What Is Security Operating Platform?

What Is Security Operating Platform

Technology has changed many facets of our lives. Even businesses have been transformed in several ways, too.

Several business processes have been simplified. Consequently, companies now have access to more sophisticated programs and growth opportunities.

Cloud computing is one of them. Companies can store massive data in the cloud without expanding their storage facilities.

But these benefits come with a burden. The burden is on the security aspect. Companies need to do more to ensure the safety of their digital assets.

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All companies are prone to cyberattacks, as long as they use the internet now and then. Since the threats can be unknown to most security systems, the security operating platform might be a wise choice for all-round protection from cybercriminals. In this article, you’ll learn about security operating platforms and other things you need to know.

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What Security Operating Platform Implies

Today, cybersecurity is one of the hottest topics in the business world. It’s a topic that interests both the government and the private sector. That’s because cyber-attacks can hurt the economy.

The security of a company’s digital assets is paramount. It’s the foundation upon which other factors, such as business growth, increased revenue, trust, and customer satisfaction, stands.

Across the globe, there have been reports of cyber attacks. Even the most financially stable companies have been hit.

These cyber-attacks on businesses are costly. Most companies have lost billions of dollars, their trust, and their reputation. Unfortunately, trust and a good reputation are hard to regain. They take years to build up.

Seeing how hackers are dealing with many companies will make you want to question their cybersecurity structure. What aren’t they doing right or what are they miss out? The answer to this question is the security operating platform.

As a company, if you aren’t using the right security operating platform, keep in mind that you’re opening yourself to cyber attacks.

Now the question is; what is the security operating platform? Let’s start by saying a security operating platform is like a missile defense system.

What does a missile defense system do? It can take down missiles, even before they hit their targets. It makes it impossible for attackers to destroying their targets.

The same goes for the security operating platform. The security operating platform refers to a security framework established to protect companies from cybercriminals. It prevents cyber-attacks from any angle.

The security platform comes designed and fortified to repel attacks, preventing them from reaching the company’s environment.

Security Operating Platform For Cybersecurity – What You Need To Know

The term “security operating platform” doesn’t only refer to a single element. If that were the case, hackers would be getting easy passes to companies’ digital assets.

The security operating platform consists of several elements, stationed at various strategic positions to repel cyber-attacks. The platform ensures that companies’ security rules are established across all security postures.

Being well-protected from cyber attacks gives a company freedom to focus on other vital areas that concern productivity and business growth.

Why Establishing An Agile Security Operating Platform Is Vital

Cybersecurity is one of the areas that give companies a scare. That’s because of the massive impact a cyber-attack can have.

As a company, your cybersecurity architecture has to be reliable. It has to be strong enough to repel known and unknown attacks and also respond faster to them.

For this reason, having agile security operating platform is an important step. Such can automatically respond to any unknown threat. It can also make the unknown threats become known globally.

Not all cyber-attacks happen the same way. Many are unknown to the security structures most companies have in place.

These cybercriminals are aware that cybersecurity professionals waging war against cybercrimes are familiar with most of their tactics. That’s why many of these cyber criminals re-strategize and launch unfamiliar attacks now and then.

With a security operating platform in place, a company’s security structure changes. It can detect cyber-attacks and respond quickly. It automatically shares data on the threats, too.

In the wake of these cyber attacks, a security operating platform is expected to develop new protective walls to shield a company’s environment.

Security Operating Platform – Why Is It Important To Companies?

Cyber-attacks can be perpetuated on any business. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large company. As long as the business is online or uses the internet, it’s prone to attack.

Hackers are also multiplying in their numbers. They are working harder to beat cybersecurity experts at their game.

What do cybercriminals attack? Hackers can target highly confidential information or customer data. They can further use those data to wreak havoc. Imagine a hacker having a customer’s credit card information in his or her possession.

These situations happen now and then. And when they do, the companies involved lose their reputation.

Many companies have also lost billions of dollars to hackers, not just data. And most of these companies never get back to their feet after an attack.

The security operating platform is taunted as a possible solution to cybersecurity threats. It can repel external attacks by hackers, whether it’s a known or unknown attack.

The beautiful thing about the security operating system is that it works automatically. Hence, companies don’t need to hire a ton of cybersecurity experts to protect their digital assets.

Once its setup, security operating platform can detect and repel attacks by itself. It solves every single attack, allowing you to focus on growing your company.

Problems Cybersecurity Experts Face That Makes Security Operating Platform A Better Option

Cybersecurity experts are the ones with the knowledge of cybersecurity. They are hired by companies and even the government to protect their digital assets, ensuring that data and digital assets are safe from hackers.

Most cybersecurity experts live up to expectations. They provide the needed protection to ensure the safe running of the business or organization.

But being humans, they are prone to mistakes. Cybersecurity experts also have specific problems, which don’t exist with a security operating platform.

The cybersecurity industry faces a shortage of highly trained and experienced staff. Another challenge is the regular change in threats posed by hackers.

If an expert isn’t familiar with these threats, the company would be at the mercy of hackers. Another problem is the time constraint.

A cybersecurity expert may not be able to respond to attacks faster or uncover the data of an unknown attack much quicker. You may also find one professional managing several tools, making the job cumbersome. Sometimes, they may even miss an impending threat.

So all these are the problems associated with hiring cybersecurity professionals. But with the right security operating platform in place, you might not need to hire too many of these cybersecurity professionals to help protect the company’s digital assets.

Security Operating Platform – How It Works

Security Operating Platform integrates with multiple systems, protecting them from every form of cyberattacks.

Precise analytics also makes the security operating platform a joy to use. It helps simplify business operations by letting you streamline all the tasks you need to do. By that, you can channel your energy, time, and focus on other aspects of your business.

The Security Operating Platform lets you automate a wide range of tools. These include endpoint protection systems, anti-malware sandboxes, vulnerability scanners, threat intelligence, and others.

Security Operating Platform – Components And Technologies

The security operating platform can offer all-around protection because of the vast array of components and technologies behind it. With this platform in place, cyber threats are addressed without much stress.

Here are the various components and technologies behind the security operating platform.

  • Traps
  • Wildfire
  • Panorama
  • Evident
  • Logging service
  • Threat intelligence
  • Anti Malware Sandboxes
  • Machine Learning algorithm
  • Next-Generation Firewalls

Each component plays a crucial role in ensuring that the security operating platform handles cyber-attacks professionally. Traps, for example, replace the popularly used traditional anti-virus with something more advanced.

The Machine Learning Algorithm helps to equip you with knowledge of new cyber threats across the globe. The reason is so you can predict the next attack and protect your system.

The Next-Generation Firewalls give you complete control over your network traffic. It also protects your system from known and unknown cyber-attacks.


Cyber-attacks have led companies to lose billions of dollars. Besides losing money, most companies have also lost their reputation and trust due to these attacks. When systems are invaded, hackers get hold of critical data that can land companies in serious trouble. But with the right security operating platform in place, these cyber threats can be averted.

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