What Does Balls Dropped Mean?

What Does Balls Dropped Mean

“Balls dropped” is a phrase with several meanings, depending on the context within which it is used. If you have heard someone mention this phrase, you probably wondered what they meant. 

This is a blog post about what does balls dropped mean. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, then you are in the right place. 

What Does ‘ Balls Dropped’ Mean?

One meaning for this phrase is to imply that a boy has reached puberty. It is used to indicate that he has grown pubic hair and his voice is cracking. An example for this is as follows: “Ethan dropped his balls, now he’s a man”. Another example is: “He dropped his balls and started shaving”. It is also used to indicate puberty when male testicles grow bigger and begin to hang lower.

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Depending on the context, this phrase could have slightly different meanings and implications. In most cases, though, ‘balls dropped’ means that something was not completed in an appropriate way. However, there are several other ways this sentence might be interpreted depending on how it is used.

Some examples of this phrase being used are “I left my assignment at home…my balls dropped again,” “I started working with this guy, but then he dropped the ball”, or “if my balls dropped, I would have applied.” This usually means that something is not completed appropriately. It could also be used to indicate that someone failed. In the Philippines, ‘dropping balls’ may mean being distracted from work by personal affairs or problems that can affect your productivity and focus at work.

In sports, “balls dropped” is used as a euphemism for missing an easy shot, fooling around, and wasting time on the field. It can also refer to dropping balls accidentally, like in American football, which relates to fumbling or losing grip of the ball during play. 

If one player messes up, they can say that they dropped the ball. In association with soccer, ‘dropping balls’ may mean letting them hit the floor in frustration or anger. When used in baseball, it refers to not catching a pitch. In cricket, it relates to allowing a ball to pass through your legs.

In some cases, this phrase may be used to refer to someone who had inappropriately exposed their genitals or showed their underwear when it wasn’t necessary; they dropped their pants/shorts, which was considered embarrassing. This term could also imply failure, so sometimes you might hear people say ‘balls dropped’ in a sarcastic way when they fail to meet an expectation.

How The Phrase “Balls Dropped” Can Be Used As An Insult Or Compliment

This phrase can be used as an insult or a compliment depending on the context and who uses it. If someone has not completed something properly, they might hear this said to them in a mocking tone; however, if you feel like your friend is doing very well at work, you could say: “you really dropped those balls”.

It’s also possible to use the term to compliment and say: “he dropped his balls” when he completes something perfectly. In some cases, you might hear someone saying that they need to drop their balls to focus on getting things done correctly; this is another way of telling them how important it is for them not to waste time.

Commonly Used Euphemisms And Their Meanings

To avoid being too direct, many people will use euphemisms. The following list contains several examples of what you might hear in conversation or read in a book, along with the actual meaning behind each phrase.

  • “How are things going?” – This is often said as a greeting but can also be used to start a conversation in which someone asks how another person is doing.
  • “I’m expecting.” – This means that the speaker has recently discovered that they are pregnant with a baby and will soon become a parent.
  • “She’s passed away.” – This means that the woman died after suffering from an illness or old age.
  • “He’s resting.” – Someone who is ‘resting’ has died, but their body hasn’t been put to rest yet because they are waiting for an autopsy or medical tests to be performed by doctors. It can also mean that someone had a bad fall and was taken to the hospital, where they are recovering from whatever injury occurred.
  • “He’s not with us anymore.” – This means that the man died after being sick for a long time or through some other cause.
  • “I’m just not feeling myself today.” – When someone says this, it usually means they are depressed and sad about something in particular.
  • “He’s not in his right mind.” – This is often said to refer to someone who is acting strange or unusual for some reason.
  • “He’s indisposed.” – This means that the man is unable to go out or do what was asked of him at this time because he is unwell and in bed resting. It might also mean that he has been locked up somewhere, such as a jail cell, hospital room, etc., for some reason.
  • “I’m going to lie down.” – This means the person is planning on taking a nap or resting in bed for some time. It can also tell that they are feeling tired and want to rest before doing anything else, such as making dinner, finishing up work at home, etc.
  • “I’m not feeling well.” – A person might tell another that they are not feeling well when they feel sick to their stomach, have a headache, or some other physical ailment.
  • “He’s in the hospital right now.” – This means that someone is currently being treated by medical staff at a facility where patients go who require the care of doctors and nurses.
  • “I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.” – When someone says this, they are usually warning another person that what they have to say will not be suitable or expected by the other person. This phrase is often used when people want to prepare others for negative information before telling them about it.
  • “She’s gone.” – This means that the woman has died or passed away.

Phrases That Have More Than One Meaning

Some phrases have more than one meaning, and it depends on the context in which they are used:

– A new car smell. “A new car smell” can be used to describe the fresh, clean scent of a brand-new vehicle, or it may refer to the odor that some people say is emitted by plastics and other materials in cars as they begin to age.

– On the ball. “On the ball” can refer to being knowledgeable and well-informed, or it may be used sarcastically as a putdown for someone who seems over-eager and is trying too hard.

– All wet. “All wet” means completely wrong or mistaken; however, it relates to rain hitting the ground and water accumulating when referring to weather conditions.

– Out of whack. “Out of whack” can refer to something being in disarray or not working correctly, but when used to describe the human body, it is a reference for pain that occurs only on one side of the body.

– The ball’s in your court. This expression means you are responsible for what happens next. However, when referring to sports, it means the opposite. It is used to describe a player who has the opportunity to score.

– Icing on the cake. “Icing on the cake” describes something good that makes an already perfect situation even better; however, in cooking terms, it refers to a sweet glaze or frosting added after baking for decoration.

– Keep your chin up. “Keep your chin up” can be used to cheer someone who is feeling down, or it may refer to a physical action of lifting the head so that one appears more confident and poised. However, surgery refers to an incision made at the lower part of either side of the face for access into the mouth.

– Coming out of left field. “Coming out of left field” is a sports term referring to an unexpected and unusual action, but when used as a metaphor, it refers to something that surprises someone who isn’t expecting it at all.

– A diamond in the rough. “A diamond in the rough” can be used to describe a rough, uncut gemstone or a person who is perceived as having great potential but whose behavior needs improvement.

– Call it a day. “Call it a day” can indicate that someone is quitting for the rest of the day or, as in some card games, calling whatever suit was led means you want to play no more cards on that trick.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a phrase to express how much of a bummer it is that something didn’t go your way or you’ve messed up in some other way, then the most appropriate choice would be “balls dropped.” 

However, there’s are different alternative meanings behind this phrase that is also very interesting. We hope that this blog post has been helpful in understanding them.

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