How Much Is An Ounce Of Marijuana?

How Much Is An Ounce Of Marijuana

Years ago, it was impossible to find or ask a question like, “How much is an ounce of marijuana” online or anywhere. Weed was strictly an under-the-table item discussed in a somewhat hushed tone and sold discretely. There was no fixed price too. People paid whatever their sellers or friends ask of them. In short, the ganja business was a risky one that could land one in jail. But now, things are different. Many countries and states have legalized marijuana. Now the question is;

How Much Does An Ounce Of Marijuana Cost? Let’s Find Out:

I will like you to know that a lot of factors affect the price of weed. These include quality, price competition; grow method, location and more. But an ounce of marijuana might cost between 150 – 350 US dollars. You can also choose to buy less than an ounce. But keep in mind that the more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

You can read to get more information about the price of marijuana and other things you need to know.

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An Ounce of Marijuana: Cost for Different Countries

The price of an ounce of marijuana differs from one country to another. Let’s take a look at the cost for different countries. And mind you, these are all high-quality weeds.

  • France –Even with a strict anti-ganja law, France still has one of the highest number of marijuana users worldwide. The price of an ounce of ganja is $265.
  • United Kingdom – In the UK, the price of cannabis is $256.33.
  • Australia – The price of weed in Australia is $300.
  • Portugal – The price of weed in Portugal is also $300.
  • Canada – The price of marijuana in Canada is $202.54.
  • USA – in the United States of America, the price of marijuana varies significantly from state to state. In New York, high-grade weed is about $305, while in Texas; high-grade weed cost $284.41. Price is also $220 in Colorado, just like that.

Marijuana Price Per Ounce: Factors That Can Influence Price

Marijuana Price Per Ounce

The love that marijuana users have for the commodity is almost similar to the love between a man and a woman. Be it medicinal or recreational marijuana; the product is still an asset to many.

But as discussed earlier, so many factors determine the price of marijuana. So, bear in mind that the cost of the item will not be uniform across the world.

For instance, in Alaska where weed is legal, an ounce (28 grams) of marijuana cost $303.04. In California, an ounce is $250. And even within each state, the price also varies.

So, it will do us a world of good to look into the factors that shape the price of weed, so that those buying the commodity can make an informed decision.

Factor #1 – State of residence

I would like you to know that your place of residence is one of the most significant factors that can shape the price of marijuana. And I am not talking about the geography of the area one lives.

What influences the price where you reside is the legality of weed. If weed is not legal in your state, then it will be costly. In such states, it is even illegal to sell or possess marijuana

So, whoever is bold enough to sell will hike the price a bit. And they have a justifiable reason for that. Of course, they can be sent to jail once caught selling the ganja.

You will find that only ten states have legalized recreational marijuana so far. And only those who are 21 years or older can have weed. However, medical marijuana has been made legal in at least 33 states.

Now, geography is another factor that can hugely affect the price one has to pay to get marijuana. And it is easy to understand why. Most of the weed you find around grows in places that have warmer climates. Daytime temperatures, ranging from 75 – 86 degree Fahrenheit must also be stable.

So, the above climatic condition is ideal for growing Marijuana that will eventually have high THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) content. Anything above 88 degrees Fahrenheit or below 60 degrees Fahrenheit can result in lower THC content. It can also slow down the growth of the plant.

Anyway, I know most people will say THC is one in over 85 cannabinoids, which are chemical compounds that weed has. But let’s not forget that THC stands as the principal psychoactive ingredient. In other words, it receives more accolades for the cerebral high it creates in users.

So, if you live in these areas where growing cannabis is complicated, or the quality won’t come out right, then you have to ship the plant from another country or location.

And by doing that, the price of the weed will increase. Of course, the seller needs to recoup his or her money spent on transportation, labor (for loading and unloading the cannabis).

So, you can see that your geographical location can influence the price you end up paying for weed.

Factor #2 – Where you get your marijuana

In places where marijuana is legal, you can buy your cannabis from anywhere. You can purchase from registered dispensaries or storefronts. Or you can buy your marijuana from the guy that sells in the street. But keep in mind that these sellers are not registered and so are not legal.

But here is something you need to know. It is better to buy from registered and legal dispensaries and storefronts than the guy who sells on the street. I do not mean to destroy someone’s means of livelihood. Just that for your safety, I will advice you avoid them.

Now the first reason you should patronize storefronts and dispensaries is that they sell even cheaper. When you walk into such places, you will find different options of marijuana with various price tags and quality.

That way, you can acquire the amount of weed you need without breaking the bank. Then again, the storefronts and dispensaries have a reputation to protect. So, they usually label and display their cannabis correctly.

Why not, they are registered and know what they went through to obtain the license to operate. And of course, any violation can cost these sellers their licenses or the freedom to continue selling.

So, when you buy from these reputable places, you are always sure of what you are getting. But when you buy from some guy on the street, you might end up paying a premium for a poor quality weed.

How will you feel paying $80 for a couple of weed that cost around $20? That is what happens when you buy from the guy who sells in the street. Then there is a chance that you do not even know what you are buying. Your life could be in grave danger when you overdose.

Some of these roadside weed sellers can add dangerous stuff in your weed that can be deadly to users. Take note of that.

Factor #3 – The competition where you live

We all know competition can affect the price of every commodity. It happens in every business, mainly when no trade union puts a fixed rate or there to fine members who sell at different prices.

So, every marijuana seller is free to sell as he or she wishes. But here is one thing you need to know. If there are many marijuana sellers in your place of residence, you may buy cheaper.

It is common for individual sellers to lower their prices to attract more customers. Every business owner wants to make good sales. And they know that the more they sell, the higher their profit at the end of the day.

Factor #4 – Quality of the ganja 

Every weed smoker knows weed varies with regards to quality. And as quality differs, so is the price. In other words, when the quality is high, you should expect the amount to be the same thing.

It happens in every product, not only ganja. But if you are paying a premium fee, the product you are buying should be worth it. Anyway, that is why I earlier advised that weed buyers should buy from registered weed sellers, not some roadside ganja sellers.

When you buy from a registered seller, you are sure that you are not being tricked into paying more for low-grade ganja, as is the case with many street sellers.

Factor #5 – The method of cultivation

When it comes to cultivation, you will find two types of ganja in the market. One is indoor-raised ganja, and the other is outdoor-raised. And really, the one raised outdoor is less expensive, compared to the one raised indoors.

Now The Question Is, Why Is Marijuana Raised Indoors More Expensive To Buy? 

Well, the truth is it takes more time, energy and resources to cultivate marijuana indoors. It takes a lot of money to set up and maintain. But the output, and I mean quality, is better than the one that was raised outdoor.

The thing is indoor growers can control a lot of factors. They can determine the wavelength of light the plant gets; control watering, fertilization and humidity. So, they can actually provide the plant with all the nutrients it needs.

Another thing is those indoor growers can control pests and insects that attack marijuana naturally. In other words, they do not use pesticides as outdoor growers do.

Wrapping it up

So, at this point, I know you understand the answer to the question “How much is an ounce of marijuana”? As I said, several factors influence the price of weed. I also took out time to explain the various factors so that you can make an informed decision. But then, keep in mind that the more you purchase, the cheaper it gets.

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