5 Odd Ways to Pay Rent You Haven’t Considered

eviction notice on door

36% of Americans live in rental properties. Are you one of these statistics? If so, you understand the burdens of paying rent. Rent prices practically increase every year. And they don’t even include other charges, such as utilities, water, internet, cable, and more.

If you’re stuck in a difficult financial situation, there are always ways to earn extra funds and keep a roof over your head (and the water and electricity on).

Here are 5 ways to pay rent that you may never consider.

Get Paid to Watch Videos

Are you addicted to YouTube and other internet videos? Did you know you can get paid to watch your favorite videos? Surprisingly, it’s totally legit. There are websites out there that pay viewers to watch short video clips.

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Whether you’re watching the hottest new TV show or are watching cooking videos, all you need is a solid internet connection and some time to watch videos. After you watch the videos, you have to answer a few quick questions.

The best part? You get to choose what videos you want to watch!

While you won’t be able to pay your whole rent, you can earn a steady stream of passive income that can go towards your rent. This way, you don’t have to worry about a late payment.

Apply for a Grant

Life happens. A family member dies and you need to take time off of work. You may have had a medical emergency, you lost your job, or maybe another bill was larger than you expected.

Do you have to be consumed by debt? You can always apply for a grant. There are many grants available for people of all income brackets, including those who may not qualify for traditional grants.

Some grants even cater to certain individuals. This may include those with a certain occupation, such as first responders and teachers. Others have other qualifications, such as only serving those who live alone.

Get Gift Cards to Buy Groceries

Do you hate grocery shopping? You’ll learn to appreciate it really quickly. There are websites that pay you when you submit your grocery store receipts. Just upload your receipt and you’ll receive gift cards.

Sure, it may not directly pay for rent. But you can earn gift cards for online stores, restaurants, and even other grocery stores. This offers some financial assistance so you can use more of your hard-earned money for your rent.

Structured Settlement

Did you recently win a lawsuit or come into a large amount of cash? If so, did you receive the lump sum of money or are you accepting structured settlements?

Since the structured settlement is your money, you can use it to pay for rent as well as your other bills, education, a car, and you may even use the funds to start your own business. Of course, this all depends on how much money you get.

Get Cash to Pay Rent

The cost of living keeps increasing but wages stay the same. It’s becoming difficult to pay rent and cover other necessary expenses. Fortunately, there are many surprising ways to cover your rent so you never have to worry.

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