How To Find Emails From LinkedIn?

How To Find Emails From LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the networking method and fulfilled the requirements of both individuals and businesses. LinkedIn is one of the best options for B2B marketers seeking LinkedIn email addresses because of its high conversion rates and low cost per lead generation compared to Instagram, Facebook, and other prominent social networks.

Therefore, the most effective way to maximize your cold emailing strategy is to obtain and target corporate email addresses from LinkedIn. If you do not know +, you will struggle to connect with them. So, let’s determine how to accomplish that.

How To Find Emails From LinkedIn?

1. Obtain Email from Your LinkedIn Profile

Sending a connection request is the simplest way to receive an email from LinkedIn. Once they accept your request and become your first-degree connection, it is simple to locate the information in their profile. Typically, a person’s email address is tied to their employer. It contains a domain name reflective of the company’s branding.

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  • Click Contact Info on a LinkedIn user’s profile.
  • If an email address is accessible, it will be displayed there.
  • You can also find an email address in the profile bio or banner image. Check all locations.

Following the above-mentioned guide, despite the simplicity of this procedure, you may find certain obstacles. Not all LinkedIn users publish their email addresses on their profile pages, for example. In addition, it may take too long to locate this information.

2. Utilize a Chrome add-on

Utilizing a Google Chrome extension is one of the simplest ways to discover an individual’s LinkedIn email address.

Extensions for Google Chrome are apps that may be installed on your browser. Because they are primarily part of a suite of email discovery tools, they still require a Google account. However, specific applications are Google Chrome extensions.

Here Are The Best Possible Options:

1. Swordfish ai

To find a certain individual, Swordfish is the best tool available. In order to provide you with accurate, up-to-date, and direct contact information for the people you’re looking for, Swordfish compiles data from the most trusted person identity verification providers in the world, including Hoovers, Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and hundreds of other independent sources & live feeds.

2. Zoominfo

Salespeople, marketers, and recruiters all utilize ZoomInfo’s extensive company contact database and suite of sales intelligence and prospecting tools to boost their lead generation efforts and close more deals.

An accurate, 360-degree picture of customers, prospects, and possibilities is made possible by ZoomInfo SalesOS, which integrates a comprehensive business database with technology to power a go-to-market strategy from beginning to end. The company’s goal is to increase the number of leads for marketing and sales, as well as the number of transactions done, the efficiency of operations, and the amount of control leadership has via the use of features and integrations built into your workflows.

3. UpLead

The UpLead Chrome Extension is a B2B sales prospecting tool that allows you to locate LinkedIn email addresses and as a Facebook email finder. It is utilized by Fortune 500 firms such as Amazon, Salesforce, and Apple, and its B2B contact database contains more than 54 million records.

4. SalesQL

SalesQL is a LinkedIn email address lookup application that identifies both personal and professional email addresses on the platform. You can obtain email addresses from LinkedIn profiles and search results.

The Chrome plugin discovers the email addresses of first, second, and subsequent LinkedIn contacts.

Despite SalesQL’s free plan, it has certain disadvantages. First, you are restricted to 100 “credits” every month, which are consumed whenever you discover a genuine email address. Thus, you can find 100 probable email addresses each month.

5. Skrapp

The Skrapp Chrome Extension is an email finder that allows you to locate LinkedIn email addresses. It interacts with your platform account and enables you to discover email addresses from profile pages and search results.

6. AeroLeads

The AeroLeads Chrome Extension is a valuable tool for discovering emails from LinkedIn and other platforms. Even if an email address is not included in a LinkedIn profile, you can still find it.

All email addresses are validated and can be imported in bulk and exported to CSV or Excel.

The extension requires the purchase of an AeroLeads account. However, a free trial permits the discovery of ten email addresses.

3. Send a Message to the LinkedIn Profile

You can request an email address through a direct message. Ensure that your profile has a properly corrected photo, a decent headline, a synopsis, and your relevant work and educational experiences to enhance your response rate.

When your profile page is well-designed, make every effort to pique the attention of the individual you wish to contact. Describe your services and the advantages of collaborating with them. You can also research their hobbies and groups on LinkedIn and tailor your message accordingly. Ensure that your message appears serious and follows the structure of an email.

The only disadvantage of this strategy is that many people are reluctant to provide their email addresses to strangers. Therefore, do not expect too much!

4. Download an Effective LinkedIn Email Extraction Tool

The next step a salesperson should take when determining how to obtain an individual’s email address from LinkedIn is to download an email extractor extension for their browser. You may have tried a few or keep a few tools in rotation, but you may save time by selecting an email extractor with a high hit rate (the proportion of times it successfully retrieves an email address) and more helpful information to work with.

5. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn’s premium sales-prospecting software, is another choice.

An essential subscription begins at $79.99 per month per user, so this is not the ideal option for those on a budget. However, if you are a member of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, here is how you may use it for email lookup:

Utilize the LinkedIn Sales Navigator search function. Compared to a conventional LinkedIn account, a Sales Navigator account allows you to view more information about non-connected LinkedIn profiles.

Once you have the company name of a lead, conduct a Google search to determine its domain name.

Next, conduct a second Google search. This time, insert the person’s name and corporate domain name into the search bar to determine whether their email address is accessible via Google. Experiment with various email schemas, such as those given previously (e.g.,


LinkedIn is rapidly approaching its position as the vital hub for all professional connections. With the report of wpthemexpert Obtaining email addresses from a LinkedIn profile is one of the simplest ways to do it, and if you cannot discover them manually, it is recommended that you use LinkedIn’s business email finder tools.

Now that you understand how to obtain email addresses from LinkedIn, you may discover single or bulk email addresses independently.