6 Top Tech Trends Of 2020

6 Top Tech Trends Of 2020

This year has been the most digitized and technologically advanced in recent history, mainly due to the rapid online shift caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Tech developers, designers, and visionaries have been working overtime to bring the latest gadgets and digital solutions to the market. These are the top trends that are taking over the tech market in 2020.

1. eSIM

Mobile phones are more widely used than ever, with at least 96% of the country in possession of at least one phone per household. Since the majority of the SIM card is typically made of bulky plastic, eSIM cards are helping to reduce waste and keep phones thinner in diameter.

Additionally, these tiny chips are making mobile connections more secure. An eSIM card contains information that authenticates the phone user through their respective mobile carrier.

This technology is making devices more efficient and applying value by making room for other features, such as Dual SIM and SD card capabilities.

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2. Electric Vehicles

Commuters, weekend warriors, and roadtrippers alike are making the switch to electric vehicles. Sustainable energy has reached a new level of public interest, and more governments around the world are imposing regulations to reduce pollution.

Now, public vehicles are even taking charge of the new energy cycle. Electric charging stations are scattered throughout parking structures, residential properties, business districts, and truck stops.

Plus, e-cars are more affordable than ever – with even mainstream auto retailers adding electric and alternative energy vehicles to their fleets.

3. Virtual Reality

Originally pioneered in gaming, virtual reality is now a common facet in many different spheres and industries. Telecommuters are relying on VR to collaborate in real time, and consumers can shave hours off of typical tasks by using this innovative system.

From online shopping to banking, virtual reality is making online processes faster, easier, and more enjoyable. Prospective buyers can simply browse through a virtual showroom app, select a realistic digital render of their chosen item, and pay using cloud-based and contactless methods – including cryptocurrency and mobile wallets.

Virtual reality can combine the use of an immersive headset to transport users to a fully digital world, complete with audio, visual, and tactile response elements.

4. Augmented Reality

Compared to virtual reality, AR apps and programs are even more accessible. For most of these software systems, all you need is a mobile phone and internet connection.

While VR creates an immersive digital environment, augmented reality superimposes digital elements onto the user’s line of sight. This allows technology and real life to merge like never before.

AR apps and programs are now commonplace in online shopping, lending, banking, and more.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Remember when AI was just the subject of the latest blockbuster movie? Now, it’s become integrated into nearly every aspect of our online lives.

Artificial intelligence is expected to take over the tech sphere in 2021, and is already being used to make software and devices smarter.

Computer vision technology is used to collect and analyze user data that the system can then use to make suggestions and solve problems based on real-time reporting.

6. Machine Learning

Akin to AI is the world of machine learning. In this way, these inanimate objects are able to siphon online information and recognize patterns to make predictions and inferences based on the data.

Machine learning is revamping the way remote employees handle daily tasks, by automating functions such as email outreach, timekeeping, project management and more.

Technology is the future, and a huge part of the present lives of millions of Americans across all demographics, incomes, and communities. As we continue to live through the ongoing pandemic, we’re depending on these systems and apps more and more to get through daily life.

Financial transactions, telecommuting, distance learning, and entertainment systems are being driven by the top tech innovators to make our daily lives easier and more enriched than ever before.

These are just a few ways American life is being catalyzed by continuous progress and developments in the world of technology and digitization.