7 Reasons Why Salisbury Is Worth A Visit

7 Reasons Why Salisbury Is Worth A Visit

Salisbury, a cathedral city with enthralling history and timeless beauty, has been a vacation destination since 1227. While Liverpool was the European Capital of Culture and London’s streets might be lined with gold, one UK city surpassed both and featured among the top 10 world’s most popular travel destinations.

If you’re searching for a weekend getaway in a city with plenty of stunning architecture, rich history, and fascinating culture, then Salisbury is the perfect destination for a weekend break. 

Home Of  The Magna Carta

Salisbury Cathedral, built in the 1200s, has England’s tallest spire. Although this historic structure isn’t as intricate as some cathedrals in England, its simplicity makes it lovely. There is a gorgeous courtyard, lovely choir stalls, and an exceptional font.

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One of the highlights is seeing the Magna Carta, a legal document that established the first ideals of justice, fairness, and human rights in England when it was written in 1215. Only a few copies remain; therefore, seeing such an old transcript is exceptional.

Shopping In Salisbury

All your favorite stores may be on the historic streets, along with independent shops selling unique goods you won’t find on every high street. If you want to visit Salisbury for shopping and sightseeing but don’t want to mindlessly spend too much, check the guide on how to plan a vacation on a budget and see what sources of shopping entertainment you can do while in the city.

In Salisbury, the curious traveler will find eccentric, independent stores selling locally designed and crafted goods. The bustle of the historic Charter Market fills the Market Place on Tuesdays and Saturdays (except on the third Tuesday in October), and various other intriguing markets are held all year long.

World’s Oldest Mechanical Clock

Even though it might not be at the top of everyone’s bucket lists, Salisbury is home to a mechanical clock from the Middle Ages dating from 1386 and located in the 13th-century cathedral. It is considered one of the most important surviving examples of medieval clock-making.

The clock still functions today and is powered by weights and springs. It is one of the world’s oldest, and many people come to see it. It’s worth a visit if you like old things and are okay with getting lost in a city with no shops or restaurants.

See How A Prime Minister Lived

Edward Heath, the former prime minister of England, had owned the home known as Arundells. His time as prime minister and his other accomplishments as a sailor and a soldier are now memorialized in the mansion, which serves as a museum.

You can find everything about him at the house, from his efforts in World War II to his victory in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race to his policies as Prime Minister. If only the walls could talk, the mansion would have been visited by Michael Palin, Steve Redgrave, and Princess Margaret over the years. The garden is lovely and a wonderful place to spend a day reading.

Full Of Literary References

The Salisbury International Arts Festival is well-known worldwide and attracts some of the most prominent personalities. Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy is also set in the city. Less obscure is the fact that William Golding, a city teacher, spent his leisure time composing Lord of the Flies, becoming the scourge of English Literature students for years to come.

Local boy and writer J.R.R. Tolkien also spent his childhood here and wrote the famous The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy in his lifetime. Today, the city’s thriving arts scene is also a magnet for talented and award-winning writers and significant international festivals that attract thousands of visitors. Overall, the historic city of Salisbury is a place that artists hold dear.

The Close

Salisbury Cathedral Close is the biggest of these closes in the nation. It is full of gorgeous homes and is the ideal area to stroll around and fawn over the real estate. The Close is famous because of the many streets that interlock with the area and house wealthy families.

A walk around The Close will take about 30 minutes, but you’ll want to stop every minute to photograph yet another ideal home. If you want to eat, you should go to Rifleman’s Table, a charming local restaurant in the Close that serves delicious meals and pastries.

Escape To Nature

Salisbury is ideal for a weekend getaway, but if you have extra time, it’s well worth venturing beyond the city limits. It serves as a base to explore the nearby countryside, which has a distinctly English environment that almost seems too lovely to be true.

Salisbury is close to other scenic areas in Hampshire and Mottisfont. Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, such as Cranborne Chase, National Parks, and World Heritage Sites, are all nearby. Driving the 20-30 minutes to get there is certainly worth it if you have the opportunity.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that the charming town of Salisbury offers some of the most beautiful landscapes and heritage sites you’ll ever see. Salisbury is much more than just a place to have lunch after visiting Stonehenge, despite the perception that it is. It is undoubtedly the ideal city in the UK for tourists to visit, and it is also one of the most important sites in the history of the country.