Destiny 2, What To Do For A Beginner At The Start Of The Game

Destiny 2 What To Do For A Beginner At The Start Of The Game

An online shooter in the MMO genre from Bangie is experiencing a rebirth due to the activation of developers and constant work on updates.

Many new players come for the emotions of a shooter in an interesting futuristic fantasy setting with the ability to level up.

But what should a beginner do and how to play? – you can take destiny 2 boosting services and start playing with top content, or go all the way from the beginning.

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What to look for:

  • Class
  • Subclass
  • Education
  • Character Development
  • PVP
  • strikes
  • Raids


The choice of class should be taken responsibly, but without fanaticism. There are only three main classes in the game and each has its own unique focus.

Titan – Defensive-type melee Warrior. Always at the forefront, protecting allies, using skills to hold back opponents, and attacking with powerful fists when necessary.

According to the game plot, the titans are a clan of knights who founded the main city and swore an oath to protect it, even at the cost of their lives. Titan acts as a prototype of a medieval knight in modern armor and with automatic weapons on his back.

Warlock is a shooter with massive damage due to skills, he can curse enemies and heal allies. Prefers to fight at medium range.

According to the game plot, warlocks are sages from the fantasy world of the future, wanderers seeking knowledge and directing them to fight darkness. Do not hesitate to use weapons to bring light into the game world.

The hunter is a shooter who prefers long-range means to fight the enemy, but he also feels great in close combat due to the dagger and the mass of skills and tricks to disorient the enemy.

According to the game plot, hunters are wanderers from distant deserts who lead a nomadic lifestyle and wildlife taught them survival and skill in handling weapons. They like to take assassination contracts and execute them for financial rewards. They have a code of honor and a personalized cloak. By tradition, hunters must take the cloak of the deceased brother and complete the contract he started.


A subclass is the skill and direction of the element according to which the player develops his character. The effect of the ability that the player uses depends on the torn element. It is worth choosing according to personal preferences and using the recommendations that the game gives.


From the first minutes of the game, the gamer will be sent to mandatory training to get acquainted with the game mechanics, learn the basics of shooting and use skills, get acquainted with the quest system and the main ways of character development. Next, the player will go to complete story missions and get acquainted with the universe of Destiny 2.

Character Development

The character should be developed using the quest system and hunting monsters. Contracts are available in the main city as an addition to the main quests, completing them is a good way to get extra money and resources.

Equipment should be updated at the first opportunity – the higher the parameters of the weapon, the less time you need to spend killing the enemy, and complex strikes and raids will require the maximum possible firepower.


Many game activities have been created for the battle between players.

The most popular are team versus team battles. Players can unlock the capabilities of their classes, practice tactics and use of cover, learn how to use grenades and class skills.

For PVP, players receive special coins, which can later be exchanged for special equipment and weapons that will strengthen your character in PVP and when fighting monsters and bosses.


One of the most interesting activities is the strike. This is a kind of mini-raid for three. Players will have to unite in a squad of three people, enter the territory of the boss and destroy him along with his retinue. Strikes bring good rewards for strengthening the armor and weapons of the characters, gold and provide an excellent opportunity to regularly receive a good drop, which needs to be divided by only three players.


The most interesting activity in the entire universe of Destiny 2. Players gather a large group of representatives of all classes and attack the boss’s quarters in order to get the best reward available in the game. Raids vary depending on the difficulty, and the overall reward and experience directly depend on this.

With a good gaming experience, you can try to complete raids in minimal groups – there are a lot of videos on YouTube on how to complete a difficult raid with three people, but for this you need to know your game class well and be able to implement all its skills accurately. One mistake and the raid will fail, it’s worth going through raids in mini-groups after you understand all its strengths and weaknesses and possibly get equipment for this particular raid, which will deal increased damage to a specific boss.