Top Tips To Properly Maintain Your Swimming Pool

Top Tips To Properly Maintain Your Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a great addition to your home. It is a nice place to cool off and relax especially during hot summer days. You can choose to build either an above-ground or a below-ground pool depending on your budget. Above-ground pools are cheaper and easier to maintain as compared to below-ground ones but have a shorter lifespan. Irrespective of the pool you decide to have in your home, you will need to maintain it so that you and your family can enjoy using it. You can read all about pools here and how best to maintain them.

Keep The Skimmer Basket Empty

You must keep your pool clean. The skimmer basket function is to sieve debris that gets into your pool and collects the same before it becomes too heavy and sinks to the bottom. You need to keep checking your skimmer to ensure that it is always empty and functioning properly. It helps keep the water in your pool clean and clear.

Monitor Pool Chemistry

Checking your pool chemistry regularly is important. Water in the pool could easily get contaminated and unusable. If you fail to check this and ensure that it is safe for use, it could bring about some health problems to your family. During the hot seasons when you use the popular regularly, make sure that you check water chemistry at least twice every week. In the colder months when you rarely use the pool, you can check one every two weeks.

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Lint And Hair Pot Should Always Be Clean

The lint and hair pot assist the skimmer basket to keep your pool clean and free from debris. It captures particles that the skimmer basket fails to catch. This device is placed in your pump. Ensure that you check it at least once a week or once every two weeks depending on how often you use the pool and the number of people using it. The more people, the more frequently you should check the device. Ensure that this basket is never broken since allowing debris into your pump can mess up your entire system.

Monitor Pool’s Water Level

You must keep on checking your pool’s water level. It should not be too high or get below the skimmer basket. If it is too low, the pump will dry up causing the motor to burn out, and if it is too high it will interfere with the optimal functioning of the pool’s skimmer. The skimmer door could fail and allow debris to remain in the pool. You should balance the inflow and outflow of water to keep it level. If need be, you can fill it up with a pipe from an external source when it is too low.

Maintain Your Ozone Generator

You need to keep checking your Ozone generator to ensure it is always working. This device plays an important role in purifying your pool. It releases oxygen that reacts with most contaminants in the pool keeping the water clean and pure. It also minimizes the amount of chlorine you use in your pool.