How To Prepare For Yellowstone Eruption

How To Prepare For Yellowstone Eruption

The thought of a possible volcanic eruption is pushing people to ask questions. And of course, how to prepare for Yellowstone eruption will be one of them. Scientists were able to trace the last eruption to over 640 years ago. But, we still need to prepare ourselves.

Now back to the question, how should one prepare for a Yellowstone eruption?

Well, the first thing is to be ready to take shelter or evacuate to a safe place. Follow the designated routes from the authorities. It will lead you to a safe place. Your emergency supply kit should also be ready. Again, your vehicle should have enough gas to take you and your relations to a safe place. And, if there’s no vehicle, don’t hesitate to arrange for one. 

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There are diverse ways you can prepare for a Yellowstone eruption. I will share them with you. I know scientists believe this incident will never happen in this generation, but we have to prepare somehow. Read further to know how to survive in this scenario.

Yellowstone Eruption: Will It Happen Anytime Soon?

Ask yourself this question; has Yellowstone ever erupted? The answer is yes! Not once, not twice! This volcano has erupted many times.

I will also like to point out that geological events are never consistent. So, it’s not possible to state when a possible Yellowstone eruption might happen.

I understand scientists and geologists from USGS are trying to eliminate fear in the minds of people. I must also admit that they are doing an excellent job in that regard.

They claim that Yellowstone eruption is not overdue. And there’s no doubt that they understand and are speaking based on extensive studies done on the situation. If you look at the history of this volcano, you will discover that they occurred at different intervals.

The various Yellowstone eruptions occurred 640 years ago, 1.3 million years ago, and 2.1 million years ago. So you can see that the dates are not consistent.

Now if you take a look at the dates, you will figure out that the average date of these volcanic eruptions is 725,000 years.

So the next volcano could be around 100 years from now or more. No one can tell! We need more data and information to be sure of when the next eruption would occur. We cannot rely on a few data to conclude on this.

Why Scientists Believe Yellowstone Won’t Happen Soon

Some things cause such natural disasters to occur, and those things aren’t happening at the moment. So, there is no cause for alarm. There’s no need for humankind to be scared.

Before Yellowstone can take place, it has to accumulate a considerable quantity of magma. And this has to occur in its subterranean chambers.

But the good news is that nothing of this nature is happening at the moment. So we are free from Yellowstone eruption, at least for now. It might happen, but not during our time.

Scientists claim they don’t have any evidence of an overdue Yellowstone, ready to erupt. So we can sleep with our two eyes closed.

The Damages Supervolcano Yellowstone Could Create

The Damages Supervolcano Yellowstone Could Create

Now let’s be clear on one thing; just because scientists have claimed there’s no evidence of an eruption happening doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

They believe the next Yellowstone eruption could be more devastating than all the others. The USGS has even predicted a bigger LAVA flow this time.

However, if the next Yellowstone eruption turns out to be the dreadful caldera-forming supervolcano, then we are doomed!

The impact will be global and highly devastating. USGS has been able to ascertain the impact supervolcano can cause. They understand that such a volcano can alter weather patterns across planet earth.

So this is not a case of it’s happening in the USA, so it’s the USA’s problem. Everyone on the surface of the earth will feel the impact one way or the other.

The agency, USGS, also claims that the next caldera-forming Yellowstone volcano will have a massive impact on human activity.

They claim agricultural production will be massively affected and this will be for the long term, not just a few weeks. It will spew ash thousands of miles across the affected areas, destroying hundreds of thousands of buildings and power plants.

Now, take your mind back to the 1991 volcanic eruption that took place in Mt Pinatubo, Philippines. It appeared to be relatively small, and scientists claimed it had temporary changes in temperature.

But it wasn’t just the Philippines that experienced this change in temperature. It was global. And what made it worse was that scientists, at that time, couldn’t ascertain the duration or consequences of such eruptions globally.

The Yellowstone Supervolcano: What Does It Imply?

Lurking underneath the famous Yellow National Park is something scaring. It’s a reservoir comprising of hot magma that’s approximately five miles in depth.

It is also fed by a massive plume of molten rock that is welling up from a distance. The distance is approximately hundreds of miles underneath our planet.

A smaller-sized lava flow has also characterized Yellowstone eruptions. The last occurrence was at the Pitchstone Plateau and occurred over 70 years ago.

Now, the reason scientists and several organizations are paying much attention to Yellowstone is because of a super-eruption. Such eruptions could be catastrophic and claim millions of lives.

For the sake of knowledge, a super-eruption could be an eruption that measures magnitude 8 and above as displayed on the Volcano Explosivity Index. In such eruptions, the material ejected could be more than enough to bury a whole state five feet deep.

So, you can see why many people are scared. Organizations around the world are on the lookout for any development of Yellowstone eruption.

How To Best Prepare For Yellowstone Eruption

You may have witnessed a tornado, hurricane, earthquake and other natural disasters. But trust me; a supervolcanic Yellowstone eruption is the last thing you would want to experience.

It’s nature, anyway. We have to expect and prepare for a possible occurrence in the future. Scientists and geologists have been squashing rumors that that Yellowstone eruption is overdue.

There are also claims that nothing that would result in possible occurrence of this eruption is taking place at the moment.

But we have to prepare because anything can happen. So, below are tips on what to do in case an eruption does occur.

What to do before a Yellowstone eruption occurs

If there is a possible eruption coming, here is what you have to do. First, you need to evacuate your relatives to a safe place and take shelter there.

You can also discuss where to meet that’s safe. Ensure you think this through carefully before making a move. Your emergency supply kit should also be on hand. It should contain items like safety boots, a respiratory mask; touch light, batteries, first aid box, can foods, and water. All should be in a backpack.

What to do after you evacuate to a safe place

After moving to a safe place, make sure you are getting information regarding the volcano. Will it approach your location? Has it stopped? Is there an additional concern? These are some of the things you need to figure out.

So, you need to turn on your radio and television to receive volcano updates more, during this period. And pay attention to warning signals or disaster sirens. If told to leave the area you are occupying, don’t do otherwise.

There will also be a designated evacuation route for people in your area, which you must follow. Even if there is going to be traffic in that area, it would still be safer.

But, you must ensure you have enough gas in your vehicle and take items you need along with you. Also, if you don’t have a car, you can make arrangements for one.

When you arrive at a shelter, you should also ensure you stay glued to your radio and television. Listen carefully to get updates on areas at higher risks.

You should also organize the supplies. Let everyone in the shelter know where they can find their supplies. Turn off the electricity, gas and water.

Also, ensure that all appliances are disconnected to prevent electric shock from taken place when power is restored after the eruption.

What to do when the eruption starts

The first thing you need to do when the eruption start is to stay calm. I mean, do not panic! If there’s an evacuation order, please kindly follow it. Don’t act based on your intelligence.

If there’s no order from the authorities, it’s best to wait for a possible update. You will figure out the safest route to follow to avoid the disaster.

You can start to use your respiratory mask once you notice possible air pollution. Then check your drinking water properly before drinking. If there is ash, you can discard it and source for cleaner water.

Note: You can eat fruits and vegetables from the garden during or after the eruption. But ensure you wash them before you consume.


Alright, if you want to know how to prepare for Yellowstone eruption, then read from start to finish. You can use the tips in this post to prepare for the incidence, and ensure everyone around you stays safe. The Yellowstone eruption can cause massive destruction to lives and properties. And those in troubled areas need to know the right steps to take to avoid this disaster.

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