Holiday Marketing Tips: Campaign Ideas From Real Experts

Holiday Marketing Tips.

Discover holiday marketing tips and campaign ideas from real experts. We’ve listed powerful insights to help you get started in the right direction when it comes to this beautiful topic!

As the year comes to an end, marketers around the world face a common dilemma – how to make this year’s holiday marketing better than last year? In this article, we have provided you with a detailed guide that can help you market your brand during this holiday season.

As we already know, online shopping will only continue to grow. It has been estimated that e-commerce sales in the US alone can cross $908.73 billion in 2021. However, if you want to make the most out of this surge, you will have to develop a solid strategy that can help capitalize on the potential of digital channels.

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What Are Some Great Marketing Strategies For The Holiday Season?

No matter what your industry, product/services, or target market is, a proper marketing strategy for the holidays can bring in some amazing rewards for your business. Let us look into some of these tips below:

Personalizing The Website For The Holidays

For most businesses around the world, the holiday season represents nearly 30% of annual sales; this means that this is the right time to boost your revenue significantly. Therefore, you need to prepare your website for holiday shoppers so that you can devise the right holiday marketing campaign.

The first step here is to revamp your homepage for the season. It will attract a higher engagement, improving the user experience. All you need to do is add certain elements to give your website a fresh look, particularly during the holidays. There are many Adobe tools that you can use to spice the looks of your online platform.

Let us look into some tips that can help personalize your website for your holiday marketing campaigns:

Highlight Festive CTAs

Call to Action buttons inspired by the holiday season are a great way to capture customers’ attention in the shopping spirit. You need to ensure that you optimize your CTAs to get the highest transactions during the season by using the right colors and copies.

Keep The Message Clear And Short

Ensure that the messaging on your website is crystal clear and short. Try to convey all the benefits that the customer can avail if they purchase your products/services.

Add Personalized Holidays Greetings

Make use of personalized and eye-catching greetings via the live chat widget to attract and encourage shoppers to browse through what you have to offer and various other holiday deals, or you can make custom postcards with your best wishes and offers and send them to your loyal customers.

Improve The Website Loading Speed

When it comes to conversions, even a delay of a single second can trigger a drop of 7%. The loading speed of your website will affect the overall user experience of your customers, particularly during the holiday rush.

Early Access For VIP Customers

You can choose to reward your customers who subscribe to early access deals before the start of the holidays. You can extract emails for the email marketing campaign—right from your database or if you do not have it yet, use various tools for this, such as SignalHire. 

By offering them exclusive early access and shopping deals, you will capture customers’ attention and coax them into purchasing before the holidays. According to a survey by Deloitte, your subscribers will also start feeling special because they are getting a good discount even before anybody else.

You can also choose to incentivize your customers by forwarding them email campaigns where you can offer heavy discounts and exclusive deals only to those who share your early-bird discounts, reviews, photos, and stories on their social media handles to create a ‘buzz’ before the holiday season officially starts.

Here are some tips that can help make your holiday marketing campaign more effective by providing early access:

Provide Early Access

You can provide the benefits of early access to premium customers so that you can retain your best customers with exclusive holiday offers and deals.

Make Your Customers Happy

When you provide a sense of special treatment and exclusivity to your VIP customers, it will keep them happy and coming back for more.

Begin The Sales Early

Before the frenzy of the holidays starts, you can benefit substantially by starting the sales early. This makes it much easier to manage the orders and fulfill them before the chaos of the holidays begin.

Promote The Holiday Giveaways On Your Social Media Platforms

One of the best methods to engage with your followers is handing giveaways; this method is also known to be very cost-effective and will help get new followers and/or build hype for an upcoming event. If you can ask your followers to like, comment, and share, it can increase the engagement on your giveaway even more.

For a long time, brands have been offering giveaways to generate sales and interest for their products/services. With promotional contests and giveaways, you will get your target customers more excited about your brand and the upcoming holidays.

Depending on the budget and the size of your team, you can easily host contests like a make-a-wish contest, running a festive quiz, a photo caption contest for your Facebook business page, or a Twitter/Instagram hashtag contest.

Increase The Reach Of Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

According to statistics, it has been found that nearly 61% of web traffic to the landing websites is done on mobile phone devices. This means that shoppers are more inclined to browse products/services on their mobile devices. It is hard to ignore the power of smartphones today in today’s time. Hence, it is important to develop a sound mobile marketing strategy for the holiday season.

It has been estimated that roughly more online sales are made on mobile devices, particularly during the holiday season. Hence, mobile optimization of your strategies will ensure that your customers have a great shopping experience, apart from driving more sales conversions.

Let us take an example; Amazon offers some types of deals and promotions that cannot be accessed on the web version. These customized incentives appear to the users via push notifications and increase the traffic on the mobile app. It also enhances the user-engagement ratio.

Look For Video Marketing Ideas For Holiday Promotions

One of the most common advertising and marketing is incorporating video marketing. It is the best idea to communicate a holiday message with a video. Using an online video creator for your video marketing campaign you will be able to market your entire brand, not just the offered products/services.

On average, it has been found that more than 70% of consumers watch videos on social media that affect their purchasing decision. You can also include certain holiday-specific messages in these videos.

There are many types of videos that you can use – you can post a wacky and creative video on your social media pages, a video for wishing your customers the holiday cheer, or a festive webinar invite video sent via emails. The important thing here is that you establish a holiday theme and customize everything from the design to the CTA accordingly.

Final Thoughts

The holiday season is a special occasion where people buy gifts and products like apparel and groceries. During this season, the base of the buyer increases automatically, which also provides companies and brands the opportunity to acquire more customers. Hence, it is important to understand and create a holiday marketing strategy that can increase your audience base and convert some into customers.