How To Survive Nights In The Desert?

How To Survive Nights In The DesertWhile some people try to stay away from potentially dangerous places, others try to visit them at the slightest opportunity. And even though the desert does not look like the best place for a holiday, some brave ones go there like a moth to a flame. They believe that they can cope with this desolate and destroying place. And it is unclear why desert seems so appealing to them, considering the lack of water and harsh terrain, not to mention thanatoid creatures that are hardy enough to live there. Most people remember that it is quite hot there in the daytime since the average temperature can reach more than 40 C, but they forget that nights don’t bring relief since the temperature can go rapidly down to -18C. So, even if you are stuck there with your car and have one of the top rated rooftop tents, you still need to know some tips and tricks that can help you survive in such a place at night.

Avoid Hyperthermia In The Daytime

If you want to survive nights, you should behave wisely in the daytime. It is the only possible way to cope with your invisible enemy. Usually, people try to protect themselves from the heat-stroke since they believe it is the biggest problem they can face in the desert. However, it is only half the truth. You can experience the related symptoms of hyperthermia only at night when the temperature drops down significantly. The number of people who wind up dead because of hypothermia exceeds the number of those who die because of heat. Desert climate is too insidious, and you should be ready for it beforehand. Even if you go to the desert by car, it is not a reason to ignore the importance of warm clothes. If you have poor clothing or believe that it is a good idea to walk in wet clothes and wait when they dry out on you, you can find yourself in trouble. Your body may lose the ability to adjust its temperature, so you can get chilled too quickly. That, in turn, results in the disruption of chemical processes that allow you to stay alive, so your chances to survive nights in the desert go down.

Avoid Sweating

Hot daytime temperature makes nights twice as dangerous. When it is too hot outside, your body does everything possible to avert hyperthermia, and one of its most effective tools is sweat. However, being wet means being cold. And while it can be useful to sweat on a hot desert day, this process doesn’t surcease at night. Thus, you may continue to sweat at night, and it may lead to unpleasant consequences and lower your chances of surviving. The desert sand remains hot only for a short period after the sunset for a reason. And even though it can be a challenge to avoid sweating during the day, you should do your best to meet it.

Prepare Yourself In Advance

If you want to survive nights in the desert, you should follow the Bedouins’ example and adopt their lifestyle at least for a while. It is better to move at night and find a shadow in the daytime. Of course, it is not the most suitable thing in the world, but if you have a car, it is easier to meet this challenge. So, if you have the slightest opportunity to pitch a camp for the night near the rocks, do it. They keep their heat pretty long compared to the sand, so a halt next to the rocks may help you stay warm throughout the night. Besides, you shouldn’t lose heat under any conditions. So, it is crucial to remove sweat and change your clothes at dusk to avert evaporation at night if you were sweating. It is better to wear multiple layers of thin pieces of clothes and use a rooftop tent to forestall heat loss. You can additionally use a sleeping bag.

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Have Enough Water

Everybody knows that water in the desert is on equal footing with gold in any other place. And if you want to survive nights, you should maintain a water balance in your body during the daytime. Remember about avoiding the situations that can make you sweat. Thus, you should stay in the shade, limit activity, and drink water to increase your chances for survival. Someone says that one should sip water and save it for later, but many people were found dead due to dehydration even though they had water. If you go there by car, make sure to grab a large water supply. Consider one gallon per day without needs for cooking and car maintenance.

Know How To Light A Fire

Warmth is not the only thing you can get from a fire. You can use it for cooking food, signaling if you have a broken car, calming yourself down, and protecting yourself from unwanted guests. Nights can seem pretty frightening and evoke the most unpleasant thoughts. Besides, the desert is full of dangerous animals, and fire will make them stay away from your camp. So, if you don’t know how to light a fire under harsh conditions, it is high time to search for this info on the web and start practicing.

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