Traveling in Style: Your Guide to Buying Your Own Airplane

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If you’ve ever dreamed of being rich, it’s highly likely that the vision of flying on a private jet made a cameo. You can make this dream a reality with you do your research and follow the very practical steps to purchase a private plane. 

Purchasing a private airplane can be a life-changer. Here’s what you should know going into the purchase process. 

Understand the Power and the Type of Plane You Need

You’ll need to research airplane specs to start figuring out what kind you need. Get to know specifications like the cruise speed, length, cabin width, and engine type. 

Consider the jet based on the kind of lifestyle you lead also. Think about how you’d use the plane, how often, and how many people you will routinely fly with you. Knowing these factors will determine a lot about the plane and arrangement you seek. 

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You can check out this post to learn about the investment potential of an airplane. From there, you’ll also have leads on which type of plane might be best for your needs

Assess the Cost of the Plane and Total Cost of Ownership as You Budget and Shop

Of course, you have to consider the dollars and cents of owning an airplane. You will easily pay $3 million and up for a new private jet. 

This doesn’t account for matters like storage, fuel, permits, maintenance, pilot, and cleaning costs. Owning an airplane will cost you a pretty penny no matter how you slice it. However, it’s worth the investment when you stay within a price range that doesn’t destroy your budget. 

Figure out how much you can spend on an airplane and always be realistic about the ongoing costs. 

Make Sure You Have a Qualified Pilot

Your airplane only serves you when you also take the time to hire the best pilot. Search through several recommendations and background until you find pilots who are sharp and professional. 

This gives you the best guarantee on the safety of you and your passengers, in addition to the best and most timely navigation. 

Get the Ideal Price and Financing

Work with a financial institution that can give you the lending that you need to buy your plane. Prepare to make a substantial down payment to help keep your monthly costs low

Keep up with the plane’s insurance policy as well to add a layer of protection to this investment

Shop Around for an Amazing Airplane

Owning a private jet can change your life and help you to live luxury that you’ve never dreamed of. The tips above show you step-by-step how to buy an airplane. 

Following these tips takes the mystique out of buying a private jet and breaks it down into practical, repeatable steps. Make sure that you have your ducks in a row when you’re preparing to buy your first aircraft. 

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