How To Respec In Grim Dawn

How To Respec In Grim Dawn.

Grim Dawn is a game that you can in many different ways. Some players enjoy the challenging difficulty, while others prefer to play it in a more manageable setting. If you are interested in changing your difficulty settings, you will need to respec your character before doing so. 

In this article, we’ll show you step-by-step instructions on how it’s possible for anyone who wants it, regardless of whether they’re playing solo or multiplayer, new or returning, PC or console. Follow these simple steps to learn how.

What Is Respecing In Video Games?

Respecing is a term that refers to resetting your character’s skills and stats back to the original state. This allows players to try out different playstyles without having to create new characters. It is possible with a simple console command to change up what you want for your build or if you just want a fresh start with new abilities.

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You may also find yourself in need of a way to fix an error where your character has been stuck with one ability from their skill tree selected when they should have been able to choose from all eight skills.

How Do I Respec My Character In Grim Dawn?

If you’re looking for how to respec your character, then follow these simple steps:

Step One: To begin with respecing in Grim Dawn, you first need to open up your main menu and go into the “settings” option.

Step Two: Select the “Gameplay” options which will bring you to a new screen where you can find several different tabs for changing specific aspects of your gameplay.

Step Three: If you want to reset your skills but keep the points you have already spent so far on abilities and passives, you’ll need to select “Resetting Skills Points” from this menu. This will give a warning pop-up letting you know what’s going to happen before it resets your character back to its original state.

Step Four: If you want, click on the “Reset Skills Points” option and select either of them depending on what you want to do with points that have already been spent or if you just want a fresh start instead.

Step Five: After selecting an option from the “Reset Character Custom Skilltree” section, a warning pop-up will appear with two options, so choose one of them.

Step Six: If you’re happy with your character’s current skills and stats, but want to try out new ones instead of resetting them back to the original build, then “Refunding Skills Points” is what you’ll need. This will give a warning pop-up letting you know what’s going to happen before it refunds your points.

Step Seven: If you’re a returning player and have already used up your skill refund points, or if you want to start fresh for some other reason, then the first option below that is “Reset Character Custom Skilltree.” This will give another warning pop-up, letting you know what’s going to happen before it resets your character back to its original state.

Points And Attributes

Character Attributes

You can respec these with a Tonic of Reshaping. One of them is given to you as a prize for completing the expansion’s first side mission. You can also get it as an epic drop from Nemesis bosses if you’re lucky.

Devotion Points

A Spirit Guide can help you reset your Devotion Points. Alternatively, you can farm the Tonic of Clarity from Nemesis bosses as a fantastic drop.

Skill Points

With a Spirit Guide, you can reset both skill and mastery points. After every 20 points you reset, the cost increases.

Why Respec A Character?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to respec your character in Grim Dawn but below are just a few examples:

– You may have made an error while initially creating your build and now wish to correct it.

– Maybe you’re not happy with the skills you chose for some other reason or want to try out something new.

– Maybe you just want a fresh start due to the difficulty of some boss fights and feel that it’s necessary to survive.

Understanding Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is an action role-playing game with a focus on deep character building. It’s also very challenging, has exciting gameplay mechanics, and offers one of the longest ARPGs ever made when it comes to how many things you can do, along with all the content included in its first expansion pack – Ashes Of Malmouth.

In video games, “action role-playing” refers to a genre that combines elements from RPGs and Action Games. In this type of RPG, you get multiple quests that require specific actions to be completed. This usually means killing particular creatures or collecting a necessary item from somewhere else in the world, whether it’s an enemy base or just your local town market.

What are some of Grim Dawn’s main features?

Grim Dawn offers an in-depth character-building system with a large selection of items, weapons, and armor. There is also its unique skill tree that allows for tons upon tons of customization and the ability to switch roles at any given time, so you can have lots of different builds for the same character if you so wish.

What are some of Grim Dawn’s gameplay mechanics?

Grim Dawn has a classless system which means that when creating your hero, there is no need for choosing between different classes or specializations to create something unique and specific. You can go with anything you want instead of changing your character’s skills and skill points at any given time.

What about character building?

Character building is one of Grim Dawn’s main features because you get to create and develop your hero by choosing which skills he/she will have at any given time. This allows for many different builds that can be used against specific enemies or even to simply explore the world around you. It’s also possible to change your skills while out on an adventure, allowing for exciting combos and strategies, along with being able to switch roles when necessary.

What are some of the best attributes of Grim Dawn?

One of its main features is its challenging gameplay, something you have to get used to while playing it. However, this also means that there are tons upon tons of items and weapons for you to find with a variety of different effects so your hero can be more assertive in every way possible. Another one of Grim Dawn’s best features is its big world filled with tons and tons of locations to explore, whether they’re relevant or not.

How long does it take to beat the game?

The amount of time you spend playing through all the content in Grim Dawn will depend on how much you like exploring and completing quests that can take anywhere between 20 and 70 hours. This also means that there are over 100 different types of items for you to find, many other characters build which can be used against certain enemies or even just exploring the game world itself.

What platforms does Grim Dawn support?

Grim Dawn is only available on PC, but it’s also possible to play it on PlayStation via an emulator.

Does Grim Dawn have any platform restrictions/limitations?

Grim Dawn is only available on a PC, which means that you need to own a computer to play it. It’s also possible to buy the game through Steam or GOG if necessary.

Can Grim Dawn be played offline?

You can’t play Grim Dawn without being connected online because it requires an internet connection, especially when it comes to the online mode where you can find other players and play with them.

What are the system requirements for Grim Dawn?

The minimum system requirements are as follows: -Windows Vista/Seven/Eight -Intel Pentium Dual Core @ 2000 MHz or higher / AMD Athlon XP @2000 Mhz or better. -NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 with 512MB RAM or equivalent. NVIDIA GTS 450, AMD Radeon HD 5750 with 1024MB RAM or better.

Saving and pausing Grim Dawn

It’s possible to save your progress at any given time thanks to its quicksave feature, which also allows you to choose when the game is saved. This means that you can either use it if something happens unexpectedly, like a sudden disconnection from the internet, or if you just don’t want to lose your progress while playing.


Grim Dawn is one of the most exciting action role-playing games available for PC because it allows you to create your hero from scratch. You can then develop him/her as much as possible with great character-building mechanics, a large world filled with tons upon tons of content, along with challenging quests to complete. 

With its challenging gameplay, there are also many items and weapons for you to find so your hero can be more powerful in every way possible. Overall, Grim Dawn is one fantastic action RPG that’s worth looking into if you’re a fan of the genre or just want to try something new.

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