Are So-Hyped Robot Vacuums Worth It?

Are So-Hyped Robot Vacuums Worth It

Recently, many companies have put millions into the advertisement of their robot vacuums. Before getting started with the details of the product, you need to understand what is a robot vacuum and how does it work? The basic principle of robot vacuums is just like basic vacuums. By using smart sensors and cameras, this vacuum can automatically navigate the space. These robots are best for cleaning regular daily debris. You should not set your expectations too high.

From the very start of the launch, consumers were not impressed with the performance or capability of these robot vacuums. These tiny vacuums are not strong enough for heavy-duty cleaning. If you have installed porcelain tiles in London or any other premium tiles, this robot may get the basic job done. At Letta London, you can find a wide range of tile options. Many customers ask about the performance of robot vacuums on different tiles.  

Should You Buy A Robot Vacuum?

We all want technology integration in our daily lives. From kitchens to bedrooms, there are smart appliances everywhere. These smart gadgets can make our lives easier, but robot vacuum is an expensive deal. As many customers take an interest in the performance of robot vacuums on different tiles, we thought of doing a detailed post on these products.

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Should you buy a robot vacuum for your home? The answer depends upon your personal preferences and choices. Here are some important factors to consider when making an informed buying decision for robot vacuums.


Autonomous operations of the robot vacuums can save a lot of time and effort. In the busy routine of home, it is hard to take a few hours out to clean floors. For daily maintenance and cleaning operations, you can program the robot. Once set, the smart device will autonomously complete the job. Depending upon the type of robot vacuum, there might be additional features to support the cleaning operation.

Busy Lifestyle

Smart kitchens, smart bathrooms, and other smart technologies help us to get more work done due to busy routines. As a homeowner, you don’t have to dedicate hours to perform regular cleaning. The smart robot vacuum can be programmed to start cleaning operations even if you are not at home. With conventional vacuums, you have to spend hours cleaning floors. An entire house can take a few hours.

Regular Cleaning

The robot vacuum is the best investment if you have pets or kids who make regular messes. Cleaning dog or cat hair is necessary. Doing it manually is hectic. As there is no heavy work involved in regular cleaning, you can easily get it done with a robot vacuum.

Floor Type

Before buying a robot vacuum, you need to consider the floor type of your house. If you have high-pile carpets installed in your rooms, a robot vacuum may not perform very well. These vacuums are perfect for normal tiles and carpets. Every robot vacuum comes with different specifications. It is better to go through the capabilities of the vacuum before making the purchase.

The layout of your Home

The layout of your home is an important factor to consider before buying a robot vacuum. If there are a lot of obstacles and uneven surfaces in your home, the robot vacuum may fail to operate. These robots use cameras and other sensors to navigate across obstacles. Having too many furniture items and other things in the way of the robot will make its job harder. You may not be satisfied with the performance of the robot.


Not only robot vacuums but regular vacuums also require maintenance. Unlike conventional vacuums, these robot vacuums are smaller in size. If there is a normal issue with the performance of the robot vacuum, you can use the provided tools to fix the issue. Usually, these robots need remapping. You can search online about remapping Roomba Vacuum Robot or any other popular robot vacuum.


Compared to conventional vacuums, these smart vacuums are more expensive. Depending upon the features and accuracy or performance of the vacuum, the price tag may vary. You can buy the cheaper options too. Customers have many complaints about cheaper models. These robots fail to navigate smoothly and get stuck in corners. You can opt for a decent model for a smoother and more efficient experience.


For commercial use and for bigger homes with obstacles, a robot vacuum may not offer the desired level of efficiency. Conventional vacuum cleaners offer more power and faster results, but you will have to spend hours doing things manually. Smart technologies make jobs easier for us but also come with limitations. If you are happy with the limited capabilities but don’t want to spend hours cleaning the same floor, a robot vacuum is the right pick for you.