Which Is The Best Online Dispensaries?

Which Is The Best Online Dispensaries

Cannabis is still a controversial natural plant even after it has numerous medicinal properties. According to Chinese medicinal history and ancient Indian Ayurveda, Cannabis or the hemp plant is one of the most sacred plants on the Earth. It was used to treat many health problems in the old times and now modern studies have found even more benefits of the hemp plant. For most of the people, it is just a psychoactive thing which can get one high upon consumption. But what they are not aware of that many of the modern medicines have also cannabis part in their ingredients.

Several countries had already legalized the farming and the use of cannabis for medical purposes. But more researches have shown consuming the hemp plant for recreational purpose is relatively less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. The long-term effects of weed consumption are yet to be revealed by more studies but none can get overdosed by it. Seeing the potential of this hemp plant, Canada has fully decriminalized cannabis use and it has boosted the online weed market.

There is already a lot of licensed weed store but online dispensaries promise affordable prices, free gifts, and of course high-quality products. WeedSmart, GetKush, Cheeba, BudExpressNow, a few more are renowned online weed stores. Here, we are going to compare Cheeba with the WeedSmart standard.

Collection Of Products

Both sites, weedsmart and Cheebas, have a large collection of products and while choosing an online dispensary for the first time, most of the buyers look into this characteristic. Concentrates, CBD oils, products, vape juices, edibles, magic mushrooms, and much more. Cheebas has an even more extensive selection of products than Weedsmart as it offers cosmetics products as well.

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So, in terms of collection of products both sites are good but Cheebas has an extra point over weedsmart.

Quality Of The Products

The large collection of products always means qualitative products. At weedsmart, all the products are tested and checked by some reliable lab and they have approved the high-quality of the products. The reviews on the sites by buyers also ensure about the quality. On the other hand, Cheebas doesn’t have any lab-tested products but the reviews and ratings by the users on the site say a lot about the high quality of the products.

So, Weedsmart and Cheebas are running at the same pace here.

Affordable Pricing

The third most important thing for any cannabis consumer is the price and when an online dispensary offers its qualitative products in the large selection at affordable prices, it assuredly attracts new customers and manages to keep the old customers. Both of these sites offer all of their products a very competitive and affordable price.

Weedsmart offers budget buds at a little cheaper than Cheebas but Cheebas has AAAA weed at more affordable pricing compared to Weedsmart.

Free Gifts

An online dispensary should also offer a few free perks to lure customers as online weed market is still in its infancy. Weedsmart offers free gifts to the customers on their first purchase with coupon code. Cheebas doesn’t offer freebies to old or new customers and that’s where it lags behind Weedsmart.

Regular Deals And Promotions

Free gifts and occasional promotional or discount deals are both different things. A regular flow of enticing deals on various products surely attracts customers to buy more. Weedsmart and Cheebas have frequent promotions and deals so, consumers can get a fair price when they are buying in a large quantity.

Mix And Match Selection

Having a large number of strains is not worthwhile if they are harder to get testes. Weedsmart has 100 strains and with mix and match options, customers can buy a variety of strains from nearly 25 strain selection. Cheebas has nearly 33 strains but it doesn’t offer mix and match options.

Free Shipping

Thee fast and quick delivery is surely important but the shipping cost also makes a huge difference. Weedsmart buyers get a free express shipping delivery on the order more than $99 and Cheebas buy to get the same service on the order over $199. So, there is a difference of $100 and it can be an issue for new customers who want to try new products and are unaware of the service and products of the online weed store.


There are many more points that shows the similarity between Weedsmart and Cheeebas but the seven things listed above are very crucial to consider. Weedsmart stands ahead of Cheebas with three more points in its side. So, Weedsmart can be the choice for the new as well as regular customers.

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