Wish You Had a More Comfy Home? 9 Great Cozy Hacks

living room of a home

If your home doesn’t bring you comfort, then is it really your home, or is it just a house? Your home should be the place you run to when you need comfort. It should provide safety for both your physical being and your mental being. 

How can you make a comfy home, though? What current items in the home take away from the comfort levels? Which items should be used as your foundation to build a more comfy space? 

Even the barest and coldest houses can be transformed into comfortable and welcoming spaces. To get there, however, you’ll need to know several tips and tricks for doing so. In our guide below, you’ll find all the information you need.

Continue reading to get the process started!

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1. Create a Built-in Nook

Built-in nooks are the perfect way to make things a bit cozier in the home. Nooks can be used for seating when wanting to catch up on a favorite book or for other reasons as well. Add a cushioned seat and a pillow or two and cuddle up with a hot cup of tea in the mornings. 

Built-in nooks work well under windows as the window provides perfect views while enjoying your nook. Birdwatching, journal writing, drawing, and other fun hobbies can be done in your comfy nook space.

2. Plug Salt Rock Lamps in

Salt rock lamps are great for your home’s atmosphere. They also give off a warm pinkish light when plugged in. Because the light is warm and not too bright, they work wonderfully as nightlights. 

There are small salt rock lamps that plug directly into wall outlets and come with a switch for turning them on and off. You can leave them on at night in the hallways and even in the bathrooms. 

They’ll make for a much more comfortable trip to the bathroom and back during the night. 

3. Use a Few Diffusers and Humidifiers 

Diffusers and humidifiers are another wonderful way to bring comfort to your home. Diffusers burn different essential oils in them, which then disperse into the air. You can use all different sorts of essential oils and each one brings its own benefits

Be sure to do some research and find essential oils you’ll benefit most from such as peppermint for headaches. Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers are great for keeping the moisture in the air in your home at a good level. They’re the perfect solution for dry air.

4. Remove Clutter and Organize

When your home is filled with clutter and a mess, it can be difficult to feel comfortable in it. Tripping over knick-knacks and climbing your way through the living room is never a comfortable situation. If you do have a lot of clutter in your home, then it’s time to organize it.

Start by making a few separate piles. You’ll want to separate the things you want to keep from the things you want to sell or donate and the things you want to throw away. Once you get rid of items you no longer have use for, you can then begin to organize your stuff.

Use a few home organization tips and tools to get you started. The end result is a clean and cozy home. 

5. Hang Meaningful Artwork

Sometimes comfort isn’t a physical feeling. Sometimes, it’s an emotional one. To make your home feel more comfortable, you should hang up meaningful artwork. 

Hang up things that represent your religion or faith. You can also hang up items that remind you of a place you love. Hang portraits of loved ones and family photos as well.

Want to get even more creative? Take pieces of artwork made by your younger siblings, your children, or your grandchildren and frame them. Art pieces like these are one of a kind and can fill the heart with warmth.

6. Install a Fireplace

When things get a little chilly during winter, it’s a great idea to have a fireplace inside the home. If you don’t want to spend the money to have one installed into the structure of your home, then you can always choose to have an electric fireplace instead.

Electric fireplaces are fairly inexpensive and bring you the same comfort and warmth as a wood-burning fireplace would without the hassle of burning actual wood. 

7. Lay Comfy Throws and Pillows Out

Planning a movie night? What about a game night? Does your favorite show come on once a week?

During these times, you most likely get cozy on the couch or even on the living room floor. Step it up a notch by adding plenty of soft and cozy throw blankets and pillows. You can keep them on the couch or inside an ottoman nearby. 

When it’s time to snuggle on the couch or break out a board game on the floor, you’ll have a few ways to staying even more comfortable than before.

8. Cover Hard Floors With Soft Rugs

If your home has more hard floors than carpeting, then you’ll want to add soft rugs around your home. Place rugs in the living room, in the bedrooms, and down the hallways if desired. 

You should also add bathroom mats in the bathrooms in front of the sinks and at the entrance to the bathtubs or showers. Kitchen mats should also be used in front of the kitchen sink. Your feet will be comfortable and your toes will be warm.

9. Design Spa-Like Bathrooms

Why not have bathrooms inspired by spas in your very own home? Having a spa-like bathroom can really add aesthetics to the home. Although you might not want to spend the money to do a complete remodel, there are a few ways to make the transformation.

Switch out the hardware for something unique like crystal knobs. Use all white towels and floor mats. Upgrade your soap dispenser and trashcan. 

Remove all clutter from the sink and place one of your diffusers and salt rock lamps in the bathroom. 

Discover Your Comfy Home Today

Tired of coming home to a cold and unwelcoming space? You can discover your comfy home today when you follow the tips listed in this guide above. Use a few or use them all to create a comfortable, warm, and welcoming atmosphere!

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