How Does Ortho Home Defense Work? DIY Insect Control Methods

How Does Ortho Home Defense Work

Insects may be alarming if their population gets out of hand. The insects, furthermore, do not respect the boundaries imposed. They may hide in furniture wall crevices and create a colony in the pantry area most of the time.

Their invasion is truly nagging. For this reason, individuals turn to insect killers to control the colony of insects chemically. 

With numerous insecticide products available in the market, selecting the appropriate and sustainable product may be a hustle.

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Ortho home defense is an ideal insecticide with plenty of merits. Its ergonomic design makes it perfect for your household usage. Read along to find out how it works besides excellent tips about the product.

How Does Ortho Home Defense Work?

  1. This product acts on surfaces by forming invisible barriers on the surfaces. Its unique chemical formula makes it possible to use Ortho home defense indoors and outdoors. 
  2. The bug barrier then keeps a wide range of insects at bay. You should note that the barrier formed lasts up to twelve months.
  3. Ortho Home Defense cans come with two nozzles. The first one requires the manual action of pumping with a hand. It also comes with an electric nozzle that sprays the chemical when you hold down the trigger. 
  4. Unlike other sprays, this one prevents insect invasion instead of killing them. Therefore, it is a sustainable aerosol product.

Effective Ways Of Controlling Insects At Home

No one takes fun in keeping pests and insects at home. Try as you may; some insects may never leave your domicile. 

Furthermore, conventional insecticides are highly toxic to be used at home. That is because they may be potentially detrimental to your family and pets.

There are numerous methods of controlling insects that are less harmful to your environment. You can acquire a great product like the ortho home defense that controls insects by forming a protective bug barrier. Here are tips on how to regulate some insects:

Controlling Roaches Using Onions and Baking Soda

Roaches are disgusting creatures that crawl in most households. So terrifying are they that they can make you jump when they crawl on you in the dark. Moreover, they are known for spreading various diseases. 

These insects are also squeamish and can feed on virtually anything in your dustbin. With these insects infesting your home, they may bring along salmonella and gastroenteritis. Additionally, they may cause you to develop certain types of allergies.

Numerous chemicals on the market can effectively control pests in your house. However, their high toxicity makes them unsuitable for your home environment. Kids and pets may have it rough when exposed to these chemicals. 

So, what method is safe and efficacious in controlling these squeamish creatures? Combining onions with baking soda may help you DIY your home insecticide. Chop one onion and create a mixture with a tablespoon of baking soda.

After making this mixture, put it in the corners of your house. To receive remarkable results, be sure to reapply the mixture every day. The mixture will liberate your house from the menacing cockroaches. 

Curbing Ticks Using Essential Oils

Ticks exist in various sizes and shades of color. It would help if you prioritized controlling the spread of these tiny and nasty insects. 

These nasties are known to spread numerous infections. Such include Lyme diseases, colorado tick fever, tularemia, and other disorders.

If you’re not keen enough, the ticks may bring forth fatalities in your home. To prevent harming yourself from insecticides, you can try out cheap and safe natural mixtures. The first mixture you can form is a tick repellent for humans. 

You can create this mixture by mixing drops of rose geranium, sweetgrass, citronella, and lavender essential oils. 

Afterward, dilute the mixture using a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and a hundred milliliters of water. 

Transfer the resulting mixture into a spraying can. Ensure you shake it well, then spray it on your clothes when you’re about to go outside. This tick repellent will form a barrier that discourages ticks from hiding in your apparel. 

It’s not only humans that attract ticks. Your pets, especially dogs, can transfer ticks into your house too. 

Dogs are an easy target for ticks; hence an excellent natural repellent is necessary. Always inspect your pets after taking them out lest you bring more insects.

You’ll need to mix drops of rose geranium and pennyroyal essential oils with almond oil. Two tablespoons of almond oil should suffice. 

Then place some drops on your dog, especially on parts that ticks are most likely to invade. However, the mixture is unsuitable for pregnant dogs.

