What Is Elm Agent On Android

What Is Elm Agent On Android

We all love Android, but there are some new things that we always have to deal with. There are issues on our phones that can easily be solved by installing an app or using a setting tweak. Other times, the solution is more drastic than that. If you have heard of the Elm Agent on Android and are wondering what this is, this article will discuss and how you can disable it on your smartphone.

What Is Elm Agent On Android?

The Elm Agent is referred to as Bloatware. It is automatically installed as part of an Android system update. Bloatware can be defined as anything that a user does not want on their laptop and will cause the device to slow down over time.

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ELM Agent is Emulated Legacy Mount in full. This is an Android app that gathers and transmits data to the ELM server so you may maintain your privacy with complete authority. By monitoring data from several sources, including email, GPS, messaging apps, phone calls, and voicemails, Elm safeguards your work email and private information.

The majority of our prospects are using this application on their phones. It’s popular among enterprises that have Microsoft-based accounts for their workers and who use company phones. Companies that frequently use company phones are more likely to investigate law enforcement for specific work-related activities. As a result, these businesses use Elm Agent to ensure that their phones aren’t being misused.

How Does Elm Agent On Android Work?

Elm Agent on Android is an app that runs in the background of your phone. It connects with your Elm app running on a web browser to get information about its doing and sends messages back. The primary purpose of this agent is for you to see live updates from your users when they use the app.

For example, Elm agent can check for errors that your users are reporting while they’re using Android apps. It will allow you to be more proactive in fixing problems before it becomes a widespread issue with lots of frustrated customers. You can also see if people are getting stuck on specific screens or not enjoying some part of the apps.

Elm Agent also records metrics of your Android, like performance and memory usage over time, so you can track how it’s doing in production. This is important for monitoring regressions that may happen when you release new versions to the public. It’s good to know what features are using up all the power or memory, so you can work out what to fix.

What Are Some Of Its Limitations?

ELM Agent can be a useful tool for people who have updated their phones and had problems with rooting apps. But it is not perfect, so there are still some limitations you should be aware of before using the app:

  • ELM Agent will overclock your processor by up to 800MHz for everything to function correctly. The reason behind this is that apps require more processing power when they run on older firmware updates, and since newer phones have more advanced processors, ELM will overclock it for the older apps to function correctly. Overclocking your processor can cause problems such as overheating and battery drain, so make sure you keep an eye on things.
  • Your phone’s performance might suffer when using ELM Agent because of its overclocked CPU speed. You can permanently disable ELM and reboot your device to revert everything to normal if this happens.
  • It might not work with some applications that require root access, but it also depends on the developer of these apps. Some can detect when you are using an older firmware or emulator, so they will stop working until ELM is turned off completely. So if you are aware of the limitations, ELM can be an excellent tool for you.
  • The ELM Agent has been very hard to remove due to its ability to re-install itself even when you have removed all possible files from your phone’s file directory.
  • The ELM Agent is not just a battery hog, but it also slows down your phone’s performance, leading to lagging and stuttering while scrolling in apps or opening new windows on the device. Most users have noticed that their phones are running slower for some reason, even after they have factory reset them. This means there may be a chance that you have installed some malware or virus on your device.
  • The ELM Agent also slows down the performance of apps running in the background, and this includes Google Chrome, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber etc. You can see how much battery life an app is draining by looking at its percentage, which will appear next to it when you are looking at your battery life stats.
  • The ELM Agent is one of the reasons why most people have to charge their phone twice a day because it causes them to drain juice very fast, even if they do not use many apps on their cell phones or browse much on Chrome. It also affects overall performance and user experience when using an Android device.

The ELM Agent can be removed easily on rooted devices. Still, it is tough to remove for non-rooted phones because of the fact that it installs itself as a system application which makes removal very difficult.

This app has been known to collect data from users’ cell phones even when they are not using apps or services. It collects data from various sources in an Android phone, including voicemails, phone calls, GPS, email, and messaging apps. This has caused many users to think that their cell phones are being used as spying devices, but they are nothing more than Bloatware.

How To Disable The Elm Agent App 

The ELM Agent can be removed by using rooting applications or apps, which will stop the app from re-installing itself after you have deleted all of its files on your phone’s file directory.

You can also use an app to kill processes that will stop the ELM Agent from running at all, but this may cause other apps on your device not to run correctly.

It is essential that you do some research before removing any files or applications from your Android phone because it could have a negative impact on its performance if done incorrectly. You must also back up all your files before deleting anything because it may delete them permanently.

Method 1: Removing ELM Agent Through Settings

Step 1: Go to the Settings menu.

To change the setting, open your apps tray and tap the gear icon.

Step 2: Open Applications.

Scroll down the list of alternatives and select Apps/Applications/My Apps, depending on your phone’s naming convention.

Step 3: Locate the ELM Agent.

The ELM Agent app’s name may change depending on the device and brand. Find this tracking app by scrolling through the list of apps. You’ll see a force stop or disable button if you press on it. Select Disable, and the application will be turned off.

Method 2: Using The Titanium Backup App

Since disabling system programs or Apps on smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy can be tricky, you could instead use the Titanium Backup app to “freeze” ELM Agent applications.

Step 1: Look for the Titanium Backup app on the App Store.

Check for the Titanium Backup app in the Google Play Store on your smartphone.

Step 2: Get the Titanium Backup app from the App Store.

When the results appear, tap on the app and click the install option to begin the download.

Step 3: Open the Titanium Backup application.

From the list of apps on your phone, locate and open the application you just installed. Wait for it to start up, then select Backup/Restore.

Step 4: Disable the app you want to disable.

Titanium Backup will now show you all of your apps, including system apps, on your device. To make it easier to find the Agent app, click to adjust the filters. For example, if you want to uninstall/disable ELM Agent, set the filter to only show system programs and put “ELM Agent” in the filter by the name field. After that, choose the app.

Step 5: Put the Elm Agent app on ice.

The Titanium app option pop-up will emerge after you select the app. To disable the program, click on the option to freeze it. This approach will keep the ELM Agent app in memory on your device, but it will be inaccessible to you and any other applications that rely on it.


Elm Agent can be malware that has been found in certain Android apps. If you have an app on your phone and it’s asking for permission to access the elm agent, I would recommend uninstalling it immediately. 

Google Play Protect does not currently block the Elm Agent, so if you haven’t updated your device’s software or downloaded any new apps recently, Elm may be installed on your device without knowing it. You can always use another app or go into settings for your device to disable it. We hope this blog post helped answer some questions about the Elm Agent App.

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