5 Ways We Can Save Whales From Extinction

5 Ways We Can Save Whales From Extinction

As humans, we share our planet with other living and breathing beings. This means we also bear a significant responsibility towards protecting them and preventing their extinction.

Whales are amazing and remarkable, and they have become an iconic as well as useful staple in our oceans. From the United States to Japan and Australia, humpback whales are found in many regions. Unfortunately, their popularity also makes them targets for meat and being in captivity for theme parks as well as entertainment. A large number have been recently declared endangered by the IUCN.

There are many ways we can save our whales, but not just whales, other forms of marine life as well. Below are some of the necessary steps to take!

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1. Carbon Footprint Reduction

Everyone, including you, can make a significant difference by actively working to lower your energy consumption and carbon footprint levels. Climate change is the single most common reason that marine animals are dying out at such alarming rates. What causes climate change? The high levels of carbon in the air caused by human consumerism is responsible in no small part.

You can do your part by tweaking the little things you do in daily life. For example, stop taking your car to work! Purchasing a bicycle helps you get fit while also lowering your carbon footprint. When faced with the option of using stairs or the elevator, choose stairs every time! It’s these little things that make the biggest difference for our planet.

2. Reduce Plastic Consumption

Plastic is hard to permanently dispose of because it’s non-biodegradable. Unfortunately, much of this plastic waste does end up in our oceans and in turn, harms the marine life that accidentally consumes or gets harmed by the plastic waste we leave behind. The whales we respect are also dying because of our wasteful use of plastics.

What can you do to help? Carry a reusable water bottle and choose containers that are easily recycled. Instead of single-use plastic bags, choose paper bags that you can use again and again.

3. Support The Right Organizations

Support only organizations that champion for saving our oceans, and stop buying from those that actively try to hinder progress in conservation.

Australia alone has done so much thanks to a number of organizations that have helped protect wildlife and marine habitats. From volunteering at such organizations to lending monetary support, do your part in helping!

4. Take Responsibility During Your Travels

When you travel, it’s important that you also remain fully responsible for your actions and do what you can to become a sustainable tourist. For example, from boating and kayaking responsibly to taking precautions as a tourist on a cruise ship, you can actively do your part in lessening your environmental impact.

Most importantly, never watch or visit a whale or a dolphin show!

5. Influence Change In Your Own Community

Work to elect only officials in your community willing to proactively help marine life preservation. Instead of just voting for anyone, do your research and ensure that your chosen candidate is doing something to actively help make our oceans a better and safer place. 

You can also help by educating local business owners and working with them to make responsible choices for our environment.