Combination Of Luxury And Comfort Implemented In Real Estate In Damac Bay By Cavalli

Real Estate In Damac Bay By Cavalli

Damac Bay by Cavalli presents an exceptional combination of glamour and comfort implemented in stylish residences. Brilliant collaboration of award-winning developer Damac Properties and world-renowned fashion designer Roberto Cavalli provides foreign buyers with an opportunity to enjoy outstanding apartments in the main branded towers in the world. Damac Bay by Cavalli in Dubai is a grandiose residential complex with advanced facilities, exceptional design, and high return of investment. 

Buying residential units in Damac Bay by Cavalli is an ideal solution for those who want to surround themselves with the sky, the sun and the sea, and great business opportunities. 

Real Estate In Damac Bay By Cavalli In Dubai

interiors will be made according to an exclusive concept of the Italian Cavalli brand. The potential buyers of off-plan real estate can choose their dream home from a range of exquisite 1 to 3-bedroom luxury apartments. For those looking for an even more luxurious lifestyle, there is a limited collection of super luxury duplexes with three to five bedrooms and private pools on the upper levels of the branded complex. In addition, an entire floor can be purchased here at bargain terms. A distinctive feature of the complex is the 270-degree view of the picturesque surrounding landscape.

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The delivery of the upscale residential complex is planned for the second quarter of 2027. For this reason, investing in the accommodation under construction in Dubai appears to be a highly beneficial opportunity. 

Investments In Off-Plan Property In Damac Bay By Cavalli

A superb selection of apartments of different footage and designs gives foreign investors a perfect opportunity to choose accommodation to all tastes and budgets. More and more businessmen prefer purchase of off-plan properties because of multiple advantages and profits. 

The most obvious advantage of buying off-plan housing in Damac Bay by Cavalli in Dubai is that unfinished objects are much cheaper. Moreover, after the real estate is completed and put into operation, its price rises significantly. After construction an investor receives ready-made housing, which can be rented or resold at a higher cost. Investment in Dubai real estate under construction will not suffer from market fluctuations, because the investor will not have to increase payments, but the object they pay will still be more and more expensive. 

Benefits Of Investing In Off-Plan Apartments 

Damac Bay by Cavalli in Dubai is scheduled to be completed by 2028, and there is great hope that this successfully completed project will lead to the strengthening of Dubai’s position on the international tourism scene. For this reason, investing in real estate under construction now is the rational step on the way to getting significant income in a few years. Along with long-term prospects of financial happiness, the foreign investor gets a significant list of the following benefits. 

Absolutely new housing. 

Apartments in Damac Bay by Cavalli in Dubai are built according to current building standards using modern materials and equipment. Regulations governing noise, energy and heat efficiency standards improve every year, so a new home will definitely meet the latest industry standards.

Comfortable payments plan and possibility to pay on a stage-by-stage basis. 

The developer of Damac Bay by Cavalli offers a comfortable payment plan that should be discussed on the initial stage of the deal. A buyer has to make the down payment and cover the rest of the cost until the delivery. So, further payments can be made as construction progresses, i.e., completion of construction; roof; first repairs, etc., and the balance must be paid when the deed of ownership is signed. 

Fixed price and high ROI.

Purchase of real estate off-plan gives the chance to buy a housing unit at a smaller price that it will cost after the delivery. When a buyer makes the down payment, the apartment is booked and its price will not change. In such a case, the amount of money a buyer saves is significant. 

Convenient location and premium quality of housing intends to deliver approximately 6% ROI to the owners. Besides, the branded apartments will definitely boast of high demand among tourists and expats. 

Warranty and absolute safety. 

A new home in Damac Bay by Cavalli in Dubai brings peace of mind because it comes with a construction warranty as well as a home warranty. Knowing that you have access to experts in case of any problems is very important. Buying from a reputable and trusted builder, especially in a resort where it is constantly present, is an added bonus.

According to local laws, investors’ money is kept in special escrow accounts opened in the name of the project. The developer provides the Dubai Land Department (DLD) with estimates for each stage of construction and gets access to funds for the next stage only after the completion of the previous one. If the developer is unable to complete the work, the government opens a tender and transfers the money to another company, which completes the project. Buying real estate from the renowned developer Damac Properties, a buyer gets no chance to worry about upsetting issues or delays. Dozens of successful projects prove the qualification and professionalism of the developing company. 

The Key Takeaways

Damac Bay by Cavalli in Dubai offers its residents a resort lifestyle and exceptional living conditions in the heart of Dubai Harbour. Providing entire floors for purchase, which is ideal for private use, the area allows you to arrange a huge penthouse and enjoy maximum space and privacy. You can also divide the floor into several apartments and get a high profit from their sale.

The real estate agency AX CAPITAL provides qualified help for those who want to avoid risks when buying off-plan real estate. The specialists of AX Capital have a wide experience of working with housing objects under constructions in Dubai, the UAE. Contact the reliable real estate agency to select the suitable apartment in Damac Bay by Cavalli right now.