What’s Trending In Living Room Sofas?

What’s Trending In Living Room Sofas

A beautiful and stylish couch may be what you need to revamp your living room. But with so many sofa fabrics, designs, and colors in the market, it can be difficult to find the perfect couch that is not only esthetically pleasing but comfortable too. Luckily, you don’t need to buy new sofas, all you need is just some stylish slipcovers for sofas and your home will look gorgeous.

Sofa is one of the key elements of interior decor, but it also performs practical functions. Therefore, the choice of high-quality and functional sofa should be treated with care and attention. First and foremost it is worth evaluating its durability and functionality, and not just appearance and attractiveness. When choosing a sofa, decide which model will fit most harmoniously into the interior, how important is the accent role of this subject in the living room, whether it matches the style of the interior. Of course, it is necessary to be focused on the size of the room, and on the selected model. It also helps a lot if you get familiar with the basic principles concerning the combination of colors and shades of furniture, walls, ceiling, and floors. In order to choose the right sofa, it is worth learning about the color palettes, because during the interior design of rooms decorators are guided by special combinations of shades.

But before we get carried away, let’s look at some of the hot sofa trends, so you’ll get the right inspiration to help you find a couch that makes a statement.

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1. Curvy Sofas

Curved sofas, also called conversation or crescent sofas, are no longer a preserve for commercial design projects or fancy apartment living rooms. Instead, these beautiful, rounded-edged couches are finding their way to everyday living spaces.

Many homeowners prefer curves in sofas as they add some coziness and softness to a living space. Besides, a conversation couch is a great statement piece as it gives your living room a more modern look.

A soft, curvy sofa also gives your space an intimate vibe, making your living room look like the best place for starting a conversation. Not to mention that having curves in your living room is likely to balance out the design in your space.

To make your curved sofa stand out, float it in the middle of the living room away from the walls to expose the curved back. Complement your curved sofa with a round or oval coffee table or a couple of accent chairs.

2. SlipCovers For Your Couch

Slipcovers, which are removable fitted fabrics on a sofa, are becoming a major trend. This style which was at one time seen as shabby, has evolved to a modern cozy vibe.

Modern sofa slipcovers are popular because they are tailored to fit contemporary furniture pieces. Slipcovers are also preferred by many homeowners who have pets and kids. In addition, using a slipcover for your couch can further protect it from tears or spills. Not to mention that slipcovers are affordable to buy and maintain.

3. Couches Made Of Boucle Fabric

We are living at a time when comfort and safety are of utmost importance in homes. This is why cozy and safe home items are so popular.

Boucle refers to a fabric made of yarn of looped silk, linen, or wool. This nubby fabric is soft to the touch, versatile, and has a teddy bear and fleecy appearance. The fabric was popular in mid-century houses, but it’s making a resurgence to modern-day homes bringing a soft texture to interiors.

The twisted fibres are durable and bring interest to a room without adding so much color. Most of the boucle couches have a creamy white color or a neutral color.

4. Sectional Sofas

A sectional sofa has multiple pieces, making it easier for you to arrange it to fit your space. You can also buy the parts individually, making this couch ideal for people on a budget.

The individual pieces of a sectional sofa are also used to fill awkward spaces in the living room. Another reason why these couches are so popular is that they are perfect for small rooms, and they can be adapted to fit any living room.

Combine your U-shaped or L- shaped sectional with a coffee table or side tables to fill the gap between a separated sectional.

5. Modern Chesterfield Couch

If you’re looking to give a traditional feel to your modern living room, then a chesterfield sofa is a perfect choice. A chesterfield coach has classic markings of tufted upholstery plus rolled arms.

The modern chesterfield sofa can be found in different textures, fabrics, colors, and patterns. Surround your chesterfield with clean lines and add some art or rustic décor with vibrant colors to complete the look.

6. High-tech Sofas

It’s now possible to include technology in recliners and other modern sofas for perfect comfort. These high-tech sofas are the ideal option for homeowners who want to keep their living rooms stylish and comfortable.

Some of the technology trends taking shape when it comes to living room sofas include:

  •         Footrests, armrests, and backrests that are electrically adjustable.  
  •         Connecters in sofas for connecting your USB cable
  •         Folding mechanisms that help you adapt your couch to your needs
  •         Use of smartphones to control the settings of your couch

7. Puffy Couches

Puffy sofas are large and in charge. They are also designed for good looks and comfort. These sofas are super-comfy, which is important as more people spend a lot of their time at home.

Puffy couches look fantastic in any living room. Whether your living room has a monochromic interior or is awash with a mix of bright colors, this sofa feels sexy, and there is just something comforting about it compared to sitting on a traditional upright couch.

In closing, a trendy couch can instantly make your living look more inviting. So if you need to revamp your living space, the above ideas will ensure you get a sofa that is not only chic but comfortable too.