Funny Pokemon Names: From Clever Puns To Pop Culture References

Choosing a name for your new Pokemon companion is an exciting part of starting your journey as a trainer. However, with thousands of options available, it can also be a daunting task. A name can give your Pokemon personality and help you bond with it on a deeper level. It can also make it easier to remember and identify your Pokemon during battles.

Fortunately, there are several tips you can follow to help you choose the perfect name for your Pokemon. By considering its characteristics and appearance, using real-world inspiration, keeping it short and sweet, and getting creative, you can come up with a name that perfectly suits your new companion. In this article, we will explore these tips in more detail, so you can feel confident in choosing the perfect name for your new Pokemon.

Fire Pokemon Names:

  1. Charmander
  2. Charmeleon
  3. Charizard
  4. Vulpix
  5. Ninetales
  6. Growlithe
  7. Arcanine
  8. Ponyta
  9. Rapidash
  10. Magmar
  11. Flareon
  12. Cyndaquil
  13. Quilava
  14. Typhlosion
  15. Magby
  16. Entei
  17. Ho-Oh
  18. Torchic
  19. Combusken
  20. Blaziken
  21. Numel
  22. Camerupt
  23. Torkoal
  24. Chimchar
  25. Monferno
  26. Infernape
  27. Magmortar
  28. Heatran
  29. Victini
  30. Darmanitan
  31. Litwick
  32. Lampent
  33. Chandelure
  34. Fennekin
  35. Braixen
  36. Delphox
  37. Litten
  38. Torracat
  39. Incineroar
  40. Cinderace
  41. Salandit
  42. Salazzle
  43. Centiskorch
  44. Scorbunny
  45. Raboot
  46. Heatmor
  47. Volcarona
  48. Darumaka
  49. Darmanitan
  50. Turtonator
  51. Squirtle
  52. Wartortle
  53. Blastoise
  54. Psyduck
  55. Golduck
  56. Poliwag
  57. Poliwhirl
  58. Poliwrath
  59. Tentacool
  60. Tentacruel
  61. Slowbro
  62. Seel
  63. Dewgong
  64. Shellder
  65. Cloyster
  66. Krabby
  67. Kingler
  68. Horsea
  69. Seadra
  70. Goldeen
  71. Seaking
  72. Staryu
  73. Starmie
  74. Magikarp
  75. Gyarados
  76. Lapras
  77. Omanyte
  78. Omastar
  79. Kabuto
  80. Kabutops
  81. Totodile
  82. Croconaw
  83. Feraligatr
  84. Chinchou
  85. Lanturn
  86. Qwilfish
  87. Remoraid
  88. Octillery
  89. Mantine
  90. Sharpedo
  91. Clauncher
  92. Clawitzer
  93. Popplio
  94. Brionne
  95. Primarina
  96. Golisopod
  97. Pyukumuku
  98. Mareanie
  99. Wishiwashi
  100. Lapras (Gigantamax form)

Water Pokemon Names:

