Is Course Hero Worth It?  

Is Course Hero Worth It

Course Hero is a popular educational resource. It is an e-learning platform designed to cater to the diverse needs of students via the provision of several study materials. These include test practice, videos, class notes, and documents.

Back to the question, is Course Hero worth it?

Course Hero gives you access to diverse learning resources. These include homework questions, essays, exam notes, and others. So, it is one of the platforms you can find valuable materials for your studies. Individuals can also upload learning materials and gain access to millions of others. That said, in terms of educational materials, Course Hero is worth it.

There are other things you need to know about Course Hero. So continue reading!

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Course Hero: How It All Began

Years ago, before the advent of the internet, people could only obtain educational materials from instructors, textbooks, and library. Students relied entirely on books and tutors for their research work.

However, a noticeable change occurred following the birth of the internet. Different organizations and groups started using the World Wide Web to get things done much easier and quicker. The educational sector was also not left out. And presently, there are diverse educational resources sharing platforms like Course Hero out there.

Course Hero was the brainchild of Andrew Grauer, a Cornell student. His main goal was to share course materials with his course mates, particularly those who skipped classes or weren’t attentive in class.

Today, Course Hero’s primary objective hasn’t changed. It’s still a platform that allows students to practice lessons learned to develop a better understanding. Presently, Course Hero caters to the educational needs of millions of students who also contribute to the platform.

Study Resources Found On Course Hero

Course Hero has a range of study guides, video lessons, class notes, including practice exercises. The platform also offers materials on various school courses. It’s a rich educational platform, with over twenty-five million study resources on different courses.

Devices Course Hero Supports

Course Hero’s app runs seamlessly on Android and iOS devices. So, literarily, you can access study materials on the platform via any device. What you need is an internet connection and an internet-enabled device to use the platform.

How To Access Resources On Course Hero

There are diverse ways to access materials on Course Hero for free. You can even earn free questions from tutors by performing simple tasks.

These include account creation, email address verification, mobile app use (for a newbie), referring Course Hero to others, and uploading valuable documents to the site. The more materials you upload, the more tutor questions you get.

Besides this, you can earn free unlocks by creating quizzes. When others unlock your uploaded documents, you earn as well. Another way to earn free unlock is by rating other people’s content on Course Hero.

Again, note that unlocked tutor questions expire after 30 days, but unlocked documents only expire when your subscription runs out.

Course Hero Questions: Obtaining Value For Questions Asked 

Students can submit questions on the tutor screen on Course Hero. That’s how unique the platform is. A tutor then supplies an answer to the question, after some minutes.

However, if the answer provided is unsatisfactory, students can flag it as ‘unhelpful.’ A professor will then step in to evaluate the question and answer. If the student is right, the question would be terminated with immediate effect.

Becoming A Tutor On Course Hero

If you have what it takes to become a tutor and likes Course Hero, then go for it. The process isn’t as complicated as many thinks.

Firstly, you have to fill a form and provide some personal information. Other relevant information requested includes the highest level of education you possess, work experience as a tutor, country of residence, and how you discovered Course Hero.

To qualify as a tutor, you need a minimum of a High School education in your subject area of interest. Nevertheless, your application stands a better chance of being approved if you possess a great deal of experience in the field of interest.

Due to the vast number of applications submitted to Course Hero now and then, it may take a while to get approved, though individuals with more experience get approved much faster.

Course Hero tutors enjoy flexible working hours. You get to choose how long you are willing to work. According to the platform, tutors earn based on their ratings. The higher a tutor’s rating, the higher the earning and vice versa.

Course Hero also offers numerous subjects. Some of them include Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Engineering, Foreign Languages, Science, History, and Social Studies.

How Course Hero Subscription Works

Course Hero offers numerous plans, including a free subscription plan. But the free plan gives limited access to resources on the platform.

As a user, you can enjoy access to more educational materials by unlocking other resources and becoming a paid member.

Subscribers can upgrade at any point in time to the premium subscription plan on Course Hero. Plus, when you subscribe, you get approximately 30 unlocks monthly.

You can also choose your desired payment plan. These include monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan, whichever meets your financial capacity.

Course Hero’s Premier Subscription

The higher your subscription package, the lesser the amount you pay. That’s how Course Hero Works. You can also pause or request a change of your subscription at any given time.

Furthermore, note that unused unlock for one month doesn’t roll over to the next month.

Scholarships On Course Hero

There are several scholarships offered at Course Hero. The value of these scholarships ranges from $5000 – $10,000.

One of these scholarships aims at honoring family members of military officers of the United States, who delivered exemplary and selfless services to the country. The scholarship award is the Veteran Hero Scholarship.

The Rise Up Scholarship for First-Generation College Students is an award for students who can’t access funds or get help to actualize their dream of going to college.

For applicants to get the scholarship, they have to compete by writing an essay on a chosen topic and adhering to specific instructions.

There are also other attractive monthly scholarship programs at Course Hero, which students should check out.

Course Hero’s Policy On Refund

As a student, Course Hero gives you a refund when GPA for the first semester that you became a paid member is lower than the one earned before subscribing.

You will be asked to provide copies of your transcripts for verification. However, keep in mind that tutor answers fees are non-refundable.

Also, to avoid being billed for the next subscription after requesting a refund, you need to cancel your subscription.

Course Hero Affiliates

Course Hero is popular today, thanks to its numerous affiliates. These include ShareASale, Skimlinks, Commission Junction, and VigLink. The affiliates also receive a commission from the platform from time to time.

How Legit Is Course Hero?

Course Hero has a large study community filled with scholars in various fields. It is a unique platform where people share valuable learning resources and ideas.

Cheating is highly prohibited on this platform. Whoever is caught in the act gets an outright ban. Course Hero also prohibits infringement of copyright and plagiarism.

Cheating, according to the platform, includes using the platform in a way that violates the school or instructor’s honor code and submitting another person’s materials as your own.

Benefits Of Using Course Hero

As an e-learning tool, Course Hero offers some noteworthy benefits. Firstly, it gives students access to a wide array of study resources, such as study notes, videos, and more.

The platform also ensures tutors are always available to cater to the needs of learners. When you need clarifications on a difficult subject, tutors at Course Hero can come to your rescue. You can find an expert in the field who can provide a detailed answer that will improve your understanding of the subject.

Course Hero is also an invaluable resource bank for educators. Tutors can gain access to lesson plans prepared by other tutors.

Most importantly, subscribers can easily unlock access to documents and other resources for free by doing simple tasks.

Problems Associated With Using Course Hero

Although Course Hero frowns at the illegal use of the platform, some still find a way to cheat the system.

The issue of illegal use of another person’s work or plagiarism may be challenging to detect or monitor. However, when such occurs, the original owner of the work can take up legal actions against the culprit.

Another issue of concern is when students flout the honor code by exchanging methods, class notes, answers, and solutions while working in groups on Course Hero. It may not be easily detected, as well.


So many have come up with misconceptions about what Course Hero represents. From the details provided, the platform aims at giving students the needed assistance that can make their academic journey a success. But this doesn’t take away the need to address the unethical conduct of some users on the platform.

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