How To Choose A Webcam

How To Choose A Webcam

Webcams, like computers, come in a variety of models and have a very wide price range. One can find affordable and costly options with impressive functions and features. We have researched and give you the best possible options. We have also tested and offer you a list of the best steering wheel PS4.

What Is A Webcam And What Is It For?

Internet technologies are developing very quickly. And the webcam has long been a favorite gadget for most computer users. Probably there is no need to explain what a webcam is. This device is used to provide video communication over the Internet. This is done with the help of a computer and various programs (such as Skype and others). But the functions of modern webcams are much wider. They can also be used to take pictures and send images, shoot, edit and broadcast video. And today, many people can no longer imagine communicating, relaxing or working without a webcam.

As a rule, webcams are already built into laptops, but in most cases, their quality leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, manufacturers of smart equipment have developed a variety of options: from expensive professional cameras for streaming to budget models. Cameras from Genius, Logitech, A4Tech, Philips, Canyon, Microsoft, HQ-Tech, Creative, Trust, Gembird, Defender, Gemix, and many other manufacturers are doing wonders in the world of video communication.

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Make The Right Choice

Despite the great popularity of webcams, not many people know how to choose a gadget for your PC or laptop and what characteristics to pay attention to in the first place. Therefore, we have prepared a small guide on choosing webcams.


All devices can be equipped with a CCD or CMOS matrix. The CCD options are considered the best. Their main advantage is that they provide a minimum level of “noise.” But these models have a disadvantage too- they are much more expensive. However, if the camcorder is designed exclusively for Skype, a CMOS matrix will be quite sufficient. If you are planning to use a webcam to work with programs that recognize faces, it is better to give preference to the CCD matrix, which will produce high-quality video with minimal noise.


The image quality depends on the resolution of the device. This parameter is measured in pixels. Leaning towards one or another option, it is necessary to understand what image quality is needed for certain purposes. The first thing to know: the lower the resolution, the more grainy the image will be on the monitor. Webcams with a resolution ranging from 640x480p are suitable for home use.

Number of Frames per Second

The third parameter of a web camera, which directly affects the quality of the picture, is the frame rate per second (FPS). The higher the FPS, the smoother the video stream. To ensure that the video quality does not cause irritation and the frame rate does not resemble slow motion, you should choose a device with parameters not lower than 30 FPS. A lower frame rate can lead to freezing the picture. 40 FPS and more is a great choice for professional streamers.


The type of lens has a significant impact on video quality. Webcams use two types of lenses: plastic and glass.

Glass lenses, compared to plastic lenses, guarantee a higher quality result. This type of webcam is the only right choice when high-quality video recording or exceptional picture clarity during a chat is important.

Plastic lenses give grainy frames and poor image quality in low light conditions. These are cheaper options that are, however, very popular for home use.

Mounting Options

Different webcam manufacturers offer different options for mounting the gadget. The most common ones are desktop and so-called cameras on clothespins. Desktop is the best choice if there is a lot of free space on the desktop. In this case, the gadget can be placed on a special platform behind the computer. The “clothespin” variant requires much less space – the gadget is attached directly to the laptop or PC monitor. Another common attachment option is suspended. Such “flying” webcams, as a rule, are used as a device for video surveillance.

Connection Options

The most popular webcam models are equipped with USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports. You’ll need at least a 1.5-meter cable to connect your webcam to your desktop computer. If you connect to a laptop, the length of the cable does not matter.

It is also possible to connect the webcam via Bluetooth or wifi. Such models belong to the category of more expensive. But the quality of their work depends entirely on the quality of the signal transmitted.