Does Walmart Cash Checks?

Does Walmart Cash Checks

It’s a well-known fact that Walmart is one of the best retailers in the world. Walmart also offers a broad range of products, including other incredible financial services. Examples include check cashing, mobile checking account, and the Walmart MoneyCard.

However, many aren’t aware of some of the financial services Walmart is offering. So, the question, “does Walmart cash checks” is relevant.

So, can Walmart cash checks?

Yes, Walmart cash checks. The company cash government, tax refund, or payroll checks. Walmart has a solid business reputation and a huge customer base. They also offer quality services, which their ever-increasing customers can attest to.

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That’s the quick answer to the question. However, you need to continue reading for more information on this topic.

Walmart At A Glance

The company, Walmart, has a rich history behind it. It was established in 1962 by Samuel Moore Walton, a prominent American businessman. Walton’s main reason for introducing Walmart was to change the face of retail stores and their mode of operation.

Walton believed that in addition to offering lower prices, a thriving business must provide quality services. But his competitors thought otherwise. They thought his idea would never work out.

Walmart’s success later exceeded Samuel’s expectation. Customer-base and reputation kept on increasing year after year. Meanwhile, as the company grew, Samuel kept on pushing his associates to continue providing satisfactory customer service and shopping experience. From the very beginning, Walmart understood that a satisfied customer leads to repeat patronage.

Today, Walmart and Samuel’s legacy still lives on after his demise. Walmart has built a solid reputation in the retail business niche. They are headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, and have a chain of discount stores, grocery stores, and hypermarkets.

Walmart, a once small discount retailer, has surprisingly metamorphosed into one of the largest retailers globally. In 2019, the total weekly customer visit to Walmart was 275 million. Also, besides the retail of various products, Walmart offers several financial services to customers. They do so with the aid of their Money Center.

Using Walmart’s credit card, customers can earn rewards. It is also possible to cash checks at the company’s stores.

The Walmart Products And Services

Walmart offers a wide range of products, such as groceries, movies, music, furniture, home improvement products, toys, health and beauty, sports and fitness goods, jewelry, footwear, clothing, pet supplies, and others. Also, the quality of the products on the platform set it apart.

Additionally, Walmart offers various financial services. These include Walmart Money Card, Walmart Pay, Pickup Today, and others. They own and run Sam’s Club retail care houses, too.

Financial Transactions

Walmart’s services that involve financial transactions are handled at the Walmart Money Center. Customers who utilize the company’s financial services also benefit. It saves time both with online and mobile services.

Some of the financial transactions Walmart conducts include cash and transfer services, tax services, insurance, and others.

The Walmart Money Centre

The Walmart Money Centre is an online and in-store alternative to a bank. Bank transactions can be done at the Walmart Money Centre with ease. Customers can find credit cards, debit cards, cash services, and money transfer services at the Walmart Money Centre.

Impressively, these financial services are available across all the Walmart stores. Individuals without bank accounts can benefit from their financial services, too.

The Walmart Money centers operate between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. from Mondays through Saturdays. On Sundays, they run between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. However, service hours may differ from store to store. You can look up the service hour of any local Walmart store of interest on the company website.

Walmart Money Centers: Are They Worth It?

Most of the financial services carried out at the Walmart Money Centers are relatively cheap and convenient to use. You don’t need a bank account to access the service, although they are some limitations.

Since Walmart isn’t a bank, it rarely goes into partnership with different financial institutions like banks and money transfer companies to perform its financial service obligations to customers.

Banks usually offer full account services. They also provide their customers with free services in the form of access to branches, ATMs, and paper checks.

One major disadvantage of using Walmart’s financial services is because it’s a retail store. Thus, customers may end up purchasing on impulse during a visit for banking-related activities.

Use Of Walmart Credit Card

Walmart Credit Card users who utilize their cards have a chance of earning rewards. Customers earn unlimited rewards on Walmart’s daily low price offers.

Rewards range from 2% to 5%. It includes grocery pickup and delivery services in Walmart stores.

