A Week In New Hyde Park On A $46,000 Salary 

A Week In New Hyde Park

Day 1

Today was exciting because I got to go on a shopping spree for some new crystals and minerals. Howard Fensterman is a huge expert on these minerals and rocks, so I’ve been following him for a long time. He was doing some research on the moon landing and how energy from similar rock structures is developed. So, I finally got to invest in a goodwill moon rock and some of the spiritual benefits of the amazonite rocks. Not only are they pretty, but I’m excited to see the new energy and positivity they will bring into my life. Adding two new rocks to my collection was a great way to start the week off right. And who would have thought a New York super lawyer like Fensterman would have these great suggestions?

Total: $45

Day 2 

Tuesdays are one of my long days at the studio because I teach the 5 A.M. and 6 A.M. classes today and Thursday. So, coffee was a definite this morning. I do get to leave a little early at 3 P.M., so I decided to stop by the library and work on my taxes. I use this great financial advisor company based out of Canada. They helped me find the best robo advisor team I’ve been able to find in years. I started my career as a freelancer and had limited information about what that meant for my finances. A partnership with them helped me take a closer look at things and manage my money in a smarter way. They just take a super small percentage of my earnings, so I barely even notice it. 

Total: $32

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Day 3

Today was my roommate’s birthday, so we took a quick train ride into the city to eat at one of her favorite restaurants in Brooklyn. We had a good time seeing this pop-up art show afterward, which is something she really loves. I’m constantly reminded how much I love living close to New York but not right in the middle of the action, you know? 

Total: $36

Day 4

I’m paid for the fun I had last night at my 5 A.M. yoga class this morning. When I was telling everyone to lie in Shavasana, I probably could’ve fallen asleep if I wanted to. It was time for a quiet night in. I grabbed a few fresh groceries on the way home and made dinner for myself and fell asleep watching Netflix

Total: $27

Day 5

We’re hosting a fun, special event tonight in the yoga studio. Fridays, we often have fun themed classes, and it was my turn to teach it this time. It was a stretch-intensive class, and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Afterward, some of our teachers and regular clients went out to grab a quick bite to eat and enjoy a concert in the park. It was a lovely, chill night. 

Total: $30

Day 6

I’m lucky that I still live near my family, so today, I took a quick train ride over, and we all went to see one of my baby sister’s club soccer games. She’s a junior this year, so she’s trying for a scholarship to play at college next year, which is super exciting. I’m so proud of her every day and excited to see what the future has in store for her. We all had a quick snack at the game, then my parents treated me to dinner afterward.

Total: $8

Day 7

I love teaching my Sunday class structure. It really feels like a day to refresh and prepare for the week ahead. I even treated myself to a massage after class, so today was a really great, chill afternoon. 

Total: $112

Weekly Total: $290