Create A Twitter Account Without Phone Verification

Create A Twitter Account Without Phone Verification

You are probably like me that is always creating a new Twitter account every six months. Your reasons may, however, be quite different; it could be for a client, personal use or project testing. Recently I needed to create six new Twitter accounts, however, I was faced with a rather unique problem, and that was the fact that Twitter would not let me create a new account after the first one without first verifying my phone number.

In an attempt to bypass this, I even attempted running a VPN and Proxy but Twitter had a way of detecting it. You are probably like me then, wondering how to create a Twitter account without phone verification, here we will guide you.

Create a Twitter account without phone verification

It is possible to create a Twitter account without having to pass through phone verification. All you need to do is provide an email address instead, you may need to create a new one and ensure you do not forget the password. When you initiate the process, you will get a notification asking you to confirm the creation of the email for the account to be created. You will, however, need to remember the email used for future account verification.

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Also, the mail you use will be the channel of correspondence with Twitter and you will have to select the notification types that require an email address.

What’s The Deal Behind Twitter’s Recent Strict Verification Processes?

Recently Twitter began to acknowledge the fact that it indeed had some challenges with spam accounts and malicious automation. It also made it known that it had been making concerted efforts to see that they are checkmated. The company made it known that its machine learning tools have enabled it to identify accounts that are automated with relying on external help. According to its reports, it has been able to identify about 10 million automated or spammy accounts.

Twitter also seeks to limit the reach of accounts deemed as spammy. The moment its system detects such an account, Twitter will immediately remove it from engagement counts and follower figures while placing an embargo on it and restricting followership until some form of verification has been passed.

Furthermore, twitter seeks to make it increasingly difficult for the creation of spam accounts in the first instance. And as has been pointed out earlier, users now require either an email or phone number to verify their accounts.

Also, in a situation where an account shows activities that may have some malicious characteristics like a high volume of Tweets using a particular hashtag without a response, Twitter would have to subject such account tests.

How Can I Make A Twitter Account On Desktop?

If you are looking to set-up a Twitter account on your desktop, here are a few steps that should help you out in that regard:

  1. Access and get the application downloaded after which you should sign-up for a Twitter account. Please note that the full name imputed shall automatically become your display name. However, unlike what is obtainable with Facebook, you can easily change the display name as many times as you desire to mean you can be anonymous if you so desire.
  2. Input your mobile number as this will be a form of authentication which should help you if you misplace the access to your account. It is, however, advisable that you use a phone which you can access because the next step depends on it.
  3. The next step would be to select a password and ensure that it is secure. You certainly do not want someone gaining access to your account and denting your hard-earned reputation.
  4. You will next be required to select your interests. This should help guide twitter on the next step which involves Twitter giving you suggestions on people you should follow.  There is however provision to skip this process by selecting the skip now icon.
  5. Next, you will go to the privacy settings and select the username of your choice as this would be the username people will use to identify you. Simply play with your imagination by selecting something you like but is not taken and easy to remember for others.
  6. The sixth step requires you to choose an avatar. You are at liberty to make your avatar whatever you desire. You should also be able to edit your header photo from here as well. It is, however, instructive that you go through Twitter’s rules on avatar images so that you do not infringe on them.
  7. The seventh and final step requires you to edit your bio. You could indicate where it is you work and reside. You could also opt to include your website if you have one.

Steps For Creating An Account For Your Phone

Steps For Creating An Account For Your Phone

Setting up a twitter account on your phone isn’t a difficult affair. Here are steps that should help you on your way to making your first Tweet:

  1. Enter your name and your mobile number or email address. It is however important that you use your real details because the next step would involve verification.
  2. The second step involves you entering the verification number which you have received at the initial contact information provided. You should then select a very strong password that won’t be easy to crack.
  3. Next, you will have to choose between syncing your existing contacts. This should go a long way in helping you find your desired twitter following.
  4. Search for interests as this will assist Twitter in recommending profiles that may interest you to follow.
  5. Twitter should also make available some accounts which you can follow based on what your interests may be.
  6. You can then go on to make some profile modifications such as your settings and profile picture.

How Can I Search On Twitter?

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is not about friending, rather it involves following. You should be able to follow people whom you know or sports and movie stars. You can do as you like with your Twitter account.

If you want to follow people, simply go to the top right-hand box for people you like. For instance, you could search for Allan Iverson or Donald Trump or anyone else for that matter. Twitter won’t stop offering you suggestions on who you could follow. Also, if you are using the mobile application, you should try out the connect feature which should make recommendations based on what you have liked or tweeted.

You can go to adding more people as there is no limit. It is, however, advisable that you slowly build it.

How Do I Make My First Tweet On My Account?

Before you begin your Tweeting adventure, you must be mindful of a few helpful tips.

  • Each Tweet must not exceed 280 characters. This may appear to be quite small to make any meaningful statement, but you may opt to tweet more than one if you want to make an elaborate point. This is referred to as a Thread. However, you should know that the power of your tweet is in your ability to summarize the point without losing the message.
  • If you want to create a Twitter thread, all you need to do is type the first tweet using the tweet button after which you are to select the button on the lower right corner. This should help you string together several tweets of the same message.
  • The next step involves uploading media. If you intend to add a gif, video, photo or poll, you can do this in the lower bar of the “compose new tweet area.” Adding media does not affect the 280 allotted characters and you can as many as four photos per time.
  • Furthermore, adding a link to your Tweet will reduce the character count by as much as 23 characters. It is, however, advisable that you leave some space between your link and text. If not, it may add the whole link to your word count.
  • Finally, note that Hashtags are to be used for longer conversations and the most popular usually appear at the left-hand corner of the Home icon. Hashtags can also be clicked meaning you can click on them to view tweets related to the topic.

Read on to learn more how to easily get free Twitter followers.

Final Tweet

Creating a Twitter account without phone verification is quite possible as we have explained in this article. It is however important that you pay close attention to the tips we have given you as regards maximizing your Tweeter experience. By signing up for the platform, you are signing up for a long term opportunity to explore the internet space. This makes been equipped with the right information necessary for the best experience.

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