Should I Sell My Car To CarMax?

Should I Sell My Car To CarMax

CarMax is a popular used-car retailer operating in the United States of America. It is one of the biggest used-car retailer in the country and impressively a Fortune 500 company.

CarMax has also been in the business for decades. It started operation in September 1993 and had its first store opened in Richmond the same year.

Should I sell my car to CarMax? 

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Yes, you can sell your car to CarMax. They are one of the top used-car retailers in the United States. CarMax also doesn’t get too many trade-ins, so you may receive more money for your used car from CarMax than selling to other dealers, including private individuals. But keep in mind that your vehicle needs to be in top shape to get a fair price. You can choose between trade-ins or cash offers for your car. These are the two options CarMax gives to sellers.

Continue reading to understand how CarMax works!

Selling Cars To CarMax: Things You Need To Know

CarMax offers same-day payment to prospective sellers. They pay you on the spot once you are ready to sell. Additionally, the company gives you seven days to weigh your options before concluding whether to sell or not.

CarMax will thoroughly inspect your car and provide detailed written appraisal afterward. The reason is to ascertain how much your vehicle is worth.

Also, there are no negative reviews about the appraisers at CarMax, so rest assured that you will get an honest appraisal. Another exciting part is that the entire process is straightforward and quick.

Core Values of CarMax

CarMax offers one of the best services in the used automobile retail business niche. One of its core values is integrity in service delivery. CarMax takes customer satisfaction seriously. The company also gives equal attention to all its clients.

CarMax ensures that all employees complete a compulsory “Culture of Integrity Training” before being absorbed into the company. In this training, employees are taught to do the right thing to give the business a good reputation.

Procedures for selling a car at CarMax

In most websites, negotiations involving car sales take far too much time. Most buyers request owners to bring their vehicles to their centers for inspection, which is time-consuming and stressful.

Furthermore, you can’t seek a buyer with pending payments on the vehicle. If that’s the case, you could end up paying more if the car is eventually sold.

However, most used-car retailers will advise you to sell such a car and move on, but CarMax won’t. Instead, they will give you useful advice and guidelines. Your only duty is to adhere to the guidelines and rethink your decision before selling the car.

One of the tips offered is to set a budget first. After that, you get to estimate your needs to choose the best vehicle to suit those needs. Another is to research to identify the perfect vehicle for you. Once you find one, then you have to do a test drive on it. Also, the history of the car needs reviewing. This helps to provide knowledge about things like odometer readings, collision and theft history, and flood damage.

Again, to purchase a car at CarMax, you need to present a valid driver’s license, proof of income, proof of residence, insurance, and others.

How To Get CarMax’s Offer For Your Vehicle

CarMax will perform a free, fast, and no-obligation appraisal on your vehicle while at their store. Then, the store’s representatives will grant you an offer that remains valid for a total of 7 days. You are expected to think things through before making your final decision. Some platforms, however, only give their customer a range or an estimated value. At CarMax, you get a real written offer.

Items Needed To Sell At CarMax

Some of the paperwork needed include the title of your vehicle, valid, state-issued photo ID, as well as the vehicle’s current, valid registration. CarMax would also like to know if there is more than a person on the vehicle title.

What if the vehicle doesn’t have a clean, detailed record? Take note, CarMax doesn’t working with only vehicles that have clean details. It could waive some minor imperfections. What the company cares about most is how you have cared for the car all these years.

CarMax can issue a bank draft instantly once you (the seller) accepts the company’s offer with paperwork issues out of the way.

Trading With CarMax Versus Private Sale

When involved with other dealerships, you may be uncertain about whether the dealer is charging you more for a new car. At CarMax, you are sure to enjoy an appraisal offer that is free of hassles. Whenever you decide to sell your vehicle, you are sure of receiving instant payment at CarMax.

There are numerous burdens and uncertainties connected with private sales. Firstly, you aren’t certain of how much you will receive for your vehicle. You may also be required to take your car for inspection, a process usually handled by the prospective buyer’s mechanic. You may also face the challenge of moving paperwork title in your current state of residence. All these are issues with private sales.

Issues Associated With Debts On Vehicles 

If the seller has a lien on the vehicle he or she wants to sell, CarMax will contact the lien holder to work on a payoff.

For the processing of the payoff, what you require is the lien holder’s name and contact information, your lien account number, and social security number.

However, if the payoff amount is higher than the amount offered for the car, CarMax has a solution to that as well. They may calculate the difference in amounts, and you, as the seller, will pay CarMax directly.

Buying Used Cars

CarMax offers convenience to people who wish to sell their cars. Claims have it that they buy used cars without regard to its condition, age, model, or mileage. They buy from you even if you do not patronize them as a buyer.

They carry out an appraisal on the car you wish to sell within half an hour and pay you instantly once you agree to sell.

How CarMax Operates

CarMax usually carries out some inspection on used cars. This includes checks on areas such as heating and A/C systems, engine and transmission, electrical components, brakes, body, and interior and other vital parts of the vehicle.

CarMax Auctions

This service is available only to registered dealers. They usually auction cars that are older than six years somewhere else. They make profits from this venture by marketing these used vehicles at the secondary used car markets. It’s a market that involves the buying of old used cars that are still in good shape.


Cars purchased at CarMax come with a limited warranty. The warranty lasts for 30 days in most states but stretches to 60 days in Connecticut.

If you wish to return your car after buying, you can do so in five days. The process is hassle-free for a buyer because CarMax already knows that “buyer’s remorse” may occur.

What Does “No Haggle Pricing” Mean?

As a buyer, you pay the exact amount stated on the car window sticker. You may eventually get a price lower than that, but you usually get to spend the indicated amount on the sticker as CarMax’s policy is straightforward.

Social Responsibilities Of CarMax

Besides delivering excellent services to customers, CarMax aims at becoming one of the best used-car retailers in the world. The company has shown its seriousness in giving back to the community by dedicating a section on its site to social responsibility, too.

CarMax works with the American Red Cross and Good360 to plan ahead of natural disasters that may affect communities. They are committed to supporting programs aimed at minimizing the effects of natural disasters.

Benefits Of Choosing CarMax

One of the advantages is down to its size. Because of that, used cars are shipped at a much cheaper rate than when you handle the shipping yourself.

CarMax focuses on retailing used cars that are between one to six years old. So, customers can get used cars that are a bit younger, in terms of the number of years spent with the owner. It is also worthy to note that CarMax offers consumers reasonable prices and a wide array of quality certified vehicles. Customer service is also top-notch.

CarMax allows customers to choose their financing plan based on their financial capacity. Customers also have the opportunity to discuss with a sales representative to make an informed decision.


CarMax is a company to reckon with in the aspect of used car sales. Presently, CarMax offers home delivery at different open locations from where their customers get to enjoy services, which ranges from buying a used car to selling off theirs. So, you shouldn’t think twice about selling your used car to CarMax. They are a reputable company.

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