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How To Fix Bowing Walls

Are you noticing bowing and saggy walls in your basement? It is indeed a big issue that you can’t ignore. It all starts when you notice wall cracks and overlook them. These cracks are early signs that tell you that something is not quite right in your home foundation. 

The basement is the ground level of your home. If its walls are at risk, it certainly means that your overall home foundation is on the verge of collapse. You need to seek immediate professional bowing wall repair services to nip the evil in the bud.

What Causes Bowing Walls?

Bowing walls in the basement are the ultimate signs of structural issues. When these walls start moving inward, you wonder why they are changing their position. The main problem lies in their foundation. Weather changes and soil settlement over time, combined with moisture issues in the basement, will be the main reason behind this change.

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During floods, excess water in the soil causes it to expand. This expansion or excess moisture in the foundation increases pressure on the wall. This constant hydrostatic damage concrete inside the wall and causes it to shift from its place.

It’s not just the basement walls that move due to soil issues. You often notice that your ceiling posts and beams are losing their support. 

How To Fix Bowing Wall?

As the moisture issue in your basement is one of the main reasons behind this problem. 

Fix the leak 

Expert contractors of bowing walls repair in Western Colorado will first fix the underlying issue and then provide the wall the support it needs. They will recommend waterproofing solutions like fixing the leak plumbing pipes, cleaning clogged gutters, installing a vapor barrier, and sealing the wall cracks with epoxy or resin-based injections.

Fix the cracks

When you have bowing walls with cracks, wall repair will offer a custom solution. They will ask you to fill the cracks, gaps, and crevices. They will use sealants to deal with cracks. For some walls, they might offer crack stitching services.

Reinforce The Walls

At first, walls start changing their shapes and bow because they lose their support. Therefore, contractors recommend homeowners add support to foundations with helical or steel piers. There is a need to boost the strength of walls. A combination of wall anchors and pier is indeed the ultimate solution.

The most effective method to repair bowing walls is to use carbon fiber straps or staples. When bowing is less than two inches, this solution proves quite effective. Contractors suggest this solution as it is cost-effective and you can fix the wall within two days.This process doesn’t involve any kind of excavation. The low cost is due to no labor involved in the whole repair process.

It is vital to fix bowing walls on time. If you don’t, then they will collapse and put your overall home structure in jeopardy. When a basement wall is damaged, you should seek immediate professional help.