Fun Travel Ideas In Omaha

Fun Travel Ideas In Omaha

Centrally located, Omaha is among the biggest Midwest cities and second to Oklahoma City in the Great Plains states. Situated on the mighty Missouri River, Omaha has many natural attractions nearby and in the town. The Gateway to the West can be a great starting point for the Midwest itinerary, and for romantic partners, the city offers plenty of fun date opportunities.

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Date Ideas Omaha

Heartland America Park is a substantial public park near downtown Omaha. The city is currently revitalizing the riverfront, and the park will get a massive fountain with 320 feet jet and an impressive light show.

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The park has plenty of hiking and picnic opportunities, and for the fun date, you can rent Heartland Gondola near the historic Old Market Area.

Just north of downtown and the Market Area, you can go for a cross-state bridge walk. The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge connects Council Bluffs in Iowa with the Omaha riverfront. A hanging bridge curves across the river and dazzles with the lightshow. It’s a 3000 foot long and 15-foot wide bridge with Omaha plaza, benches, fountain, and play area on the Omaha side.

Henry Doorly Zoo is a vast 130-acre zoo and an aquarium with a huge indoor area and thousands of animals. The Zoo has themed gardens and habitats like Asian Highlands, Desert Dome, Lied Jungle, Insect Pavilion, Hubbard Orangutan Forest and Gorilla valley, and others.

If your partner is into art, you can spend a great afternoon at the Joslyn Art Museum. You can explore European Renaissance and Baroque artwork, nineteenth-century French paintings, and some of Renoir and Monet’s impressionist work, among others.

Cheap Date Ideas Omaha

Omaha has an intense craft beer scene, and there are numerous downloadable guides. You can take your partner on a self-guided brewery tour and taste some of the best Midwestern beers.

Take your better half to Sumter Amphitheater for a free movie under the stars in the summer months. Take a big blanket and don’t forget some comfort food.

Above mentioned Old Market is a bustling area with art galleries, shopping destinations with boutiques and malls, and incredible ice-cream offerings in Old Market Candy shop, Old Market Fudge, or Ted&Wally’s Ice Cream.

Nothing can spice up a date like a great meal. Some of the best cheap places to grab a snack are Blue Sushi Sake Grill, Block 16, Zio’s Pizzeria, Bailey’s, Big Mama’s Kitchen, Louie M’s Burger Lust, and Kitchen Table.

Best Parks In Omaha

Memorial Park is a large green public space with lots of room for hiking and workout. There is a beautiful All-American Rose Society Garden in the park, fountains, soccer and football field, baseball diamonds, and amenities like restrooms, picnic tables, and lawns.

More than 108 acres of Fontenelle Park have multiple recreational features. Park recently added a walking trail you can walk a 1.5-mile loop. There are also numerous benches, a pavilion that hosts fun events, and you can also find a playground for kids. Park includes slides and fountains, tables, and a lot of open space.

Heartland of America Park is closest to downtown, and among things we forget to mention above, it has fishing ponds, dog parking areas, restrooms, and many other amenities.

Beaches In Omaha Nebraska

Beaches in Nebraska? Well, yes, there are numerous swimming beaches scattered near Omaha. Some 30 minutes from town, you can find Louisville recreational area. There are a couple of beaches on the Platte River. You can explore wildlife and go boating, fishing, hiking, and various other activities.

Two Rivers State Recreation Area is a 622-acre place with several sandpit lakes. You can stay in cabins or many campinggrounds, go for an unsupervised swim, or go fishing.

Branched Oak Lake can get crowded in summer because of the white sandy beach. The beach doesn’t have lifeguards, and it can get deep close to the shore, so take precautions. There are numerous trails and camping locations around the lake.

Other beach destinations include the Wagon Train Lake Recreation area, Lake Anita State Park, Iron Horse Lake, and many others.

Omaha is a typical Midwest town and an excellent starting point for a westward roadtrip. Before you make reservations, make esta check status until you get confirmation. Although most of the applications go through, sometimes travel authorization gets rejected.

Bottom Line

Foreign visitors sometimes neglect Omaha, but it’s a great American Midwest city where you can get to know real America. Numerous attraction in the town and outdoor recreational opportunities around the Omaha makes it a great travel destination. Both locals and visitors can have plenty of romantic dates in the city.