  1. Squirtle – A small blue turtle-like Pokemon with a shell that shoots water out of its mouth.
  2. Wartortle – The evolved form of Squirtle, with a slightly larger size and more developed shell.
  3. Blastoise – The final evolution of Squirtle, with two powerful water cannons on its shell.
  4. Psyduck – A small yellow duck-like Pokemon with psychic powers that can sometimes cause headaches.
  5. Golduck – The evolved form of Psyduck, with enhanced psychic abilities and a sleeker design.
  6. Poliwag – A small blue tadpole-like Pokemon with a swirl on its belly.
  7. Poliwhirl – The evolved form of Poliwag, with arms and legs and a larger swirl on its belly.
  8. Poliwrath – The final evolution of Poliwag, a bulky Pokemon with a blue and white design and strong arms.
  9. Tentacool – A jellyfish-like Pokemon with tentacles and the ability to float on water.
  10. Tentacruel – The evolved form of Tentacool, with larger tentacles and more powerful stinging abilities.
  11. Slowpoke – A pink, slow-moving Pokemon with a vacant expression.
  12. Slowbro – The evolved form of Slowpoke, with a shell attached to its tail that it uses as a weapon.
  13. Seel – A small seal-like Pokemon with a round head and large eyes.
  14. Dewgong – The evolved form of Seel, with a sleek design and a horn on its head.
  15. Shellder – A clam-like Pokemon that latches onto other Pokemon and sucks their energy.
  16. Cloyster – The evolved form of Shellder, with a spiky shell and powerful defensive capabilities.
  17. Krabby – A crab-like Pokemon with large claws and a red body.
  18. Kingler – The evolved form of Krabby, with even larger claws and a more intimidating appearance.
  19. Horsea – A small seahorse-like Pokemon with blue skin and a fin on its back.
  20. Seadra – The evolved form of Horsea, with a more developed body and longer snout.
  21. Goldeen – A fish-like Pokemon with golden scales and a horn on its head.
  22. Seaking – The evolved form of Goldeen, with a larger size and more developed horn.
  23. Staryu – A star-shaped Pokemon with a central red gem and several long arms.
  24. Starmie – The evolved form of Staryu, with a larger size and more developed arms and legs.
  25. Magikarp – A small, weak Pokemon with the ability to leap high out of water.
  26. Gyarados – The evolved form of Magikarp, with a fierce design and powerful abilities.
  27. Lapras – A large, gentle Pokemon with a blue body and a shell-like back.
  28. Vaporeon – A sleek, blue Pokemon with the ability to turn its body into water.
  29. Omanyte – A small, ancient Pokemon with a spiral shell and tentacles.
  30. Omastar – The evolved form of Omanyte, with a larger shell and stronger tentacles.

Grass Pokemon Names:

  1. Bulbasaur
  2. Ivysaur
  3. Venusaur
  4. Oddish
  5. Gloom
  6. Vileplume
  7. Paras
  8. Parasect
  9. Bellsprout
  10. Weepinbell
  11. Victreebel
  12. Exeggcute
  13. Exeggutor
  14. Tangela
  15. Chikorita
  16. Bayleef
  17. Meganium
  18. Bellossom
  19. Hoppip
  20. Skiploom
  21. Jumpluff
  22. Sunkern
  23. Sunflora
  24. Treecko
  25. Grovyle
  26. Sceptile
  27. Tropius
  28. Torterra
  29. Snivy
  30. Serperior
  31. Leafeon
  32. Cherubi
  33. Cherrim
  34. Cottonee
  35. Whimsicott
  36. Petilil
  37. Lilligant
  38. Foongus
  39. Amoonguss
  40. Skiddo
  41. Gogoat
  42. Phantump
  43. Trevenant
  44. Rowlet
  45. Dartrix
  46. Decidueye
  47. Morelull
  48. Shiinotic
  49. Grookey
  50. Rillaboom

Cool Pokemon Names:

  1. Charizard
  2. Gyarados
  3. Dragonite
  4. Salamence
  5. Tyranitar
  6. Hydreigon
  7. Rayquaza
  8. Lugia
  9. Zekrom
  10. Reshiram
  11. Zoroark
  12. Typhlosion
  13. Lucario
  14. Empoleon
  15. Scizor
  16. Krookodile
  17. Garchomp
  18. Serperior
  19. Decidueye
  20. Incineroar
  21. Sceptile
  22. Infernape
  23. Blastoise
  24. Alakazam
  25. Mewtwo
  26. Arcanine
  27. Gengar
  28. Machamp
  29. Electivire
  30. Salazzle
  31. Palkia
  32. Dialga
  33. Giratina
  34. Black Kyurem
  35. White Kyurem
  36. Xerneas
  37. Yveltal
  38. Zygarde
  39. Necrozma
  40. Silvally
  41. Zacian
  42. Zamazenta
  43. Eternatus
  44. Calyrex
  45. Regieleki
  46. Regidrago
  47. Urshifu
  48. Spectrier
  49. Glastrier
  50. Dragapult

