Is Tequila Good For Diabetics

Is Tequila Good For Diabetics

Being a diabetic means being in a very delicate health condition. You will have to watch everything that you consume. Failure to do so can have very devastating consequences on your well-being. There are several beverages out there, some of which are not good for diabetics but some others are not so clear. This piece is going to be on whether tequila is good for diabetics or not.

Some of those who are battling with diabetes are worried about drinking. That is very understandable. They worry that drinking may make their condition worse. But the truth of the matter here is that it is not only safe for you to drink tequila even as a diabetic. It is also healthy for you and that is true as long as you take it in moderation.

The nature of tequila, connection to diabetes alongside other relevant information are important. In the sections below, they are going to appear. That said if you are diabetic and you feel like gulping your favorite jar of tequila, by all means, go ahead.

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What Exactly Is Tequila?

There are those who are not aware or do not know much about what tequila is. The following lines will shed more light. Tequila is a type of distilled beverage. There is what makes it different from the other types of distilled beverages. And that is its production. The blue agave plant is the source of tequila. This plant is also unique in that it is from a city of the same name in the arid parts of Mexico. What that means is that wherever in the world that you find tequila, then it definitely came from Mexico. Tequila must also come from not any kind of agave plant but the blue variety.

Why Is Tequila Good For Your Health?

Why Is Tequila Good For Your Health

If you are a lover of tequila, then this is the section of the article that you are going to appreciate the most. This is because as hinted at in the sections earlier, tequila is good for your health. But that is if you consume it only in moderate amounts. It is at this stage that so many people will be wondering how tequila can ever be beneficial to someone’s health.

This is even a question that will be of a lot of interest to those who happen to be diabetics and also in love with tequila. Well, it so happens that this is actually an assertion that science supports.

The report confirming the positive effect of tequila on diabetics exists. The presentation was at the 247th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society. ACS is the largest scientific society on the planet.

At the meeting, there were scientists and other intellectuals in their thousands. Over ten thousand latest reports on scientific developments were at the event. It was at the event that the scientists announced the good news to the world. The announcement definitely got the attention of the lovers of tequila.

Scientists carried out exhaustive research studies to establish this point. That tequila can be very beneficial remains one of the most significant discoveries. Especially for people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. This type of diabetes is also called adult-onset diabetes. It is often caused by poor lifestyle habits. These include overeating/obesity, smoking or sedentary habits.

Tequila is able to help in this condition because it contains agavins. Agavins are natural sugars. It is in the agave plant that these agavins are. The good thing about agavins is that they do not break down in the blood. So the diabetic cannot suffer from an elevated level of sugar. An uncontrolled increase in the level of sugar in the blood is one of the biggest problems in diabetes. Also called hypoglycemia, it can cause severe complications. It is this condition that moderate amounts of tequila taken by a diabetic can avoid. But that is not all.

Tequila can also be of great help to diabetics in other ways. These include decreasing the levels of glucose in the blood. The same goes for the increase in the secretion of insulin from the pancreas. There are millions of people who are down with diabetes and are also lovers of tequila. This is definitely good news for them. They can now enjoy their favorite drink in peace. And that is without any fear or worry about negative outcomes.

There are also some other reasons why these agavins are effective. They help stimulate the production of a hormone. This hormone reduces the rate at which the stomach empties its contents. This hormone is GLP-1 and it is this action that it has on the production of insulin.

Agavins are cost-effective and on their own, they generally do not have side effects. Agavins do not have calories. That is one of their most outstanding characteristics. The same cannot apply to the agave nectar even though it comes from the same agave plant.

Besides these, the agavins found in the tequila also makes you feel satisfied on time. Thus, your urge to eat more decreases. This is a very good thing for those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. This is not to mean that tequila qualifies as a weight loss supplement or product. That is a very important point. Tequila is not a weight loss supplement. If you want weight loss supplements, it is not bad. But you are better off seeing your medical doctor or your nutritionist.

Does Tequila Have Other Benefits For Other Medical Conditions?

The good news does not stop there. Tequila is also helpful in some other medical conditions apart from diabetes. These include:

Digestive Disorders:

If you can recollect, in the earlier parts of this piece, the production of tequila was the focus. Tequila is only from the blue agave plant. Well, there is another point that was not made there. The discussion of the point will appear here. This same plant has substances in it called fructans. These fructans are resistant to the digestive enzymes present in our alimentary canals. This makes them to be very effective in tackling colon disease. But that is not all.

Scientists have also found out more. The same fructans are good for the administration of drugs to the colon. This is particularly applicable to other conditions. These include irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis.

Weight Control:

Does Tequila Have Other Benefits For Other Medical Conditions

If you find yourself struggling with being overweight, come closer. Scientists have also discovered more. Tequila is good when it comes to controlling weight and remaining fit. Remember the same agavins that assist the diabetics in controlling their sugar level. They are the same substances that also assist in combating obesity. This is owing to the fact thatagavins function like dietary fibers. These fibers are very good at helping you shed those extra jowls of fat.

Neurodegenerative Diseases:

There is another interesting dimension to tequila. This is that it also helps in combating neurodegenerative diseases like dementia. If you want to keep the powers of your memory even as you age, there is a tip. You might consider taking a few more glasses of tequila. Once again, remember that everything must be in moderation. If you take the tequila in excess, then you are going to end up defeating the entire purpose. That is not even to mention the extra problems that can develop as consequences.


Tequila aids the digestion process in the body. For this reason, it is a good idea to take it after a meal. Remember your cool margarita when going for your dining sessions.


Not all the bacteria and other microorganisms in the body are bad. There are some of them that are good. These are the normal body microflora. Tequila aids their growth and sustenance. Thus, if you want to keep your digestive system in good shape, always remember your shots of tequila.


Now, it is clear to everyone that tequila is actually beneficial and good for diabetics. Discussion held earlier on how tequila assists people who are coping with diabetes. Apart from diabetes, tequila also assists in some other medical conditions. These conditions were also stated. The beneficial aspects of the tequila were also spelled out.

An important point must is that it is clear tequila is good for diabetics. But there is more to it. Tequila remains beneficial to diabetics as long as there is one condition in place. This is as long as you drink with reason. Only moderate amounts are all that you need to gain these health benefits. So, saying that tequila is good for you as a diabetic is not to license to engage in reckless drinking.

Overdrinking will only end up causing more problems. Keep the quantity moderate and see the benefits in your health and wellbeing. For those who are not sure, one drink per day for the women is enough. For men, two drinks per day are normal. Exceeding this daily limit is nothing but calling for trouble.

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