Top 5 Best Proposal Spots In Maine

Top 5 Best Proposal Spots in Maine

So, you’re thinking of popping the question. You’ve visited all the jewelers in Maine and finally decided on the ring. Now all you need to do is ask, right?

Some couples may be fine with a humble proposal in their favorite restaurant or a spot with sentimental value, but for those looking to add more pizzazz to the big moment, there are countless gorgeous spots in Maine perfect for popping the big question.

1. Cadillac Mountain

If you and your partner love hiking, what better spot to get engaged than at the highest point in the North Atlantic seaboard? The summit provides spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and is a great spot for watching the sunrise or sunset. The trail up the mountain is approximately four miles and could take two to four hours. To give your partner a treat, have a few friends prepare a picnic for you two so you have a comfortable place to rest after that long hike, and the perfect spot to propose.

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2. Boothbay Harbor’s Waterfront

The restaurants in this town serve the freshest seafood and offer a great seaside dining experience. If restaurant proposals aren’t your thing, walking along the piers and bridges in the early morning or late evening creates the ideal atmosphere for your big question. Make sure to time your trip wisely! Temperatures can go as low as 7°F in the winter.

3. The Portland Head Light

The ocean breeze and the breathtaking view from the cliffsides make lighthouse proposals a unique and romantic idea. There are many lighthouses in Maine but this one is famous for being the oldest in the state. Make sure you time your trip right to get that idyllic sunset backdrop for when you go down on one knee!

4. Casco Bay Lines Cruise

Being a coastal state, Maine prides itself on its clear waters and lush islands. If your partner is a fan of cruises and the ocean, Casco Bay Lines Cruise offers a myriad of options to provide you maximum flexibility when planning your proposal. You can choose to have a fun night of dancing on their Music cruise or go island hopping on the Mailboat Run cruise. If you want a calmer and more intimate trip, go for their Moonlight Run cruise during off-peak season.

5. Top Of The East

This rooftop restaurant is one of the most popular places for proposals, and for good reason! Their large windows provide a stunning view of the city, and their ambiance is both classy and romantic. The menu contains unique food items and cocktails you won’t find elsewhere.

The proposal location is just as important as the ring, as it will be part of a memory you’ll treasure forever and a story you’ll share with your friends and family for years to come. Maine may not be as well-known as other states, but there is no shortage of picturesque proposal locations. Regardless of you and your partner’s tastes and interests, we’re sure there’s something in Maine for you.