Outdoor Kitchen Ideas For Your Next Update

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas For Your Next Update

As with the interior of the home, when you have an outdoor kitchen, you will probably find you want to update it regularly. You wish to ensure it always looks warm and inviting to family and friends. When the time comes to make this update, don’t overlook the small details of the area. They play a large role in how others feel when they visit the space. 

For example, it may be time to make changes to the outdoor grill area. Consider updating the look by adding an outdoor griddle or upgrading to the best outdoor kitchen drawers. While they may not appear to have a big impact when it comes to the look of the overall area, they help to pull everything together and give the kitchen a cohesive look that others will admire. What other updates should be considered when it comes to the outdoor kitchen? 

Incorporate A Dishwasher

Nobody wants to spend their time outdoors doing dishes. Ensure they don’t have to by incorporating a dishwasher into the overall outdoor kitchen design. This dishwasher makes cleanup a breeze, so everyone can take part in the fun rather than doing a necessary household chore. 

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Invest In Bar Seating

Ensure everyone can spend time with the cook as they prepare meals by adding bar seating to the kitchen plan. Bar stools around the kitchen island are a great way to allow everyone to spend time together while essential tasks get done. Add amenities such as a wine-bar or drink refrigerator, so people have what they need on hand without getting in the way of the cook as they prepare the meal. Small touches such as this go a long way toward making people feel welcome in the kitchen area rather than as if they are in the way. 

Invest In Additional Lighting

People often focus on the main lighting in an area, known as the ambient lighting. However, for a truly functional space, every area also needs task lighting and accent lighting. By incorporating all three layers of lighting in an area, a homeowner can take their outdoor kitchen from plain and functional to a thing of beauty that meets their needs in every way. Task lighting might be pendant lights over the kitchen island or under-cabinet lighting for food prep tasks. Up lighting may be used to highlight the dense foliage that provides the outdoor kitchen with privacy from prying eyes. 

Hidden Appliances

Consider hiding the major appliances in an outdoor kitchen behind cabinet doors. This provides the viewer with an unobstructed view of the entire kitchen and doesn’t detract from its appearance. When the layout isn’t broken up by major appliances, the kitchen tends to look bigger than it actually is. However, the appliances aren’t the only things that can be hidden from view. Keep the trash can out of the way of visitors by tucking it away behind a kitchen cabinet door or install a sliding panel along a wall and pull it down to hide accessories such as spatulas from view. 

Install A Beverage Station

No cook wants to stop what they are doing to prepare drinks for visitors every few minutes. Establish a beverage and wet bar separate from the main cooking area but still close by. Visitors can continue a conversation with the chef while preparing their beverage of choice. Ensure this station has compartments for ice, garnishes, and mixtures, so the person has everything they need in one convenient place.

Add A Fire Pit

When the cook is done preparing the meal and cleaning up, they may not want to spend more time in the kitchen area. Install a fire pit so they can still enjoy being outdoors without being confined to the kitchen area. They won’t feel obligated to help someone if they need something from the kitchen. They can sit down, relax, and enjoy themselves with no obligations, as they have an area that is separate from the kitchen but still close enough to enjoy its amenities. 

Expand The Cooking Options With The Help Of A Pizza Oven

If the family loves pizza, consider a clay pizza oven or one made from brick. This is a great way to expand the offerings from the kitchen and will ensure every family member can have their favorite meal cooked outdoors. Some families even choose to use the grill for the adults and the pizza oven for the kids when they are feeding a large crowd. More people can be fed in the same amount of time and kids will enjoy having one of their favorite meals when the grownups gather to visit.

Cover The Outdoor Kitchen

Simply because a kitchen is outdoors doesn’t mean it needs to be exposed to the elements. Consider covering the kitchen or extending the indoor living space by creating an outdoor kitchen with a floor and roof. Doing so allows you to add items that cannot be outside in the weather, such as a television and upholstered furniture. The outdoor kitchen becomes an extension of the indoor living area, expanding the space available in the home for other purposes. 

A Rooftop Terrace

Some people may have limited space for an outdoor kitchen, but this doesn’t mean they have to give up on the idea of having one completely. A penthouse roof deck is the perfect place to install an outdoor kitchen. This is a great option for those who dream of a full outdoor kitchen but are currently limited to having a grill they use as often as possible.

With so many ways to update an outdoor kitchen today, a person might find it difficult to choose one or two to focus on. Develop a long-term plan for the area and add amenities as the budget allows. Choose those projects that are most desired and work down the list. By doing so, a person might find they can incorporate all ideas from this list into their kitchen over time or they may decide some aren’t suitable and make changes to the plan.

That’s the beauty of having an outdoor kitchen. Each person can make this kitchen their own simply by choosing which items to include and which to leave out. This space is custom-designed to meet their unique needs.