How To Get Squirrels Out Of Your Home

How To Get Squirrels Out Of Your Home

Many homeowners have various reasons why they do not want these furry creatures around. Most people do not have problems with squirrels in their environment. In fact, some love having the cute animals around. But when squirrels come to live in a home, they become annoying housemates, and their activities make them dangerous to homeowners. They gnaw through cables and wiring systems, causing frequent power outages and can also damage furniture and the home’s piping system.

In most states, squirrels are game animals, and so if you want to get rid of them, you must have a license to do so. You will have to know the state’s rules on the eviction of wild animal pests and may have to involve a professional. Don’t try to poison squirrels because that is inhumane. In this article, you will learn humane and effective ways to get rid of squirrels.

1. Create An Exit

If the squirrel is in a room, you can make a trail of berries or fruits to the nearest door or window that leads outdoors. You should not startle or frighten the squirrel or make it uncomfortable. You should also remove pets from the room and make the house as quiet as you can.

2. Use Traps

You can use humane traps like live or box cages that do not hurt or kill the squirrel. You should wear protective clothing and camouflage the cage to blend with the surrounding space. Place the trap in the path of the squirrel, and you can bait it with berries and fruits. Don’t try to approach the squirrel or startle it because it may scratch you.

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3. Use Bright Lights Or Loud Noise

Squirrels prefer to stay in areas that are dim and quiet. When you put on a bright light and make loud noises, you make them very uncomfortable, and they will try to leave the room. When they do, you should give them enough space and close all doors except the exit door.

4. Exclusion

You should seal entry holes and crawl spaces that the squirrel can pass through. Also, make sure that you put screens at the door and windows to prevent squirrel entry. It would help if you even made chicken wire fences around your garden and yard to prevent squirrels from getting into them.

5. Remove Food Source

The best way to prevent a squirrel infestation is to remove attractants.  The promise of food and comfortable housing attracts squirrels into your yard and home. They are low on the food chain when they are in the wild and have many predators. They are always in search of better living conditions, and when they find food in your yard, they set up camp. To prevent this, you must dispose of all your waste correctly and make sure you use a garbage bin that has a lid. You should also package your fruits and seeds properly, and always clean out your yard and garden.

Deforestation and tree felling have forced squirrels to coexist with man, but you can keep them out of your yard and home successfully with the tips listed above. If you find yourself struggling to handle any squirrel issues alone and want to learn more, it may be in your best interest to seek assistance from wildlife removal experts. A&D Construction Plus is Maine’s premier wildlife removal company, and their professionals provide consistently successful services.

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