The Hottest Outerwear Styles For Summer 2022

Is there anything better than summer? No, there’s not. We know that’s rhetorical, and the other seasons have their moments, but summertime is our favorite, and we won’t be taking any further questions at this time. Thank you. 

All kidding aside, we really do love summer for a multitude of reasons. 

The Weather 

Sunshine for days and that cool summer breeze in the evening; name a better combination. I’ll wait. 

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The Food

Please give me all of the barbeque and fruit platters; thanks!

The Events

Dinner and drinks outside by the lake followed by a concert in the park? Yes, please!

The People

It’s all about family reunions, catching up with friends, vacationing with your boo, or making new connections.

The Style

This element solidifies summer’s favorite-season status. Flowy florals, bright party dresses, vintage shorts, Kimono robes, strappy sandals, the list of gorgeous style possibilities is endless.

So clearly, we could write a book about our love affair with summertime (working title, Summer’s Warm Embrace: A Memory’s Balm for Winter); today’s discussion focuses on a trend where fashion meets function, finding the hottest looks for outwear in this summer of 2022. And I don’t know about you, but we’re definitely feeling these styles of ‘22.

Bright And Breezy

The days and nights of June, July, August, and into September are typically packed with events, which means there’s a lot of transitioning from daytime activities to evening ones, with no time to run home and change in between. Finding a Kimono (preferably a bright color) elevates any look. If your day consists of lunch at the beach, followed by a trip to a museum and dinner by the pier, here’s how you can style it.

Wear your favorite neutral-toned bathing suit underneath capris and a flowy tank top, french tucked into the front of your waistline, and throw your Kimono on over it all. When you arrive at the beach if you’re not comfortable walking around in just your swimsuit, use the Kimono as a cover-up. Pro-tip: If you don’t plan on drying off completely before moving to your next destination, be sure to pack a bra and underwear in your purse.

Why we think it’s hot: Your capris, flowy tank, and Kimono outfit will work to transition from the indoor museum to dinner and drinks outside, with the Kimono keeping you warm without overheating. The bright summer color adds a fun pop to a more neutral outfit. 

Patching Up That Denim 

If you grew up in the 80s, 90s, or early 00s, odds are you sported a jean jacket in the summer, and most likely upgraded it as you became a teen and then well into your adulthood. Denim jackets have been a go-to summer staple for decades, with their durable yet lightweight material. But plain jean jackets can look too generic, which is why we’re loving the patchwork denim jackets that have been popping up at trendy stores lately. If you’re attending any festival this year, we think this look definitely deserves to be added to your wardrobe lineup. 

Why we think it’s hot: Adding patchwork to the classic denim jacket gives uniquely vintage vibes, and as style trends are increasingly turning more 90s and 00s themed, this look is making us say “Whazzz upppp!”

Flowy Floral Dress, But Make It Outerwear

You might be asking yourself how a dress would be considered outerwear, but let us explain. Technically, this type of style falls under two categories: dress and Kimono. Unlike the first style trend we listed, this flowy floral has buttons down the front, allowing you to connect the pieces, showing as much skin or the underlayer of clothing as you’d like. If you’re wearing a cute bralette, this would be the type of dress you could pair it with. And it can just as easily be left open and thrown over leggings and a tank top, transitioning from the yoga mat to brunch in a minute. 

Why we think it’s hot: The versatility of this piece can’t be matched. With so many different colors and full buttons down the front, you’re not limited to what you wear underneath it for use as outerwear. Conversely, if you don’t want to bother with adding more to the outfit, you can button up the front and wear it as a dress.

The Hottest Outerwear Styles For Summer 2022 Are Kimonos And Patchwork Denim Jackets.

Kimonos earn our number #1 hottest style as variations of the look made up two-thirds of our hottest summer outwear styles, but the patchwork denim jacket was a close second. We recommend adding at least one kimono (cover-up, robe, or dress) and a patchwork denim jacket to your closet. Each has the potential to elevate any look with the addition of the right accessories.