7 Ways To Make Money On Instagram

7 Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Instagram was popular among influencers and brands until people found ways to generate income through it. If you are just beginning on Instagram, you might want to look at ways to increase engagement or Instagram or buy Instagram followers. Engagement is crucial for the Instagram algorithm and you need it for social media growth. The 1.7 billion Instagram users pose as a potentially good audience, and with the right methods/strategies, you can easily generate money. Millions of businesses are leveraging the platform and digital marketers use it for excellent results. If you keep on asking how you can grow on Instagram and make money from it, this article is for you. We have compiled this list of tactics entrepreneurs and famous bloggers use to generate income from Instagram. So, let us get started and get that money in the bank!

Getting Sponsored Posts And Working With Brands

Before you get scared with the word ‘sponsored’, let us tell you that your follower count does not matter. An influencer is generally someone who has a loyal community and a reputation for recommending/suggesting good products. Influencers can easily influence their audience and promote a variety of products/brands. Brands look for people with high engagement and a loyal following. So, to get sponsored posts and earn from them, you need to increase engagement on Instagram. Once you start getting sponsored posts, you need to be consistent to keep your engagement up and get more Instagram followers. Thus, you can level up and get approached by bigger brands.

Earning Through Affiliate Links

With the first option, after you land the brand/sponsored post, generating engagement and creating content is your responsibility. However, as an affiliate, you need to focus on making sales. Affiliates are partnerships with brands that are focused more on commission rather than increasing brand awareness. Instagram does not support links in captions. If you choose to put affiliate links, you need to put them in your bio. You can focus on one product at a time or use software like Linktree to put all your links together. If you have more than 10K followers, Instagram will enable the Swipe Up feature for your profile. Look for affiliate programs on your favorite brand sites or reach out to them. Some brands offer a dedicated promo code that you can use on your captions. You need to motivate your audience to purchase that product and use your promo code.

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Open Your Online Shop On Instagram

Instead of selling products from other brands, you could leverage your sales skills for yourself. Instagram keeps on adding new features to Business Accounts and promotes them. You could sell physical items, services, or digital products. Some creators promote themselves on Instagram and extend freebies related to their business. This draws in customers and helps with brand awareness. Previously, people had to go to different websites or apps to buy items. However, Instagram recently rolled out the in-app checkout, shop button, product tags, and shoppable stickers which make the process smooth. Hence, you will no longer lose clients to hectic and long processes.

Become Brand Ambassadors Of Brands

As for sponsored posts, the relationship is short-term. Some brands look for creators and influencers to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships. As a brand ambassador, you regularly promote the company in a laid-back manner. Large brands might send you their products for free, to use them and review them on your feed. This will help increase engagement on Instagram. Sometimes brands repost your pictures and give shoutouts. Hence, you can also buy followers out of it. 

Offer Social Media Marketing Services

As we discussed, brands are leveraging Instagram more and more. Hence, getting more followers is crucial for them. For the same reason, they employ a dedicated social media marketing team to implement strategies to increase engagement on Instagram. Small businesses cannot afford a complete team and look for Social Media Marketers. If you are well-versed with the various Instagram features and up-to-date with the algorithm features, you can generate money by offering personal social media assistance.

Freelance And Find Clients

Unlike in the 90s, freelancing has become a highly popular career choice for people. Instagram is no more a photo-sharing app and plays a huge role in building a personal brand. Most people (read: freelancers) use Instagram to showcase their portfolio and gain more Instagram followers. How does this method generate money? Sometimes few of these followers purchase your services or products, while other times they refer you to brands they know/work for. Moreover, the stronger your online presence, the higher chance you have of being found by brands.

Coach Fellow Instagrammers

Your Instagram account should hold some value for generating money through this method. Some people have great content but do not know how to use the proper hashtags or write the perfect captions. You could easily hold masterclasses for the same and guide them through these. Brands and aspiring bloggers want to increase their engagement on Instagram, and you can easily leverage this by providing value.


Instagram is a competitive platform, but with the right strategies, you can grow on it and generate money. What was your favorite tip? Do you have any other tips that others can use? Let us know your thoughts through the comment box. Happy earning!