Can Wildlife Cause An Attic Damage; Can You Repair It?

Can Wildlife Cause An Attic Damage

When they learn they’ve got a wild animal living on their property, the first thing most homeowners think about is the physical threat it may pose to them and their children. Well, as it happens, most wildlife critters are actually less confrontational than we assume. Most animals like skunks, raccoons, and even snakes, when confronted with a fight or flight situation, are far likelier to flee, than to fight. Which is good news for you, but which also doesn’t mean you should underestimate the serious nature of a wildlife infestation.

So, the first thing you’ll need to do is actually get rid of the nuisance wildlife. You may choose to employ various DIY deterrent and live traps, or may hire a professional wildlife removal expert. Whichever you go with, remember that the removal of the wild animal itself is only the first step of a more complex process. Now that the animal is gone, you’ll need to consider the damage it left behind.

Because trust us, there will be damage.

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What Kind Of Damage Can You Expect From A Wildlife Infestation?

Well, the answer to that depends on the type of animal we’re talking about, first of all, since different animals cause different types of damage. Raccoons, for instance, being hefty creatures, are known to trample the insulation in your attic, as well as tear through walls, floors, and of course, storage. Rodents, on the other hand, have a compulsion to chew, largely because their teeth never stop growing. So if you’ve got rats in the attic, it’s likely they will chew through your stored items, but may also attack support beams, and electrical wires, which may create a serious hazard for you and your family.

Yet again, bats, while not overly destructive themselves, create extremely corrosive droppings (guano), which can, in time, destroy things like floor, furniture, and other stored items.

The type of damage sustained will also depend on the duration of the infestation, obviously. The longer the animal lives up there, the more time it has to destroy things. This is why it’s recommended to be vigilant, and regularly inspect your attic against signs of an infestation. If you do discover one, or even have cause to suspect one (e.g. keep hearing noises up there), then it’s ideal to call a professional wildlife removal expert immediately.

And next, to hire a professional for an attic repair like C&C Wildlife Control.

What Does A Professional Attic Repair Service Do?

Many wildlife removal companies will also offer an attic restoration service, either as part of their wildlife removal package, or against an extra fee. However, investing in the service is well worthwhile, for a variety of reasons:

  • It removes potential threats to your health. Needless to say, the presence of wild animals on your property can expose you to the various diseases these animals are known to carry. For many critters, the diseases are contained inside their feces, which dry up, and the particles become airborne. Which means that, if you inhale them, you may well become infected. An attic restoration and sanitation service uses professional-grade cleaning and disinfecting supplies to eliminate these threats, and to restore your attic to its clean, sanitized original state.
  • It addresses structural concerns. Another reason why you may want to hire a professional attic restoration service is that they will note any damage to the walls, structural support beams, flooring, and so on. Left unrepaired, these kinds of damage can put you and yours in danger, and even create the risk of collapse.
  • It replaces damaged items. We’re not talking about damage to your stored items, since it will be unlikely those will be restorable, once damaged. However, an attic restoration service will also inspect the state of your insulation, ventilation system, and electrical wires. If damage is discovered, they will replace it with proper, functional replacements, or else, recommend a professional electrician or plumber, depending on the damage sustained.
  • It fixes entry points. Lastly, an attic restoration service will inspect the attic walls and roof for signs of entry. They will identify where the wildlife came through, and fix that, so that it doesn’t serve as an entry space to other animals.

While many assume that attic restoration is simply a matter of dusting up a bit, it’s actually a lot more complex. Even an improper cleaning regimen can leave behind toxic particles that endanger your health and wellbeing. As for the many elements (insulation, piping, electric works) that can become damaged in a wildlife infestation, the average homeowner simply doesn’t have the skill or trained eye to note damage in these areas, and repair it.

That’s why attic restoration is just as important as investing in a quality wildlife removal service.