8 Better Online Alternatives To Craigslist Maine

8 Better Online Alternatives To Craigslist Maine

If you enjoy buying or selling used items, whatever the category the product may be, you probably might have visited, made sales, or purchases on Craigslist. Craigslist was the go-to platform for sellers and buyers of used items for decades. But now, things have changed.

The e-commerce line of business is dynamic and has become highly competitive of late. If you are not creative, others might overtake you in this industry. Unfortunately, for platforms like Craigslist, doing it the old way hasn’t helped. Currently, the platform is a shadow of its former self.

So, if you are looking to buy or sell used items, here are 8 better online alternatives to Craiglist you should try out.

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1. Facebook Marketplace

This Craigslist alternative belongs to Facebook. So, you need to log into your Facebook account to have your products listed on the platform or interact with interested sellers. Making it compulsory for Facebook users to log in to their Facebook account before accessing the platform also helps with security.

Facebook Marketplace is a popular platform, but it’s not available in some countries. So, if you have an interest in selling or buying on this platform, you can check if it’s available in your region. If it’s not, then don’t worry; there are other alternatives to Craigslist that you can try out.

Buying items on Facebook Marketplace is super easy. However, if you are a seller, keep in mind that whatever product you post on the platform needs to be approved before it can go live for interested buyers to see. If it’s something that isn’t legal in your place of residence, rest assured that it won’t pass the approval process.

Also, to buy items on Facebook Marketplace, all you need do is login into your Facebook account and click on the Marketplace located at the top left-hand corner. After that, you can search for items and click on the one you like to purchase.

As a buyer, you can contact sellers with ease. There are two ways you can do so. One is to send a custom message to the seller of the item you have interest in, while the other is to click the “Send” icon. The message the seller would receive is, “Is this available?”

Additionally, buyers can rate sellers on this platform. But then, the rating feature is only available for the Facebook app that runs on Android and iOS devices, not Facebook Lite or Facebook.com.

However, the major issue with the rating is that they will all appear as anonymous. Therefore, you cannot identify who left a review. Facebook Marketplace users also have the privilege to make their ratings private or public. But the fact that you cannot figure out who gave these ratings isn’t a wise move.

2. Geebo

Another Craigslist alternative is Geebo. It’s a classified Ads platform that gives sellers the privilege to post and sell new and used items for free. In other words, you don’t need to pay a dime to have your products listed here.

So, Geebo is much like Craigslist but a better option because every item posted on the platform undergoes a thorough check by a human, not a robot before it can come live for everyone to see. So, there is a high tendency that you will not find single contraband or illegal products here.

Geebo has made giant strides in creating a socially responsible and secure platform. With a little over ten employees working in this classified ads platform, they still ensure that every product is checked before allowing it to go live on the website.

You can list homes, personal care products, jobs, cars, and any item you have for sale on Geebo. However, keep in mind that the platform is only available in the United States of America, and has been so since inception in the year 2000.

The platform has also spread to over 160 communities across the United States of America, with other areas in view. Also, for job listings, Geebo charges a fee. You can post other items for free, but job postings aren’t free. To post a single job, one has to pay $75, and the more the post, the higher the pay.

Again, this platform doesn’t interfere with transactions involving buyers and sellers. Item delivery and payment are up to the buyer and seller to decide. But then, it is advisable to meet in a neutral and secure place for safety reasons.

3. Swappa 

Swappa is home to several electronic gadgets. So, if you are looking to buy or sell your used electronics, this is one the Craigslist alternative you should visit. The platform started operation in 2010 and headquartered in Kansas City, United States of America.

It’s been over a decade now, as of the time of writing, and Swappa is still waxing stronger. For such a platform to be in the business for this long only means one thing; they are doing everything right.

So, if you have used mobile phones, cameras, video games, laptops, tablets, and other electrical gadgets you wish to sell, have them listed on Swappa right away. You can also sell or buy any brand of used phones and electronics of interest on this platform.

Technology-wise, Swappa is miles ahead of Craigslist, making it a much better online classified Ad than the platform. One of their latest inventions is a standalone pricing app, designed to let interested sellers know the worth of their devices before putting them up for sale.

All one needs to do is download and install the Swappa pricing app. The app is free and runs seamlessly on iOS and Android devices. The app is also intuitive and convenient. What it does is to pull pricing data from the Swappa system to help users figure out the trending worth of their devices.

Furthermore, Swappa is free for sellers to use, but not for buyers. Buyers are requested to pay a token whenever they buy gadgets via the platform. Nevertheless, if a buyer isn’t happy with a purchase, the fee paid to Swappa will be returned to the buyer.

The administrators of this platform ensure that all listings are reviewed and approved by a human. And this helps to eliminate junk devices and sellers with bad intentions.

4. Hoobly

If you have been using Craigslist for a long time, then you will notice the features that make Hoobly a wise choice for buyers and sellers. Without a single doubt, Hoobly is one of the most similar classifieds platforms to Craigslist both in feel and look.

