What Is WooCommerce Template And How To Choose

What Is WooCommerce Template And How To Choose

It’s important for every business owner that his store works smoothly, conveniently, and shows maximum efficiency. WooCommerce template is one of the popular products, as it reduces the cost of working with website design, its adaptive version. Examples of such products are found on various marketplaces. For example, most of the known is TemplateMonster.

To understand the product essence, let’s look at the main terms, development goals, and how to work with similar templates.

Basic Concepts On The Topic

WordPress has many features. This is an old CMS, where the most interesting processes occur during the site’s creation. This place is where you manage the content. We may say this is a kind of admin panel. There are fans among the users and for a good reason. WordPress has a bunch of additional improvements with which you can create a truly unique store. The system uses PHP and MySQL and is supported by almost all hosting providers, making it even more convenient to use.

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WooCommerce is a plugin dedicated to online stores built on WordPress. There are many factors in favor of his choice:

  • Ready-made modules for advanced features and full functionality.
  • Availability of countless themes to improve the design (paid and free).
  • Minimum money to start a new online store (ideal for a start-up business).
  • Installation is free.
  • Easy to use. That is why small-medium companies love them. It isn’t always possible to afford to hire programmers.

Although, as we said earlier, there are free options for improving the design, the reader is well aware that nothing completely powerful and free doesn’t exist. Therefore, with the advent of the plugin, the WooCommerce template entered the market, new ones appeared every few months.

What WooCommerce Template Gives

In simple words, a WooCommerce template is a kind of website appearance. This point includes the page structure, its layout, design elements, widgets, adaptive version for mobile devices, and much more. It’s not just designed. Many additional bonuses for buyers are included in the development.

The most popular among users were the following:

  • Flexible layouts. They allow you to edit pages and turn them into unique, interesting, cool ones. More advanced users and people with experience are interested in this feature. It’s much faster to use ready-made layouts, which paid products usually have to choose from.
  • SEO-friendly. No online store can live without advertising in search engines. This is the fastest way to attract targeted visitors, new customers, new orders. SEO-friendly includes an integrated approach – a logical pages composition, simple code, quick page loading. The option doesn’t completely solve the issue of promotion to the TOP. Rather, it works as a powerful impetus for obtaining results based on the work already done.
  • Multilingual and currency selection. This step is especially true for merchants planning to expand their business globally, making delivery all over the globe. All options programmers included. The buyers of the WooCommerce templates need to think about delivery options and tell visitors about options.
  • Extra cool components, widgets, fonts. Developers compete and ensure their product gives unlimited opportunities to build an ideal brand, a unique image.

Of course, you can download free analogs, but you shouldn’t hope the design will be as cool, modern, multifunctional as we see in the proposal like on TemplateMonster.

How To Choose The Best Option

There are two categories of clients on sites like TemplateMonster: customers knowing what they want, people who are faced with a choice for the first time.

In both cases, there are several indicators to consider:

  • The product speed. This won’t be a problem most of the time because each marketplace chooses the most successful developments. Thus, it builds a base of loyal, happy, positive customers.
  • Functionality. We talked about important and necessary options above. It’s best to write out those items you want to be in the online shop separately. Choose only the essential ones, without which the work won’t be complete. If you don’t need an online consultant, don’t put functions on the list. If necessary, you may install an online chat later additionally.
  • The page’s appearance. View and test it better in Demo (special preview page). Often you’ll see not just a standard design for a computer but also mobile versions. By the way, about them below.
  • Availability of responsive design for smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC users. There is a fact about the sales growth from mobile devices. No store director should ignore this fact. It’s not just product pages that need to look good. Order form, shopping cart, online chat – everything should work correctly and without failures. The function has already been implemented in paid versions of themes for the site. Customers don’t need to configure anything additionally.
  • The presence of support or instructions for settings.
  • Firm developer. It’s important how long it has been working, how much experience it has and how many products it has released. There are also newbies with very interesting offers. In order not to be mistaken, read customer reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions About WooCommerce Template

What is a WooCommerce template?

This is a universal, modern, newest product for improving website design, adding convenience, and expanding the functionality of an online store.

How is the paid WooCommerce template different from the free one?

Purchased products have a more modern appearance. Developers use the latest techniques and visual effects in design. They constantly update the products, so there won’t be interruptions.

How much does a good WooCommerce template cost?

The price depends on the developer and the features included in the product. However, this isn’t a high cost, and even a start-up can afford it. The budget will be less than ordering a similar service directly from a programmer and web designer.

Which developer to choose for the WooCommerce template?

Pay attention to a few factors – the appearance and novelty, the company experience, and reviews of his products.