Walmart Money Card

Using the reloadable Visa Walmart Money Card or prepaid Master Card, customers have a massive opportunity to save money. You get to enjoy cashback and other features whenever you use the reloadable prepaid cards, such as a debit card. You can as well check your balance, pay bills, and shop online using the mobile app.


Bluebird is a financial account that comes with convenient cash management tools. It has flexible features aimed at helping users to get more from their hard-earned money.

To access the advantage of banking without paying all the necessary fees, you can open a Bluebird account. You can also use it to obtain a direct deposit, get access to the ATM, family accounts, and enjoy membership benefits.

Some of the features that Bluebird offers are online and mobile bill payments, free ATM access at MoneyPass, family accounts, membership benefits, mobile check deposits, and free direct deposit.

Also, Bluebird lets you save cash for future expenditures, such as a family vacation. It is one of the financial products you can access at the Walmart Money Centre. Registration is free. If you also wish to use the service quickly, you can get an Account Set-Up Kit at one of the local Walmart stores.

Check to cash

Customers can cash checks at any Walmart store. The service is convenient, and no registration required. You can get your cash as quickly as possible. You can as well load your money on a Walmart Money Card if you wish.

Again, note that there is a waiver of the reload fee when using this service. You can cash your payroll checks, government checks, insurance checks, and tax checks.

Tax Preparation

As tax season approaches, Walmart offers customers the opportunity to prepare and file for taxes accurately and quickly by using their in-service preparation services. To achieve this feat, Walmart is partnering with Jackson Hewitt, a professional tax preparation service provider.

At Walmart, tax professionals are on hand to attend to your tax preparation needs across their stores.

Money Orders And Bill Payments

You can pay bills with ease with Walmart’s Bill Pay service. Your money will also arrive timely. The service helps to avoid issues of late fee payments and disruptions in service.

When you pay with cash, a debit card, or a Walmart card, a notification of payment gets to the customer in ten minutes or less.

Money transfers

Walmart’s service to customers includes the transfer of funds wherever it is needed. The service is easy and affordable when sending funds to the United States or other countries. In Walmart stores, you initiate online funds transfer conveniently from your home or office.

Walmart also has a money transfer agreement with Moneygram, a platform that can transfer funds to over 200 countries.

Customers get to choose whether to use the 4-hour or the 10-minute domestic transfer option. However, money transfer across the country is subject to compliance with regulatory requirements and the operating hours of the agent used.

On the other hand, Walmart offers customers personalized and business check printing services with a secure reordering process at affordable prices.

Reloading your card

You can access the reload your card service at Walmart Money Centre Express, at the front of Walmart stores. They are near the customer service department.

The Walmart Money Centre Express allows customers to add funds to their card. You can also check card balance, purchase money orders, and phone cards. The fees charged depend on the category of Money Card and the transaction type involved.

Pre-printed Check Cashing

The fees payable on cashing your check at any local Walmart store is quite affordable but based on the amount stated on the check.

Payment of funds

You can receive your money in cash or have it loaded on a Walmart Money Card. Reload fee is waived on the card if loaded through check cashing. However, to avoid the issuance fee, you can request a Money Card online.

Check printing at Walmart

Most customers prefer to use credit cards, online bill payments, and debit cards to offset their bills. However, printed checks are a wise choice for obvious reasons. It helps customers to track their expenses easily without having to monitor their bank statements online.

Not only customers but also businesses need the use of checks. Walmart offers this service. They also make customized checks for their customers.

Cashing a check at Walmart

To cash your check at Walmart, ensure it satisfies the requirements. You should also have in mind that personal or handwritten checks are not accepted. Checks must be duly endorsed, as well.

If you can meet the various requirements, locate the nearest Walmart store, and get your funds. But keep in mind that you need to pay a stipulated amount known as the cashing fee. Note that this could be without having a checking or savings account at any bank.


Walmart offers several products and services to its customers. These include physical commodities and financial services. One of the services is the cashing of checks. At Walmart, you can cash checks quickly without any bank account, provided you meet the company’s requirements. Otherwise, you may be denied this service.

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