One feature that makes Hoobly a more secure and better Craigslist alternative is the verification process, which buyers and sellers are meant to go through. This verification process is essential for everyone and is required before one can post items or buy from the platform.

Users have to register an account on Hoobly with an email address. In other words, users have to provide only their email address, which is where they can receive their passwords once the Hoobly administrators create their new accounts.

The aim of providing help is to make the registration process easy for interested users and spot scammers before they find a chance to strike. That’s why they take over the duty of account creation. Thus, login passwords for new users are sent to their email addresses.

Further, Hoobly is more straightforward compared to Craigslist. It does have a wide range of products listed across diverse categories, but it’s super easy to navigate, and you can find whatever item you are looking for in no time.

For pet lovers looking to buy or sell a pet, Hoobly is one of the places to visit. The biggest amount or number of listings on Hoobly is in this category. In short, you won’t be charged for calling it a pet classified ads platform.

5. LetGo

LetGo is a new platform and a reliable Craigslist alternative that brings the appeal and ease of garage shopping to the digital world. If you are conversant with Craigslist, you will understand that one of its endearing features is promoting local shopping.

The same goes for LetGo. It’s so easy to find items that are closer to you or in your location on this platform. In short, it utilizes users’ primary locations to display listed products, so that those interested can find whatever they are looking for with ease.

This platform is designed to make life easy for secondhand buyers and sellers. It also has a wide array of items across different categories. These include movies, jobs, services, cars, electronics, housing, baby and child, including free stuff and many more.

However, in addition to making everything easy, including the posting of pictures of secondhand items for sale, LetGo shows great interest in the security of the buyers and sellers in a unique way. For instance, user verification is compulsory for buyers and sellers.

So, when dealing with verified users on this platform, have in mind that the individual in question provided his or her real information such as contact address and real name. And this makes it easier to track buyers and sellers with bad intentions.

6. AdPost 

AdPost is a free classified, and one of the top Craigslist alternatives on this list. You can advertise your products for free on this platform. But keep in mind that you have to register before listing your product or making a purchase.

Anyway, the registration process offers an opportunity to rid the system of scammers, so there’s no need for users to complain about it. The registration process on AdPost is also super easy and fast.

You will have to provide a series of information. And keep in mind that the fields marked with red asterisks are compulsory. Again, being free to post and buy things is not the only feature that makes AdPost a wise choice for online shoppers.

Upon visiting this platform, you will figure out that it is undoubtedly a Craigslist alternative. But then, one thing that separates AdPost from Craigslist is that AdPost does have a better global reach.

So, if you want your ads to get to a broader audience in no time to speed up sales, AdPost is a wise choice. You will also find it much easier to build and sustain international networks here too.

For the records, the platform boast of receiving a whopping 30,000,000 page views every single month.

7. AdsGlobe

Here comes another incredible online classifieds website called AdsGlobe. As the name implies, AdsGlobe is a global classifieds platform, serving over a million locations worldwide.

Upon visiting this platform, you will discover that the interface is much more colorful and attractive than Craigslist and a host of other alternatives. What’s more, it is super easy to search for items on AdsGlobe.

This platform is also best described as a wise choice for individuals working with a low budget. If you are looking to get quality items without breaking the bank, then you have a good reason to visit this classifieds website.

On AdsGlobe, sellers have the opportunity to post as many items as possible with ease and for free. If you also have events or a business service, you can advertise them on the platform.

Another feature that sets this platform apart is the ability to detect visitors’ locations, and display offers on the site for their countries, including popular cities.

Craiglist, on the other hand, will only give you the option to choose your location manually, and given the long list of countries it has, it might be a bit tasking, compared to AdsGlobe.

8. Offerup

If you are seeking a convenient and straightforward way to sell or buy things locally, Offerup is a wise destination. The platform is more secured for users, particularly sellers, compared to Craigslist.

Now here is why; as a seller, it is not compulsory to have your email, name, or personal phone number publicly disclosed on your ads. Business transactions on the platform are also anonymously conducted via the app’s messenger, and it is super fast and convenient.

On Offerup, buyers can contact sellers by sending a direct message to them via the app, unlike the email workarounds that Craigslist supports. Offerup is also growing in popularity now and then, and it’s only a matter of time before it overtakes the likes of Craigslist in that regard. It has recorded over 23 million downloads and counting, a development that shows the platform has a bright future.

On Offerup, there is an opportunity for interested visitors and sellers to have listings broadcasted on Facebook. And thanks to the rating system, buyers and sellers stand a better chance of detecting and avoiding scammers.

The rating system is such that buyers can rate sellers and vice versa. Another thing that makes Offerup stand out from the crowd is the fact that buyers have the privilege to either accept prices listed by sellers or create an entirely new offer, which the seller can either accept or reject.


Craigslist is one of the most popular classifieds websites on the planet; there is no doubt about that. But, if for any reason, you are not content with the platform, there are tons of other sites like Craigslist out there that will rekindle your passion for buying old and new stuff online. However, each of the platforms listed here has unique features. So, take your time to go through them and see which is ideal for you.

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