Cute Pokemon Names:

1. Vulpix 11. Cleffa 21. Chinchou 31. Shaymin 41. Emolga
2. Ninetales 12. Igglybuff 22. Swablu 32. Munna 42. Dedenne
3. Meowth 13. Munchlax 23. Skitty (Delcatty) 33. Audino 43. Rockruff
4. Persian 14. Happiny 24. Plusle 34. Purrloin 44. Stufful
5. Jigglypuff 15. Azurill 25. Minun 35. Deerling 45. Fomantis
6. Wigglytuff 16. Marill 26. Castform 36. Emolga 46. Mareep
7. Psyduck 17. Pikachu (Pichu) 27. Eevee 37. Piplup 47. Cherubi
8. Slowpoke 18. Togekiss 28. Chingling 38. Snorlax 48. Piplup
9. Chansey 19. Cleffa 29. Mantyke 39. Teddiursa (Ursaring) 49. Snorlax
10. Togekiss 20. Happiny 30. Vanillite 40. Swirlix 50. Mimikyu

Tips For Choosing A Name

When it comes to choosing a name for your Pokemon, it can be overwhelming with the thousands of options available. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect name for your new Pokemon companion.

Consider the Pokemon’s characteristics

Before deciding on a name, take a moment to think about your Pokemon’s characteristics. What type is it? Does it have any unique abilities or traits? You can use these traits to inspire a name that fits your Pokemon’s personality.

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For example, if you have a fire-type Pokemon, you may want to consider names that relate to fire or heat. If your Pokemon is a water type, you could choose a name that relates to the ocean or water in general.

Think about the Pokemon’s appearance

Another way to come up with a great name is to consider your Pokemon’s appearance. Does it have a unique color or pattern? Does it have any distinguishing features that stand out?

For example, if your Pokemon has blue and white stripes, you could name it “Ziggy” after the famous singer David Bowie’s alter-ego. If your Pokemon has big ears, you could name it “Dumbo” after the famous Disney character.

Use real-world inspiration

If you’re struggling to come up with a name, you can always turn to the real world for inspiration. You could consider naming your Pokemon after a famous person, place, or thing that holds significance to you.

For example, you could name your Pokemon “Hawking” after the famous physicist Stephen Hawking. Or you could name your Pokemon “Paris” after the city in France that you’ve always wanted to visit.

Keep it short and sweet

When it comes to naming your Pokemon, shorter names are often better. Not only are they easier to remember, but they’re also easier to shout out in battle.

Some popular one-word names include “Ace”, “Bolt”, “Echo”, “Flash”, “Glimmer”, “Iris”, “Jax”, “Kai”, “Luna”, and “Nova”. These names are short, easy to remember, and sound great when shouted out during a battle.

Get creative

Finally, don’t be afraid to get creative when naming your Pokemon. You can mix and match different words, add prefixes or suffixes, or even create your own unique name.

For example, you could combine the words “swift” and “bolt” to create the name “Swifbolt”. Or you could add the suffix “-ic” to the word “ocean” to create the name “Oceanic”.


In conclusion, the world of Pokemon is filled with a vast array of creatures with unique and interesting names. While many Pokemon names are straightforward and descriptive of their appearance or abilities, others have been given more amusing and creative names. From clever puns to pop culture references, there are countless funny Pokemon names out there that can add a touch of humor and personality to your collection.

Choosing the perfect name for your Pokemon can be a fun and creative process that allows you to express your personality and showcase your Pokemon’s unique characteristics. Whether you’re looking for a name that relates to your Pokemon’s type, appearance, or abilities, or you want to get creative and come up with something entirely unique, there are many ways to find inspiration and come up with the perfect name.

By following the tips we’ve outlined in this post, you can feel confident in choosing a name that will not only make you laugh but will also help you bond with your Pokemon and make them feel like a true companion. So go ahead and let your creativity run wild – the world of Pokemon is full of possibilities!