DIY Pesticide For Garden Pests 

Aphids, mites, and other pests can ruin your garden within an instant. You can quickly mitigate them by using a synthetic pesticide. 

However, the pesticide may ruin your garden plant or render the product unsuitable for consumption. 

You can create a natural solution to control the garden pests, preventing damage exacerbation. Blend hot peppers with equal garlic or onions until you get a fine paste. Mix it with warm water and leave the solution for around twenty-four hours. 

When the pesticide is ready, spray it on your plants. It will stop the spread of garden pests aside from nourishing your plants. 

Furthermore, it is a clean pest repellent with no known negative impact on the natural ecosystem.

Additionally, you can create a special repellent using tobacco. It is an effective product for scaring away the menacing aphids and worms destroying your garden. 

Mix half a cup of tobacco with an equal amount of water in gallons. Place it in a warm area and wait for a day.

Your mixture should turn into a tea-like mixture after twenty-four hours. If not, leave it in a warm place for several more hours. 

On the flip side, add some water if the mixture turns out too dark. Add some dishwashing liquid and shake until the mixture thoroughly blends.

Your DIY pest control chemical is now ready for application in garden crops. However, it is not advisable to use this pesticide on some vegetables. Such include pepper, eggplants, tomatoes, and capsicum. 

Controlling Spiders Using A Strong Smell

Most spiders are not poisonous. It is also implausible that anyone would want to host these master weavers inside their house. 

They can get pretty everywhere, and don’t forget how gruesome they appear. Besides, most spiders have a gruesome appearance. 

Studies suggest that spiders aren’t big fans of strong smells. Therefore, the repellent needs to produce a pungent miasma and not necessarily kill these nasties. Let’s dive into the details of how to create this repellent.

Add some drops of peppermint oil to a mix of water and a liquid detergent. Shake the mixture well, then apply it to the affected areas of the house.

The pungent smell from the mixture should be enough to drive the spiders away from your premises. 

However, peppermint oil may not be accessible to all individuals. You can substitute it with eucalyptus, citronella, lavender, or tea tree oil. Five to ten drops of any of these ingredients can blend well with water and liquid detergent.

Controlling Ants Using Cinnamon Or Vinegar

Ants are a common culprit in most households. They come in a significant number and often sneak into the kitchen or the pantry area. 

Some ants may bite and leave you with excruciating pain. Luckily, there’s a way of making your house less attractive to these insects.

Like spiders, ants have a weakness. They detest the smell of cinnamon powder. A simple hack would be applying the cinnamon powder in areas where ants are most likely to sneak into your house. You can use essential oil to enhance the effectiveness of the cinnamon on the ants.

What if you dislike the smell of cinnamon-like ants? Well, you can try out white vinegar instead. Its pungent odor will impede ants from invading your home. Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle, then apply it to the potentially affected areas. 

Ants don’t have to give you headaches anymore. You can try out any natural methods to control these seasonal insects. 

The beauty of these hacks is that it is relatively cheaper and does not have devastating effects like most insecticides. 

Benefits Of Using Natural Control Methods

First, you get to save loads of cash that you’d otherwise spend on insecticides. It is evident that some of these methods are cheap and require some readily available ingredients to create a perfect mixture.

The natural control method is also safe and doesn’t harm your home environment. For this reason, you’ll be getting a sustainable product that is friendly to humans and the entire ecosystem. 

Lastly, these DIY methods do not reduce the population of other organisms in significant quantities. Most of them scare the insects away and form a bug barrier similar to the Ortho home defense product. 


Ortho Home Defense works by forming a protective barrier that keeps bugs at bay. It is eco-friendly as its primary function isn’t eliminating insects and pests. Additionally, the product can work for as long as six months.

Aside from the ortho home defense, you can DIY your natural and safe chemical to control insects. By combining some ingredients, you can effectively control spiders, roaches, ants, and garden pests.