Why Is Sony Vegas So Expensive?

Why Is Sony Vegas So Expensive

Sony Vegas is a video editing software package used for NLE (non-linear editing). This software functions on Max OS X and Windows operating system. Sony Vegas came as audio editing software, it was for both audio and video from the second version.

This Mac and Windows video editing software has real-time multi-track audio and video editing, and composition tools. MAGIX bought it in 2016 with a mandate to keep developing and supporting the software. Why is Sony Vegas so expensive? This is one question that begs for answers and we will attempt to answer that and some others.

Why is Sony Vegas so expensive?

Sony Vegas is so expensive because it is for professionals by and not casual users or learners. Also, Sony Vegas contains features that are performance guaranteed for intending users. But, when you compare it with some other top video editing programs, it is not that expensive.

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Furthermore, it took quite a lot to develop it and costs some more to maintain and upgrade. There are two categories of buyers; the professional users and amateur users. For professionals, they know it is a vital component for those hoping to make a living. The learner’s one the other hand has access to educational discounts.

What Are The Features That Make The Software As Expensive As It Is?

There are a couple of reasons why this software stands out from the crowd. first, It does not need hardware to function, because you can use it on any type of computer.

For motion graphics and composition, Vegas provides tools like 3D. It also provides track motion compositing and a z-depth control. There is also provision for the spatial arrangement of visual planes.

A large part of the visual effects processing in the Vegas software works at any point in the signal flow. This is like a delay, reverb and flange audio effects as are in digital audio systems such as Sonar.

Even though the software began as audio software, it is not come equipped with MIDI capacity. This limits its use in audio production making it focus on the post-production market.

Vegas also come equipped with integration with 24p DV. This is also one of the select NLEs capable of changing other formats to 24p without using a plugin. It is also the sole proprietary NLE which permits different scenarios for the opening of the app. Also, you can copy sequences and clips using the Vegas software. An example is the rendering of a sequence in the background while editing goes on in the foreground.

The software also gives high-grade compositing such as green screen, and key-frame animation. The nesting feature permits the inclusion of a previous project in a new project. The Nesting process is quite useful when dealing with complex, and large projects. At the end of it all, the final product does not experience any significant alteration.

What Makes Vegas Different From Other Editors?

One thing that makes this software stand-out is that it supports scripting technology. which gives simplified workflow, task automation, as well as increased productivity. Users have access to paid and free scripts from Vegas forums and communities on the internet.

Useful Pro Tips For Sony Vegas

As with every other tool, Sony Vegas becomes more useful when you have an idea of how to maximize its use. Here are a few pro tips that should help you in this regard:

  • If you have several events on your timeline, you will want to have control of their positioning. This is on the timeline relative to a set of events. The Vegas Grouping feature is ideal for this. If you are going to make adjustments to trimming and placement in such related packs. In such instances, you may opt for Sync Link which helps in creating a link between the events.
  • Grouping and sync links bear similarities in that they both can help you move an entire pack. They do so by adjusting the control events feature. Sync Link has greater flexibility in adjusting each of the packs. This is without having to change the others.
  • For animated texts, you may select the media generator. Then choose the Text and Tiles Generator from the list provided. You can then move on to the available presets to select the animation you prefer. After this, you can then drag the selected preset to your timeline. Also, if you want a different animation, you can select a new one from the Animation list. This is in the Media Generator window.
  • If there is a violation of your 3D clips, the viewer will find it difficult to understand the arrangement. To prevent this, you could use the Floating Windows function to hide the video stream. This by extension removes the conflicting visual signals.
  • You can state if you want the Vegas app to analyze event video effects. This can be after or before cropping out the adjustments contained in the event. Depending on the type of effect used, it may have a telling effect on the output of the video.

Cropping is a component of the video editing sequence and you may place it wherever you want in the editing. You should note that if you intend on cropping before the onset of a video effect, you don’t have to effect any change. But, if you intend on cropping after such effects, drag the crop button and place it after the button.

  • If you are looking to get a high-quality video for YouTube, use MainConcept format. You can then apply the Internet HD 1080p template. This should help you with clear videos. If you have OpenCL graphics card on your PC, it will use the GPU of the card. This is to perform faster than other available formats.
  • If you are rendering for web streaming, use the MainConcept AVC format. while you choose the Enable Progressive Download feature contained in the Video tab. This will give you a file that users should be able to check through before the whole file may have downloaded.

What Are The Major Differences Between Sony Vegas And Adobe Premiere?

If you are in the video editing business, you should know that Adobe premiere and Sony Vegas are in a class of their own. There are a few things that make them different and we will take a look at a few of them here:

  • The main difference between Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas Software is the platforms. Sony Vegas is for Windows OS while Adobe is compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  • Furthermore, there is a difference in the complexity of the user interface. Vegas Sony Vegas is more users friendly when compared with Adobe Premier.
  • Adobe Premiere has a more professional workflow when compared with Vegas. Sony Vegas does not use supporting tools; Adobe recommends it for better performance.
  • Adobe Premiere supports double the amount of formats that Vegas do. Also, Adobe Premier is supporting real-time replayability.


Now we know why Sony Vegas is so expensive. It is imperative to note that the expensive nature of the software made up for by its use. It also suits both masters in the industry and learners thus making it unique.

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