more than a week if you trim them and follow all other proper flower care steps.  If you are buying roses for her, you should deliver them immediately or be prepared to take care of the flowers to prevent deterioration.

Whether you are looking for a bouquet of roses for Mother’s Day, or few fresh blooms for her, or something to decorate your coffee table, you must consider a simple care process for the flowers.

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Factors That Determine How Long Your Roses Will Last

Flowers like roses will last longer when you apply flower food and change the water every couple of days. When you take care of your roses, you extend the bloom’s longevity and ensure they look their best.

The longevity of the lifespan of your rose will depend on three factors, these are;

  • The type of rose you are having in the vase
  • The total amount of time it had no access to water after being cut, and
  • The general health of the plant from which you cut the rose.

Though you may apply bleach and soda to prolong the lifespan of your rose, they are not advisable for specific reasons.

Types Of Roses You Should Consider For The Vase

When it comes to roses, you should always look for ones that can live for a long while. There are at least 15 different types of roses out there, each having different lifespan and growth characteristics.

The hybrid tea roses are perhaps the most typical types of roses, and they come with huge blooms that fill your vase and transform your space. With one hybrid tea rose, you can have up to 50 blooms on long stems. Due to long stems, these types of rose flowers will require longer water traveling time, hence they may dry out quickly without water.

The Grandiflora roses are very tall and resemble hybrid tea roses, and are characterized by cluster blooms. They also require as much water as hybrid tea rose to survive. The floribunda rose is also popular but requires less care when compared to Grandiflora and hybrid tea roses. If you don’t have much time to water your roses, perhaps you should settle for Floribunda types.

Polyantha roses are quite shorter and bloom smaller even though they look closely like Floribunda types. Polyantha roses are most suitable for hedges and edgings. Miniature or mini flora roses are short but compact. Since they grow no more than 30 inches, they can fill your vase very quickly and can also draw water more quickly from the vase. It means you need to frequently replace water and possibly every 1-2 hours few times a day.

The shrub roses are mostly recognized for their sprawling growth habit and may not be the most suitable for your vase, unless you put the vase outdoors.  They can grow up to 15 feet in all directions. Climber or rambler roses are characterized by their long and long arching cranes; they are also most suitable for outdoor areas.

How Long Can A Rose Last Without Water?

Rose is one of the hardy flowers, hence it may survive without water for long hours. The lifespan of your rose when it has no water supply may be affected by environmental factors such as humidity and heat. If you plan on keeping your rose in a vase for a while you shouldn’t withhold water for too long in them. If you are putting a long-stem rose on the other hand, you will need to water the rose every few hours.

Rose petals will likely last within three days after being removed from the parent plant. It is possible to dry your petal rose once you remove it from the vase, and save them for as long as you wish. Dry flower petals may be dried and keep for keepsake to commemorate special occasions or simply for decorations.

A rose petal may survive inside a vase for hours but only adequate water can keep it standing for over a week. Without water, the stem may wither out. Roses will not last forever, but that doesn’t mean you should not enjoy having it around for a while.

The place you position your rose also matters. Don’t place your vase in a place where they can lose water quickly. Roses will prefer a damp or cool place within a space. If you have o place the vase beside the windows, make sure it is no positioned directly against sun rays to avoid quick depletion of water.

A central place with less sunshine and less heat can be ideal for rose flowers and it means you water them less.


Having rose flower in a vase is one of the easiest ways of beautifying your home, office or any other confined space. It is easier to harvest a rose and put it in a vase but protecting it from drying out too quickly is the real work. Don’t put a rose in a vase when you are about to embark on a long journey except there is someone available to water it for you. You should also get your roses fresh before putting them in your vase and make sure you get them from healthy plants. Harvesting your roses from healthy plant will help sustain the lifespan even longer.