What Weight Darts Do The Pros Use? Understanding The Game

What Weight Darts Do The Pros Us

The game of dart is quite popular today; some play it at a professional level while others for recreation. The game has several levels of equipment that you can buy. 

The darts come in different shapes, sizes and weights. However, weight is the most critical factor to consider because it affects performance. 

The professional dart players are usually brilliant at the game. However, the dart needs to be great for them to perform perfectly. Professionals usually have partnerships with dart manufactures; they make them unique darts that suit their preferences. 

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The players’ darts are usually different in grips, flights to the point, and weight. The article will give you all the information you need to know about dart weights. So, here is the answer to the common question. 

What Weight Darts Do The Pros Use?

The dart weights usually start from 12 grams up to 50 grams. However, professional dart players use darts with weights of around 30 grams. With this weight, you will get straight flying, good balance, and minor arm strain. 

Additional Information 

If the dart game is a recreational activity for you, you don’t need darts that weigh more than 30 grams. Heavy darts are not easy to use; they need a lot of practice. 

If you use a heavy dart too soon, you will experience arm fatigue. The pros have been playing for quite a long and have done great conditioning. 

Therefore they can handle darts that weigh between thirty and fifty grams. Before selecting the right dart, you need to try several weights and styles. 

How To Select The Right Dart 

There are several factors that you need to consider when buying a dart. Here are a few factors that you need to consider. 


The price is always a critical factor when it comes to purchasing any item. However, the amount of money you spend will not necessarily guarantee a better dart or playing time. 

Overall, high-end darts usually have excellent quality materials and features. The more expensive darts can offer you thinner and more durable darts; this can turn out to be a worthy investment. 

However, there are some expensive darts, which charge only for aesthetics and nothing else. When you buy cheap darts, you will notice that most are not uniform, affecting your precision. 

Opting for cheaper sets will allow you to buy several darts, which is excellent. It’s good to have at least two sets of the dart; by trying them, you will undoubtedly find the one that suits you well. 

Overall, as a player, it’s your skills that matter the most, not the price of the dart. Most professional dart players usually prefer using cheap darts. Take your time and think about the cost before making the decision. 

Soft Tip or Steel Tip 

The dart tip is an essential factor to look at; there is the soft and steel tip. When selecting the tip, you need to be sure about where you’ll be playing dart from; it can be at home, a pub, or a league. The type of dart you buy should be suitable for the board.


The dart material is essential because it affects other variables like size, weight, feel, and sturdiness. The most common materials that manufacturers use to make darts are tungsten, nickel, and brass. 

Most dart professionals prefer dart barrels because the metal has unique physical characteristics. The nick barrels are the most expensive but very durable. 

The brass type is the cheapest and not durable. The tungsten metal is very dense, and with it, manufacturers make barrels that allow tighter groupings. Therefore many professionals prefer tungsten darts because they have good weight and feel. 


Weight affects performance, and thus you have to be keen about it. It would be best if you chose the weight that matches your dart throwing style. 

The heavier darts fly straighter through the air. Professional players usually use heavier darts since they offer great precision. 

The light darts fly in a parabolic trajectory, making them the perfect choice for beginners who do not need much accuracy. The best way to decide the ideal dart weight is by using various weights in different games until you find one that you are comfortable using. 

The dart weights that most professional dart players prefer are between 16 to 30 grams.  However, the modern rules allow the use of darts that are up to 50 grams. 

If you are a beginner, begin practicing using darts that weigh around 20 grams. You can gradually move up to more weights or down to fewer weights. If your throwing style is too high, then use the darts with heavier weights and vice versa. 


Consider the dart grip before confirming the purchase; some dart barrels have knurls while others are smooth. The texture of the barrel influences the dart’s grip. 

Today manufacturers are making darts with bumps, ridges, cuts, and grooves, making it easy to hold the dart and reduce slippage. A dart with heavier knurling has a more secure grip because of the rough surface. 

On the downside, heavy knurling can make the dart stick to your fingers, and this will throw you off the game completely. 

Shape and Length 

Like weight, the shape and length of the barrel are also a personal choice. The darts usually come in different shapes and lengths, such as the long slim cylinder type. 

Choose a dart depending on how big your hand is and how you hold the dart. If you use more fingers to hold the dart grip, you’ll need a longer barrel. 

The shorter barrels limit your grip options. The dart’s shape affects the dart’s weight distribution, which determines how the dart flies. 

The pro players usually use the slimmer barrels because it’s easier to squeeze several of them in a tight space. 

The groupings tend to become tighter with time, and thus you should consider the length and shape. But if you are not yet a professional, you should go for a dart that feels right. 


Others refer to the shaft as the stem; it connects the flight and the barrel. The shaft is critical because it offers stability to the dart as it flies in the air. 

Long shafts cause unstable dart flight. On the positive side, long shafts reduce the chances of bounce-outs and the risk of crowding the dartboard. With shorter shafts, you will have a stable throw, but it will increase the risk of bounces. 

The manufacturers usually make darts of different lengths. Changing the shafts is easy; therefore, you can put a type that fits you well. The standard shaft materials are aluminum, plastic, and other metal alloys like tungsten. 

The shaft material has less impact on the flight but affects how the dart behaves after the impact. The durability of your dart will depend on the shaft material. 

For example, most shafts are from nylon or plastic, which are fragile and prone to breaks. The metal shafts, as usual, are durable and offer more resistance. 

The Flight 

The dart flight can be either slow flights or fast flights. The fast flights are usually longer and smaller than the slow flight darts. 

It means they have a lower total surface area, which adds to the aerodynamic force that cuts through the air efficiently. The fast flight darts are ideal for players that love speedier pitching because it provides stability and precision. 

The Darts You Can Invest In 

The Centaur Steel Tip Darts: 6 Pack – 22 Grams 

The Centaur shaft offers perfect stability and is excellent for both professionals and beginners. You will find all the instructions on how to use and care for the darts in the box. 

The dart weighs 22 grams, and this makes a good choice for all players. It comes in two colors which are red and black. The primary material is aluminum and also has a beautiful carrying case. 

CC – Exquisite Professional Darts Set (Customizable Configuration)

It’s the perfect dart for anyone who wishes to begin their professional career in the game of darts. It has machine brass barrels which come in two weights.

 It also has several flights and shafts that you can customize to improve your experience. The set has twelve rubber rings, twelve aluminum shafts, six barrels, high-performance flights with a dimple. Plus, two tools that allow you to keep the darts in perfect conditions. 

Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts 

The dart has a perfect weight and design that allow it to fly well. It’s the best dart that will help on your journey to a pro career. 

The dart has great grip points, which are comfortable and allow you to have a natural hand placement. It has rubber rings that hold things together; thus, you won’t have to retighten the dart often. The dart also has a beautiful case, and you can travel with it to all places without worries. 


Both professional and amateur dart players need great darts to perform well. To select the right dart, you need to consider various factors like grip, length, size, etc. 

The most important thing that most dart players look at is the weight. The professional players usually practice with a particular weight for a long time until they are good with it.

On the other hand, amateur players use heavy darts since they have easier grip and are usually accurate. The pros love the small and lighter darts since they take up little space on the board.

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