How To Get Rid Of Weeds Without Poisoning Your Garden

How To Get Rid Of Weeds Without Poisoning Your Garden

If you own a garden, weeds are some of the things that become a headache. You will want to control weeds to ensure that your crops or flowers grow in the right manner and be healthy. So, there are many ways one can get rid of weeds in their garden. The use of a weed burner and chemical sprays are common weed control methods for people with gardens. However, the chemicals used for weed control are not environmentally friendly. As such, one needs to find other suitable ways they can control weeds in their garden without poisoning the garden. In this article, we shall discuss some of these methods.

Here are ways to control weeds without poisoning your garden:

1. Till Your Garden

Tilling your garden is good for your plants as it helps in soil aeration. When you loosen the soil, you manage the weed population as some of the weeds will die off. However, you have to be careful not to rotate the seeds of the weeds. When you till your garden, it becomes easy to weed later on. Tilling helps seeds buried deep down in the soil to come up and this will germinate them and once they are killed off, you are sure your garden has fewer weeds.

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2. Use Of Thick Lawn Cover

In cases where one has a lawn alongside their garden, they can keep weeds away by use of a thick lawn cover. When the lawn is thick and healthy, this keeps weeds suppressed. The thick lawn crowds out the weeds and kills them off. In areas where the lawn cover is not thick, one of the things you can do is reseeding. This ensures that when the grass seeds germinate and grow, the lawn will be generally heavy and thick and won’t give the weeds any breathing space.

3. Use An Electric Weed Burner

There are many good-quality electric weed burners out there. An electric weed burner is affordable and a quick way to kill weeds in your garden without the need to use chemicals. This tool comes with a short lead, a plug, and a handle. The weed burner is built to point at weeds and burn them, hence killing their ability to grow and choke your plants.

4. Maintain Healthy Soil

If your garden has the right and desirable kind of plants, then you can easily keep out weeds by ensuring that your soil is healthy. Keep in mind that your soil should be well drained. With an optimal fertilization plan, your plants should be able to outgrow the weeds. This creates a level playing field in that your plants will not be disadvantaged by the weeds. You can easily uproot the weeds or use any other easy method of weed removal. This way, you need not use chemicals in your field.

5. Use Plastic Sheets To Block Weeds

The use of plastic sheets as mulch is a good way to control weeds. When plastic sheets are used on the ground where there are no plants, they block the growth of weeds. This is also a good way to conserve water and ensure that the plants always have wet soil underneath. Any pants underneath the plastic sheets will die because they lack sunlight. With this method, one needs not to use chemicals to control weeds.