FIL vs. ICP: Which Is A Better Investment


Filecoin and Internet Computer don’t have much in common, apart from being projects that stand out from the competition in the crypto market. That’s why we believe our FIL vs ICP comparison is the right way of learning everything there’s to know about these platforms. Based on the information below, you might be able to discover which option is the better investment!

Understanding Filecoin

Filecoin offers a decentralized storage solution where you can share or host any data. The blockchain platform stores files accurately and reliably, while the centralization mechanism ensures the free market determines data price and available storage.

The project uses the IPFS — InterPlanetary File System — protocol. You use the FIL coin to pay miners to host your data, which allows you to choose different options based on your preferences. The network has incentive mechanisms that release rewards to and encourage participants to be a part of the network.

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Filecoin uses a mix of two consensus mechanisms — Proof of Replication and Proof of Spacetime. PoRep resides on sealing, where miners deliver proof that an original data encoding is present in physical storage. As for PoSt, its goal is for miners to confirm that the provided data encoding has been in the physical storage constantly over a time period.

FIL Market Performance

The statistics show the token’s current value is $4.6, and its market cap is around $2 billion. It’s a close call, but FIL finds its place among the top 30 tokens in the crypto market. The token’s value was never under $1.8292, which was an all-time low in 2019. On the other hand, it reached $237.24 in 2021, but the crypto crash made it lose its worth. Although over 1.96 billion FIL tokens are the maximums supply, only about 433 million FIL are currently in circulation.

You can acquire FIL tokens in many reputable exchanges, like Godex. The platform offers 300+ coins, including the option to swap EOS to WAX and other currencies.

FIL Price Prediction

FIL price predictions strongly vary, but not many believe it will increase by more than 10-20% before 2023 ends. The predictions for this year are anywhere from $4.89 to $5.23. Some even believe the value will drop to under $3, while others think it will increase to over $8.

Predictions for 2025 are unanimous — FIL will gain value. The lowest estimates put it around $6.44, while the optimistic ones are at $13, so the truth is likely in between. By 2030, FIL could be worth anywhere from $32 to $77.

Internet Computer Overview

As the name suggests, the idea of this blockchain is to be the first “World Computer.” The project offers a blockchain suitable for building a wide variety of online services and systems while eliminating the need to use cloud computing and other traditional IT options.

The simple user interface allows you to create a dApp on the Internet Computer platform easily. An important benefit is that this project resolves privacy problems on traditional social media. You can create anything from group chats to comprehensive social networks but with the important addition of maximizing privacy.

Internet Computer uses subnet blockchains, which interact mutually. These chains use the novel consensus system, which allows a one-second completion and processing of up to 11,500 transactions per second.

Staking is how you can get voting power and rewards. The Network Nervous System is in charge of changing the behavior and configuration of the Internet Computer. The native token used by the network is ICP.

ICP Market Dynamics

A single ICP coin is now worth $4.4, and the project’s market cap is at $1.9 billion. That puts this token in about the 30th place in the crypto rankings. As with most cryptocurrencies, ICP reached the maximum in 2021, when it was worth $750. However, it lost the majority of that value over time, especially after the crypto crash last year. The total supply of ICP tokens is roughly 400 million, and 437 million coins are now in circulation.

ICP Price Forecast

Pessimists believe that ICP might even lose some value before the year ends. However, such opinions are rare, and the majority believes the worth will remain similar and maybe even increase to $5.5 or higher.

In 2024, ICP could likely exceed $7.2, while optimists put it around $9.95. By the end of the decade, this token could be worth a whopping $74, but if you check more cautious investors, it’s more likely the ICP value won’t go beyond $31.81.

FIL vs ICP: Best Investment Potential

Internet Computer has some large-scale projects, such as OpenChat with over 100,000 users, and some decentralized exchanges and NFT collections. Filecoin united over 20,000 computers and individuals worldwide, so its community is progressing well, too. Keeping that in mind, it’s vital that you are the one making the decision on the platform to invest in, whether that’s by any rational factors or going with the feeling.

In conclusion, comparing FIL (Filecoin) and ICP (Internet Computer) in terms of price forecasts is a complex endeavor, as both cryptocurrencies operate in distinct niches within the blockchain and decentralized computing space. While FIL focuses on decentralized file storage and retrieval, ICP aims to create a decentralized internet computing platform.

The price forecasts for these digital assets are influenced by various factors, including technological advancements, adoption rates, market sentiment, and broader macroeconomic trends. It is essential for investors and enthusiasts to conduct thorough research, consider their risk tolerance, and consult with financial experts before making any investment decisions in the volatile and speculative cryptocurrency market.

Ultimately, predicting the future price movements of FIL and ICP, like any cryptocurrency, remains challenging due to the inherent volatility and unpredictability of the market. Diversification, careful risk management, and a long-term perspective should guide investment strategies in this dynamic and evolving ecosystem. It is crucial to stay informed and adapt to changing market conditions as these projects continue to develop and mature in the blockchain landscape.