How The Pandemic Has Changed The Way We Celebrate Weddings

How The Pandemic Has Changed The Way We Celebrate Weddings

The pandemic has brought many changes to how we celebrate weddings, making it difficult to hold the traditional ceremonies that couples had once dreamed of. 

With the pandemic forcing couples to rethink how they celebrate their special day, many have taken to smaller, intimate ceremonies that still honor the bond of marriage. 

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Even with the limitations posed by the pandemic, couples have found new and creative ways to make their ceremonies special and memorable. 

From virtual ceremonies and drive-by celebrations to outdoor receptions, couples have embraced the new normal and found ways to make their weddings unique and memorable. 

While it’s been a challenging time, it’s also been a beautiful reminder of the strength and resilience of love. 

An Overview Of The Wedding Before The Pandemic

Weddings have always been a special occasion filled with joy, excitement, and love. They are a celebration of two lives coming together as one. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, several traditions have long been part of the wedding experience, such as giving a ring, exchanging vows, writing a wedding poem, and signing a marriage contract. 

The bride and groom often wear traditional wedding clothing on that special day, which usually takes the form of a formal wedding gown for the bride and a tuxedo for the groom. 

Every detail was thoughtfully planned to ensure the day was as magical as possible. From the dress, the cake, the flowers, the decorations, and the music, it all had to be perfect. 

Guests were invited to share the joy of the newlyweds and offer their support. Weddings were a time to honor the couple and celebrate their love for each other. 

It was a day filled with emotion, anticipation, and hope for the future. While the pandemic has drastically changed how weddings are planned and celebrated, the sentiment of the special day remains the same

Changes To Weddings Due To the Pandemic

1. Rise In Elopements

With the rise in elopements, weddings have been getting very intimate. Couples choose to get married in quiet, intimate ceremonies often held in their own home or yard, with only their closest friends and family in attendance. 

Often referred to as a “drive-by” ceremony, where the guests drive past the home where the ceremony is taking place. 

The wedding is often very casual, with guests wearing whatever they normally wear to a casual gathering. After the ceremony, guests may leave directly or remain for a short reception. 

Since the pandemic, fewer guests could travel, so elopement ceremonies have allowed the couple to marry in the company of their closest loved ones without the added expense of hosting a large wedding reception.

2. Outdoor Weddings

For couples who want a traditional wedding without all the added stress and cost, outdoor weddings have been a great option. 

Outdoor ceremonies often take place in gardens or parks and are usually fairly small and intimate, as not everyone is comfortable standing in the middle of a large crowd. 

For many couples, the pandemic has made having an outdoor wedding a reality that was impossible before the pandemic. 

Because of the risk of the virus spreading, most indoor wedding halls stopped hosting events. Couples who wanted an indoor wedding had to be very careful with the guest list and often had to reschedule or cancel their weddings.

3. Virtual Weddings

As people began to die from the pandemic, the threat of death at the wedding became a reality for many couples. 

As a result, some couples choose to get married virtually, exchanging vows over the internet. There was a rise in Zoom weddings, and the idea of virtual weddings came with its advantages too. 

For example, you can invite as many people as possible to join your ceremony via the internet, regardless of the geographic location. 

Friends and relatives who would have missed the wedding due to tight schedules and distance can be part of the ceremony through virtual platforms. 

4. Downsized Guest Lists

In the past, many couples invited everyone from their past and present, regardless of their relationship with the couple. 

But with the pandemic regulations, many couples were forced to cut down on the number of people invited to the wedding ceremony.

And this came as a blessing in disguise to the couple in a way. It meant that with the same budget, you could upgrade to a better place for a memorable experience. 

5. Less Emotional & Financial Stress

As couples downsize the size of their weddings, they also realize that they can reduce the emotional and financial stress of the event. 

Many couples are finding that having small, intimate weddings can reduce the list of invitees and the overall cost of the event.

6. No plus one

Before the pandemic, it was normal for the guests to come with a guest not known by the couples. 

This was possible because the gatherings were large, and everyone wanted to attend with their best friends for later introductions after the ceremonies.

After the Coronavirus and the new guidelines put in place, the number of guests was reduced, making it impossible to come with an extra guest.


By now, you have an idea of how the pandemic changed the way we celebrate weddings. 

When the pandemic first broke out, couples had no idea how it would impact their special day. 

Some couples were even faced with the possibility of canceling their weddings due to the risk of the virus spreading at large events. 

However, as the pandemic has ended and society has begun to rebuild, couples have found that weddings can be a special way to celebrate the end of times and begin a new life together. They have had to change to the new normal, and many are embracing it.