Consent Management 101

Consent Management 101

So you’ve decided you want to keep your data safe and have installed a data protection service yourself. Congratulations! Now, you’re wondering what type of service you’ve got. There are a few different solutions, but if you want to be sure yours is top-of-the-range, there’s one word for you: Consent Management Platforms (CMPs).

Using these consent management tools on your data protection service is the next step towards a safer, more secure future.

What Is A Consent Management Platform?

A consent management platform (CMP), is software that businesses and publishers employ on their websites and apps to provide privacy notifications and disclosures, as well as request and store visitors’ privacy preferences. It also provides a portal or “preference center” where users can edit existing privacy and consent choices.

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Usually, a CMP is an all-inclusive service that deals with your user’s data in the best way possible, guaranteeing they are aware of what you’re doing with their information and consented to it.

Almost all data protection services include some sort of consent management function.

What Do They Do?

Consent management platforms (CMPs) can support organizations in complying with data protection regulations while providing an improved user experience.

Some organizations, such as social networks and online publishers, may find it challenging to get proper consent from users to collect and use their personal information for various purposes described in the company’s privacy policy.

Conversely, while some organizations have taken care to get consent for their data practices, they may struggle with how to manage that consent when their company acquires new lines of business or changes its business practices.

Consent management platforms (CMPs) can help companies in these scenarios by providing an infrastructure for managing the user’s consent and applying it across the different projects and data uses of the organization.

Why Should You Have One?

A consent management platform makes it simple for a firm to comply with local laws and rules that apply to their consumers and prospects in many countries. Businesses must first get user consent before collecting data via cookies or other technologies, as required by GDPR.

CMPs also make it easy to track and manage the consent already granted across company departments or partners. This is especially important for businesses that regularly launch new products, acquire other companies, or work with external data suppliers who require user consent.

Consent management systems assist in building trust and transparency between company and customer by giving the customer control over what data they choose to provide with the company.

They’re User Friendly

Consent management platforms are designed to be user-friendly. A few of the most popular CMPs available today include SharpSpring, ExactTarget, and PermissionX. While each CMP differs in its features, they all have one thing in common: easy integration with CRMs. Services like Ketch provide an easy-to-use Consent Management Platform that is fully customizable.

Many businesses also choose to utilize a self-hosted CMP. Some CMPs are available as either a self-hosted or SaaS platform, while others require one or the other for different modules.

Why It’s Important

The most important part of using a consent management platform is to ensure that the information you provide to a company is just the necessary amount and that it is aware of what you would like to share. By utilizing a CMP, companies can provide their customers with control over the information that they desire.

Most consent management platforms also include options to schedule communications through email or SMS as well as manage opt-outs via web forms and other methods.

This way you do not have to worry about a company having any unnecessary information. If you would like to alter the information you provide to a company, you would change the information in your consent management platform and the changes will reflect across all of those companies.


In conclusion, utilizing a CMP is an important step for those looking to have more control over their personal data. They can also provide a valuable method for companies to communicate with their customers as well as manage opt-outs.

Once subscribed to a reliable data protection service and have toggled with the CMP, you will be able to rest assured that your data is safe and you can enjoy using the platform without any issues.