3 Different Types Of Advertising And Choosing The Right One For Your Brand

3 Different Types Of Advertising And Choosing The Right One For Your Brand

From window shopping on the internet to reading the latest news, everywhere you look there is advertising. Advertising has been part of the business society since time immemorial. Over time there has been a change or an introduction of different methods of advertising. Here are some of the types that are frequently used by most businesses.

Traditional Advertising 

The term itself does not mean that the method of advertising has been outdated, but it is the type of advertising that we fondly think about when we hear the word advertising. Some forms of traditional advertising may include.


This was once the go-to method of advertising but its popularity has been dwindling over time. Print advertising is mostly ads that you might find in newspapers, brochures, posters and brochures.

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Broadcasting is perfect for the sole purpose of getting wide coverage without a specific audience. The advertising message is shown or transmitted over the radio or on television.

Outdoor Advertising 

Just as the name suggests it’s advertising that the audience gets to interact with outside their homes. It is very simplistic as the ads are plastered in areas that are frequented by the public. The use of a billboard is a great example of outdoor advertising.

Digital Advertising 

The internet revolutionized the way advertising was being conducted. You now have more techniques to carry out your ad campaign. Here are some digital advertising methods.

Paid Search Advertising 

This type of advertising is mostly used when searching for something over the internet. Algorithms are used to ensure certain keywords get to appear at the top of the search engine results.

Social Media 

Social media platforms are also greatly used in advertising. Advertising on these platforms allows you to not only engage with the audience but also get quick real-time returns on investment.

Native Advertising 

These are some types of ads that are merged with certain websites. They usually match the content that you might be engaging with at the moment. The advertisement will appear in either a video or an article.

Guerilla Advertising 

This form of advertising has been growing in popularity over the last 15 years and has been termed by many to be unconventional. This form of advertising gives the audience a chance to interact with the product. The key things that need to make this type of advertising successful are perfect timing and a superb location.

Matching the best advertising methods with your brand will greatly be affected by what you want to achieve at the end of the day, the marketing agency you choose and the return on investment. If spending money on advertising doesn’t boost your sales then it’s not the one for you. You need to have this in mind when choosing an advertising method

Category-specific advertising 

These are types of advertising that are shared with businesses that tend to sell the same product. Even though it’s not innovative, this ad campaign has a proven track record even.

Product-specific advertising 

This is geared towards introducing a unique product to the market. It ensures the product stands out and gets undivided attention. It’s championed by innovativeness and creativity. 

A marketing agency will mostly come in handy for any of the two ad campaigns. There is a lineup of top advertising agencies in NYC a click away to get your ads going.