Three Benefits Of Pumping Bras

Three Benefits Of Pumping Bras

As the world moves into the future, things are being innovated and improved for our wellbeing. We have seen how technology and information have opened a world of possibilities and given us access to things we didn’t have access to before. Not only have those things been transformed, clothing has evolutionized too. Breastfeeding and pumping are common activities for a mama. And doing these things with a regular bra just isn’t functional. That is why people have innovated clothing for mamas and created a pumping bra. A pumping bra makes breastfeeding and pumping much easier because it was created to do so! No more having to take off your bra completely, or go without one just to breastfeed or pump. You can keep up with your daily life activities and still be able to do the necessary mom things for your little one by using a pumping bra. By learning the benefits of a pumping bra, you will see how it is perfect for all the mamas out there.

1. Easy On, Easy Off

First off, you want a bra that is easy to put on and remove when you need to breastfeed or pump. A pumping bra is easy to slide on because it is made with flexible material that stretches when you slip it on. And when it’s time to feed your baby, the nursing clasp makes it a breeze. You can undo the clasp on one strap to simply open up just one side of the pumping bra. Or you undo both clasps on each strap and let the front flap hang down while you nurse your baby or pump breast milk. This way, you don’t have to completely take off your bra or try to pull up one side of your bra and hold it while you nurse. A pumping bra is specifically designed with mamas in mind, making feeding and pumping a whole lot easier.

2. Adjust As Needed

After being pregnant, you more than anyone can understand that the body can go through some drastic changes in a short amount of time. While you’re pregnant, your body goes through physical and emotional changes. And during post-pregnancy, your body will go through changes too. Among many changes, your breast size may be one of the obvious changes you will notice. As you produce breast milk, your breasts may enlarge, and as you produce less, your breasts may get smaller. Your weight may fluctuate and the shape of your body may change over time. This is why it is important that you have a pumping bra that has adjustable straps. The adjustable straps make it easy to adjust your bra to the current state of your body instead of having to get a completely new bra. You can loosen the straps when your breasts enlarge, and tighten them if they get smaller. That way, you can always have a comfortable fit no matter the changes your body is experiencing. 

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3. The Coverage You Need

The hardest part about wearing a regular bra while nursing and pumping is trying to keep yourself covered and not expose your chest area while you are trying to feed your baby. This occurs mostly because regular bras aren’t built with nursing and pumping in mind. A pumping bra that has a pull-down design and overlapping fabric can make feeding and pumping easier without having to completely expose your breasts. The ideal pumping bra has a top layer that you can remove with the nursing clasp, a protective middle layer, and a bottom layer that you can pull down to open discreet slits for pumping and nursing. The overlapping layers keep you covered while strategically designed to make the nipples accessible for pumping and nursing. Plus, when the fabric is soft and stretchy, it easily goes back to its original shape even when you are constantly pulling and tugging on the fabric to breastfeed or pump. Pumping bras made with modal, nylon, and elastane give you soft and durable fabric that allows for breathing room and the flexibility you need as a hardworking mom. With a pumping bra that is finely ribbed, it will hug your body and keep its shape as you move, grow, and feed your little one.

Taking Care Of Mamas

With innovative pumping bras, mamas can have the ultimate comfort and functionality they need as they take care of their newborn. With a nursing clasp, they have the ability to undo one side or both sides of the bra to make breastfeeding or pumping so much easier without having to completely remove their bra. Having adjustable straps allows your pumping bra to change as your body changes, while still giving you the proper support you need. Overlapping layers give you the necessary coverage you need by being able to pull down the bottom layer to reveal discreet slits for nursing or pumping. And lastly, soft and durable fabric is exactly what you need as you embrace the mom life and give your little one everything they need to grow.