Video On Demand Streaming Services: What To Know

Video On Demand Streaming Services

Having the freedom to watch your favorite shows and movies at your convenience is one of the key factors many people consider before subscribing to a streaming service. Fortunately, video on demand or VoD streaming has provided the users with this option, giving the users power instead of the broadcasters. 

If you’ve ever watched a video on YouTube or a movie on Netflix, you are essentially experiencing VoD streaming. So, as long as the content is available on these platforms, all you have to do is click the film and play it whenever you want. With the convenience it provides, it’s no wonder that more people are choosing VoD streaming. According to Statista, the increasing number of users on the VoD side is expected to hit three million by 2026. 

How Does VoD Streaming Work?

VoD is a type of over-the-top streaming, which means that it streams all types of content over the internet, including video, audio, and VoIP. Compared to traditional media broadcasting, this type of streaming allows content creators to go directly to their viewers instead of going through cable and telecom networks. 

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VoD streaming providers create video libraries by organizing their content. Then, they will provide access to these libraries so that viewers can utilize them in different ways. The viewer can then choose the content they want to watch. The source of video content in VoD comes in static files, compared to a camera feed in live streaming. As a result, all viewers can watch VoD content at any time, anywhere. 

VoD And Live Streaming

The most significant difference between video on demand and live streaming is how the content is streamed and accessed. In live streaming, the content is accessed and watched in real-time, while in VoD streaming, you can access any content at any time. A great example would be a live sporting event hosted by a variety of cable and telecom companies. The event is live-streamed in real-time and will be aired on different channels, including YouTube. After the game, the full replay and the highlights of the match can be recorded and uploaded on their YouTube channel for the fans who missed the live game.

5 Benefits Of Video On Demand Streaming

With the rising number of VoD users, providers are given excellent opportunities to grow an audience for future monetization. However, it all boils down to the creators’ preferences in responding to the demand of the users. Regardless, VoD streaming still provides numerous benefits for every user and content creator alike. 

1. Convenience

VoD is a straightforward approach to video streaming. Users can watch the content anytime they like, from the comfort of their residence or during vacation trips. Moreover, content creators can also benefit from this setup because they can keep their subscribers or viewers engaged even after the live stream.

2. Variety

The wide variety of content VoD offers is something most users look forward to. For example, if they were not able to catch a live stream of their favorite streamer, they can easily find different versions of highlights and even full replays of the event on demand. The content creators, on the other hand, benefit from this by earning the freedom to show their creativity to their viewers, which is usually limited in live streaming. 

VoD streaming is mostly a win-win situation for content creators and viewers alike. If you have someone at home like your retired parents who loves watching live television, you might want to check out Dish TV. It offers a combination of TV packages and video on demand streaming for an ultimate viewing experience for families and friends. 

3. Affordability

Video on demand streaming services are generally more affordable than most packages where you pay for a whole lot of channels while rarely watching more than half of these channels. With VoD, you are only paying for one subscription for around $7 to $12 a month but gaining access to the classic and latest shows and movies you can watch whenever you like. Bundles can also be an excellent way to cut down costs. Moreover, some telecommunication companies offer phone and internet services with free subscriptions to specific streaming services. 

4. Accessibility

If you are a frequent traveler who loves watching during trips, VoD is one of the best streaming services you can get. Even if you’re out of the country, you can still access your favorite TV shows and movies during your free time. Other streaming services, like Netflix, also provides different content libraries per region. So it would be an advantage for you whenever you travel overseas, as you will have access to different content libraries even without using VPN

5. Devices

One of the deciding factors for VoD users is the type of device compatible with a specific streaming service. Many people are always on the go, and it would be a major inconvenience for them if they can’t watch a show unless it’s on a television or a personal computer. Fortunately, most VoD streaming services provide their users with a variety of options on where to watch films, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, televisions, and even the small TV screen in vehicles. 

Final Thoughts

Video on demand streaming is no doubt one of the hottest services right now. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic that forced us to stay at home, many people have gotten used to having VoD in their lives. Both viewers and content creators have benefited from this type of streaming. So, if you want to take advantage of it, it’s not yet too late because the future is bright for the VoD segment. 

VoD streaming platforms have been dominating traditional live television programming. With convenience, freedom, and accessibility, this booming industry will likely continue to thrive in the near future. So, don’t focus too much on the most popular streaming platforms today, like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and HBO Go, and keep an eye out for the emerging VoD services that provide a broader range of content at more affordable prices.